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Started on 20 October 2011 by aelcyp
Latest Reply on 25 November 2011 by aod12030
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You're welcome mate. Thanks for choosing for buying your FM12!
Na 'sai kala :)
Thanks a lot! :)
I think I will come back to this site for site tips and tricks regarding FM :)
Got my code emailed to me this morning. Can't wait!
Hey people little question here: Im about to install Steam to download the game and i was wondering how does this system work with multiple pcs? There are 3 pcs in my house and i want the game installed in all 3, how does that work?
You need to install Steam to all of them. And you will be able to download and install FM12 in all of them, given that you log in with the same Steam account. I don't think you'll be able to play on more than one computer at the same time though.
I suppose you wouldnt be able to play ONLINE on all of them but, how about offline? like 3 single players games? I have 2 brothers to keep busy you know :P
hi ordered and paid for fm12 via paypal but now nexway is asking for id proof of purchaser, i ordered it but my mrs name is on the paypal account. only problem is i dont have a fax machine or scanner to send via email. so how will i prove that there is no issues. I also thought paypal was the security part of the transaction.
I suppose you wouldnt be able to play ONLINE on all of them but, how about offline?
To be honest I don't know; It could work in offline mode.

paid for fm12 via paypal but now nexway is asking for id proof of purchaser
I just ordered through my own shop via PayPal and they're asking even me for identification! I suppose Nexway has this policy with PayPal purchases, which is annoying. I've emailed them about it, asking for details.
In the meantime, do you have a photo camera or a webcam or a cell phone with camera to take a quick picture of your mrs ID card or driving license or passport?
yeah my mrs does, so i'll take some pics and attach to the email, i suppose i wont be playing at midnight now :( hopefully their business hours are really early starts.
I received my keys now, so it took them about an hour after I emailed them with my ID card picture. It didn't take that long after all :)

What did you with the identification yidomonk?
I'm about to send my email now. Hopefully will be sorted just as quick. If not I'll be on forza 4. Will update when I receive a reply. Good to see yours has been dealt with so quickly.
What did you with the identification yidomonk?

Oh I used my mrs driving license sent 20mins ago.
Love the site by the way, good work stam.
Still not not my validation email?
@Lyiam: Please avoid creating new topics for something you've already posted. The requests are many and it usually takes about an hour to receive your code in the email after successful purchase. The process involves real human beings though, meaning the codes are not automatically sent out; there's a validation process taking place before that.

Personally, I'm not involved in the distribution at all. Also any issues in regards to the purchases through the store should be directed to customer support here
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HI i am sitting here having paid nexway the money i have had no email with any key what soever can someone please help me

((Got my code at 9:31 british time this morning sweet as... come on you red devils.. anyone know where i can get the latest kits and logo's packs.. much appreciated thanks stam for the walkthrough

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