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Buying FM12 From FMScout

Started on 15 October 2011 by Anheroin
Latest Reply on 20 October 2011 by Dan_Striker77
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Hi I bought FM12 from FMScout's site. Gotta say I'm digging the offer.
Anyways I've received the confirmation letter from nexway/fmscout for the preorder and the email says that I will only get the activation code on the game release day (21st Oct). Can't I get my activation code now? :/
Steam is known to allow early downloads of games from those who preordered to prevent slow downloads due to massive server requests on the release day and I'd like to be able to do that so I get to play the game immediately and not wait for it to download when it's released. I'd also like to get the TF2 hats available to those who preordered FM12..
Earlier release your talking about isnt 1 week before the official release day. but rather 1-2 days earlier, so you could be hoping to get the code 1-2 days earlier than the release date.
You know, I never really thought of that.. What got me worried is that it says in the email I'd only get the activation code on release day. I really hope you're right and they were referring to the early release!
I actually have no idea how this works since this is my first time buying from this site
You should receive your activation code on release day, more like a bit after the midnight of Oct 20.

By the way, what is that TF2 hats thing and where did you see it?
To get any Steam Pre-order items, you have to purchase the game FROM Steam itself, not from a third party with an activation code. So, buying from FMScout might support this site, but it means that you will not receive any bonuses from Steam for pre-ordering. Sorry, but that is the way Steam is with all their pre-order stuff.
Well, Steam is actually pre-selling the game way more expensive than we do. So if you want to pay like 15 EUR extra for whatever it is they're gifting away with their preorder, please by all means pre-purchase it from there. We offer 7-day money back guarantee.
Also loving the offer :)

Will be buying it from the site on payday next week :)
Amy! Nice seeing you here :)

P.S. By the way, did you had a look on that email I sent you some days ago?
I've been away and busy for a while but I'm catching up now - will reply later on today :)
Yes I will also be getting it from here. Good deal.

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