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Player's with patch 11.3.

Started on 11 March 2011 by Aurelius
Latest Reply on 14 March 2011 by Phenomenon
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Aurelius's avatar Group Aurelius
12 yearsEdited
Hi all,

well i've notice that most of my always buy/free player's (in patch 11.2.1.) are now in some other clubs.

My favorite player in game is Leigh Griffiths, he was on patch 11.2.1. in Dundee and could easly buy him for 250K, but now he is at Wolwes (they bought him for 150K ) :( and cant get him first season, also right back brazilian player Coelho, he was free player and he was always playin for me at high levelbut now he is at Karabukspor. Well my question is did anyone found some new player's that are free or perhaps someone like Leigh Giffiths??? I was looking but cant find decent player like on patch 11.2. so if u have someone please share youre best sign with me :D

I have started new season (patch 11.3.) with Nottingham Forest and my budget is 250K... with that i cant buy right winger Alex Chamberline who i really need so if anyone has found some good player's dont be shy, post them! :D
No one has good players? I found left back called Jean (brazilian with italian nationality)
Soukouna is good player. If you play in decent or lower league he is right choise.

There is free left full-back, he is French and he used to play for Birmingham but I cant remember that name.
Anderson from Gold Coast United is quite good left back.
ok all of them are good but i need right winger :D and i just said if anyone found some good players no matter on what position he plays. :)
ive brought these in for leeds, all free transfers :D so they should sign for your forest team and do a good job :D

gk / antonin kinsky / czech / 35 / premiership standard

am, left + centre / elton jose xavier gomes / brazilian / 24 / premiership standard

st / ewerthon henrique de souza / brazilian 29 / premiership standard
centre defender / aaron galindo rubio / mexican / 28 / lower half premiership standard

centre defender / malkhaz asatiani / georgian / 28 / lower half premiership standard

centre defender / iliasu alhassan shilla / gahna / 27 / premiership standard
found you a right winger :D

mauro ramiro milano / 26 / argentinian / very fast for free player / lower premiership standard
34 years old but amazing defensive midfielder, will be unbeatable for forest, tackling + marking 17

mineiro ( carlos luciano da silva )
yeah they are all great but how did u get all those work permit???
irving rubirosa / dribbling 19 / first touch 18 / technique 17 / creativity 15 / flair 17 / pace 14 / 31 years old / mexican

got a season rating of 8.6 in championship for my leeds teams playing behind two strikers :D 27 assists :o
after trying like 3 times and appealing, some have international caps so get a work permit :D
i dont have Rubirosa on my game
# Aurelius : i dont have Rubirosa on my game

hes the best one :o i loaded alot of leagues and large database, like the top 14 strongest countries i think, hopefully you can sign some of these players, there is not very many good free transfers anymore :[
Anderson Costa played for Dinamo Zagreb in real life they pay'd him 1M but suck'd but in game he is really good free transfer and has portuguese nation.

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