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Can "potential current ability" go up and down?

Started on 29 July 2011 by icebird
Latest Reply on 10 December 2018 by kensanhan
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Hi football lovers!

As the topic suggests I am trying to understand what the current ability that is shown after ticking in the potential-box i Genie means?

For example a player is born and is on his first day in the game.
CA 100
PA 199
Ok so far everything is ok, he is 100 atm and has potential to bee 199. The PA i fixed and CA will move up and down during his career depending on the action in his career. Also the ca- and pa-ratings will move up and down during the career.

But what about the CA that is displayed after ticking in the future-potential-wonder-box? Is that number fixed during the career or can it also go up and down? If we use the same example as above, lets say his CA with the box ticked is 150. Does this mean he won't ever be better than 150 or can it go up if I for example train him optimally or get better facilities? Is there hope or is his ability messed up for good?

I'm also wondering if the abilities that is showen after ticking the box is a hard coded maximum value? For ex. heading 10 and 17 after ticking the box. Does this mean although I train heading as hell he won't be better than 17?

A lot of questions but I would really like to understand the fundamentals of a players development.
Really interesting topic of the game is CA and PA, in my own personal experiance in the game a player can have a very high potential ability but never reach it if he is consistantly injured or not played or developed.

Players with high determination and natural fitness atributes are usually the easiest to make it to the highest ability

I dont and have never thought or seen the potential ability change as this is set into the database but dependent on rhe development if the player as you have stated above 'player career'
Hi and welcome icebird.

First thing you need to understand is that these are merely indications and predictions. They can be somewhat accurate considering the current condition a player is at, but it's impossible to take into consideration a series of uncertain factors.

For example how much first team time you will give the player, what kind of injuries he will get through the years, the training focus you can utilize on various attributes, how competitive are the leagues he's playing in (L2 vs EPL it has a difference, which is tied to the level of training facilities). Also some physical and mental attributes are impossible to predict (for example decisions).

So let's get the facts straight:
CA - fluid
PA - fixed, but just an indication

There's no such thing as potential CA. And if a player has a PA of 190 and Genie says he can reach only 150, it's a prediction which means the player is highly unlikely to reach his full potential in the first place. This may be due to great difference between CA and PA, and of course his age.

I hope I've cleared it up for you. Any other question feel free to ask.
Ok so I might not have been clear enough, my bad :)

CA 100 PA 190 and genie says he van only reach 150. Is this number(150) in anyway fixed? Obviously if he gets injured the 150 might even get lower but can it ever get higher?
If I sign a player from a low league club to one of the bigger clubs in the world. Is there a possibility that the 150 number will rise to 180. So that the CA is still 100, PA 190 and genies estimation of maximum ability 180.
With the right training etc. the 150 could get higher. It isn't fixed as that will be his CA if he continues with the same training etc.
OK that is good to hear! So it's an estimation of the current situation with trainers, training facilities etc.

Then about specific abilities. Is the PA of a single ability also just an at the momoment estimation or is it hard coded into the game?
For example:
Heading 10 (current)
Heading 17 (future estimation)

Is it possible to get the heading skill over 17 or is it a maximum value for the specific player?
# icebird : If I sign a player from a low league club to one of the bigger clubs in the world. Is there a possibility that the 150 number will rise to 180. So that the CA is still 100, PA 190 and genies estimation of maximum ability 180.

I doubt Genie's estimation will change because of a transfer to a bigger club. Having said that, I don't think it calculates the training facilities into the equation.

And yes, it's possible to get heading over 17 even if Genie has 17 as future estimation. The keyword is "estimation/prediction", it's not a guaranteed thing. For example Sanogo has low dribbling and his future estimation for dribbling is like 11... if you focus train him on dribbling for 4-5 seasons it's likely his dribbling could reach 15.

Nevertheless, Genie's estimates are accurate, which means most players are unlikely to progress dramatically different from that estimate.

I also don't believe every player has a fixed hard coded max at each attribute in the game.
With the move to a bigger club I meant the better training ground, better training better everything that is included in the move.
I know what you meant, read my previous answer more carefully ;)
Oh yeah, my bad.
Thanks for the answers! :)
No problem.

My advice to you would be not to pay so much attention to CA and PA but to the ratings % instead. I believe it's a more efficient way to think of your players' skills.
Check his ambition and professionalism attributes as these are just as important as playing at the highest level for a wonderkids development. An ambition or professionalism attribute below 10 will seriously stunt his development and I'm certain genies estimates take these attributes into account, fortunately tutoring can fix this.
Hey, I myself had 2 players that were in the same situation as above, PA was of ~190 but Genie estimated he will only get to about 147, and he was right, I signed the player, at Barcelona, so I had the best coaches/training facilities, but never managed to make him a very good footballer, and from my previous personal experiences with this situations, Genie was accurate.

However, 1 situation made me change my mind, when at the beginning of the game a player was bound to only reach like 167/177, but he got to 176 if I remember, he was not my player so I can't say what helped him, but after what Evo said, I really think tutoring does help, as I know for sure that the player was tutored by Gianluigi Buffon.

And Stam answered the other question pretty well :D, I would say that the potential ability estimated is pretty hard to modify, however the max attributes are not, so making special training schedules for a certain player will make him develop in the way you want.
Hi all.

Just wanted you guys to know that it does change,

Signed a regen he had 4 golden and half a star in black and now hes at full 5 stars curent ability . So yes potential does change

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