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Second Nationality

Started on 11 April 2011 by Furrr
Latest Reply on 5 December 2012 by suncrush
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Furrr's avatar Group Furrr
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Football manager is 6 month on the market.
You have had already many clubs: top, large, small, and even amateurs.
So you search for new challenges, at least i do...

I had idea to bring San Marino to the top...
I open up the fm editor, changed the naturalization from 5years to 1 year.
So, after 3years or so, al the good players that i bought with my team would become, as second nationality: San Marino.

After 1 year:
So far so good, some good players from my team (frenchman, dutch and from itali) are waithing for the forms.
After a month a message: that my first players also become a San Marino, and in the message is says that he wants to shine at international level with San Marino, because he thinks he wont become international with his original nationality.

He is a frenchman and as second nationality: San Marino.
Butt, he can only be selected(i don't know the english word (can be elected?)) for the french team.

So checked the message again, and then i saw that it says he still needs to live a total of 5years in San Marino to be able to play for the national team, but he already has the nationality?!

What have i done wrong?
I tought that be changing the naturalization to 365days they would become another nationality ánd play straight away for that country...

A player has to choose his national team by the time he is 21. If your player is over 21 and had already chosen to play for his original country.
Furrr's avatar Group Furrr
13 yearsEdited
I disagree...

He has to choose by the time he is 21, that is correct, but not in this situation.
It applies in the next situation: he can switch country if he has a dubble passport, like what you see often in holland, players that are dutch/marocco or dutch/turkey.
And if they have played u21 games for one country, but they want to switch to the other country, then they have to choose before they are 21.

But that is not the situation, he has no u21 games or so...

There must be some other setting in the editor that you overlooked. Either that or its impossible to make players eligible for nation in under 5 years even if they have the nationality.
I dont think playing under 21 games has anything to do with the rule. It is actually based on if the player has been declared by the nation or not. If two countries call up the players to play for the national team then he has to choose one before 21 or whenever they approach him. Maybe evo is right and you need to live five years to be a citizen or something like that...
The implementation in FM2012 works like this:

A player is eligible for a national team only if he meets ALL of the following criteria:

1. He is a citizen of the nation.
2. He has lived in the nation for 5 years, or was born there, or has a parent or grandparent who was born there.
3. He has never represented another nation in a competitive (non-friendly) match at the senior level.
4. They have never declared for a national team. (This killed me on my Hong Kong game. Chinese players almost always declare for China when they accept a transfer to Hong Kong.)

In addition, a player who represents any nation at youth level gets their eligibility locked at 21. So, if Alex Giele is eligible for Cameroon and France, represents either nation in a competitive U21 match, then turns 21, he will never be able to add a third nation he could represent. However, if he never represented either nation at the youth level, he could add a third nation to represent.

In the case of the OP, changing the time to achieve citizenship to 1 year doesn't really help. They're citizens, but until they've been resident for 5 years, they can't play for you anyway.

Also worth noting--in FM12 and 13, players can gain British nationality, but can never add English, Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish eligibility under any circumstances.

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