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Creative use of FMRTE

Started on 3 March 2011 by godsgifttoearth
Latest Reply on 4 March 2011 by leyson17
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In a previous thread i complained about an apparent lack of money globally and that transfers had all but come to a stand still through the globe in my game, so i downloaded FMRTE and gave all premiership clubs a huge cash boost.

this method didn't have the desired effect as seemingly the premiership was already more wealthy than other leagues to begin with. so taking this on board i injected cash into the lesser cash rich leagues of europe. scotland, portugal, dutch, german, france. this had the desired effect with transfer frequency increased by a huge amount.

i'm still concerned about the standard of the regen players now however. there's only a handful of good players and none that can really match the quality of the original players. those who have made the grade, i appear to have them all on my squad. there just isn't enough to go around to keep it competitive. does FM2011 have a set quota for how it regens players? for every 1 player with PA 190-200, are there set numbers of regens in other PA bands. for example 100 in the PA 100-120? does it adhere to a set global number of players with high PA?

with there being so much cash around in the game right now im thinking about going into the second highest league in every active league and hitting the wonderkid button on all those in the teams u18 squads and create an army of high standard players to up the overall difficulty level of the game.

does this sound like a reasonable idea?
should i do it to more than just the 2nd tier league teams? include the top tier also?
are there any glaringly obvious problems that would happen from me doing this?
I agree with you, a big problem with good regens. My laptop isnt the greatest, so i had 11000 players in-game at start. I dont know if there will be more talented regens with a bigger game-setting (someone who can confirm this?).

I had also the problem with low transfer rates, so i too had give some money to Europe's biggest clubs. Also i made some regens a lil bit better, so that there is more competition in the Champions league and Premier league.

But, not everythin seems to go right. Some clubs buys a lot of bad/not good enough players. They get a squad of somethin like 25-30 players and the most are just a big shame. And some BIG clubs (Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter) just dont win any pricess and ends the season at place 8 or lower. Just a shame..

And a question to you; do you also have the problem that Man. City spends almost every time, when the transfermarket opens, a big amount of money for players? Im currently in season 2017/2018, and if i had to name all the transfers they made, im still writting till tomorrow..

Oh.. By the way, dont forget the give some clubs a good rating in their jouthacademie + youth facilities. More regens, better training ground, better grow.
I agree with most things said here. Its almost surrealistic that Chelsea FC has a negative balance on my save file, as of 2018, and comparing to 2010 there is definitely a downsize of cash in global terms.

Considering you'll use FMRTE, I thing the most important thing you can do to increase the standards of the regen players is to set the youth recruitment and youth facilities to 20. So I'll advice you to do that to every team, as it will raise the odds to create a wonderkid. Report back when you get results.
hi :] I just found this and realised that I have made my own topic answering a lot of your questions and suggesting ways in that you can fix the things that you have complained about, I would post it here however it is quite long so I shall just place a link, I hope this is allowed :D
happy that my thread helped and worked for you "godsgifttoearth"

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