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Started on 24 February 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 25 February 2011 by l3nnart
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I've played my last games as an unemployed sundayleaugefootballer and thus played countless seasons in lower-levels through out europe... I've been pretty sucsessful, but when things go south I've always had the same problem, my strikers refuse to score regardless of how many clear cut chanses they get... I'm sick of seeing players for other teams with inferior attributes and morale that still score every chanse they get while my "superstars" have no problems missing the net from the 6yardbox with the goalkeeper miles away... when I look for strikers i look att thier physique, finishing, composure and concentration first hand, and also make sure that they atleast are fairly consistent... is there some major factor I'm missing or does the FMgod just hate me?... (bear in mind that i never have a problem creating the chanses, so off the ball and such isn't the issue)
I experience that a lot with counter attacking chances. My world class strikers have a habit of missing one-on-ones after dribbling 20-30 meters. Place shots/ go around keeper/lob keeper barely help. My guess is that the game makes it harder (a lot) to score after long dribbles to prevent quick skillful strikers to rule the world.
of course i don't know if these are the kind of chances your team are wasting.
well as i said i mostly play in the lower leagues, so i don't have the worldclass superstarts, however i also experience problems with the one on ones eaven if i have superstars compared to the other teams in the leauge
well i think that is just the mechanism wich tries to balance the game

ive seen many times that my CMs come to 16m and score without any problem,but strikers are missing most of the chances.
also in most cases my best striker is not the best scorer so i guess it is normal in this game :)
I'll translate that into the FMgods hating me ;)

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