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The Shrews

Started on 3 November 2011 by Dylan / First Post
Latest Reply on 23 July 2012 by Dylan / Last Post
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Dylan's avatar Group Dylan
7 yearsEdited
i already played 2 seasons with Shrewsbury:
The first season i got promoted from the npower league 2 after finishing second.
The second season i finished eleventh after the worst start i could ever think of.

so that where the two seasons VERY short ;p.
Here's my current squad.
i still have a very big problem at left-back. when dan martin is gone i have no one really good to put there.
the best player in my quad: JAMIL ADAM i signed him on a free transfer being worth 400k now he's worth 2.2 mill (think i made a foul in another topic) look at his stats and be amazed.
i'll update saturday :)
Awesome! Now i know that jamil adam is awesome (CONFIRMED!)
Waiting for this update, I hope you get promoted again :)
the league is very exciting at the moment. I'm in 2nd place but i can easily go 1st but also drop to third . take a look. i think it's gonna be very exciting the last 10 games to go .
I'm trying to get a good goal ratio but huddersfield keep beating me at that. as i expected Jamil Adam is playing very good.. getting topscorer, best average (7.61) and 9 times man of the match. my squad is playing very well.. except jamie smith trying to sell him but no one wants him :p. i have a couple of players in my squad that are almost good enough for the premier division, dan morrice , benik afobe (gonna try to sign him at the end of the season.. the attack in my team is perfect benik afobe and jamil adam up front and will keane on the bench.another great player is jermaine grandison still very young but playing very good also :) the tactic i use most of the time is this one : i love to use the wings.. it was a bit hard with these wingers but it worked out fine anyway. ill update my final position tonight
PrOmotionAfter a very hard fight for the title i got promoted.. i didn't win the title (to bad) .. but if you see HOW i lost the title...
My last game against crawley was really weird.. i got 0-1 behind they got a red card i made it 2-1 , they got ANOTHER red card, i won with 1-3 with a hatrick bij jamil adam
i was dissapointed earlier after losing 1-4 against wycome that was really frustrating.
I actually expected coventry to win the title this year cuz they had REALLy good players.hudders field won the title by 9 goals :(.
But i got promoted anyway so.. i think i played good at home but i really sucked away.. goin to need to fix that to next season.
As i expected Adam got top scorer and best average AND most times man of the match.
He's now worth 3.1M i think it's weird nobody tries to buy him ..
I'm going to search another Leftback, Central defender and a right winger.(suggestions?)

next update will be after transferwindow. hope you're enjoying my story so far ...
What's your transfer budget for the season??
Great job although the championship is going to be much more difficult than league 1.
Good luck in the Championship!
It's a tough league.


I got 518k transferbudget and 3k remaining wage budget ( mid table finish)
I adjusted it to 200k transferbudget and 10k remaining wage budget
Having NO decent central dafender i had to look for at least two ...
Boris Nkoa 40k --> Angers SCO (DM)
James O'Connor 80k --> brighton (DR)
Jermaine Grandison 100k --> brighton (DC)
Dean Bouzanis 22k --> ponferradina (GK)
Ryan Taylor (free)(DR)
Matt Mcgregor (free) (MC) (15 years old)
Poundjé (G.bordeaux) (DL)
adam Bogdan (spurs) (GK)
Pele Van Anholt (50k) (de graafschaap) (AML)
Javi Lopez (75k) (alcorcoron) (AMR)
Yohan BOcognano (18k + 300k over 48 months) (DC)
Klaus Hansen (free) (DC)

Shrewsbury 2-3 Watford.. didn't have a central defender in this game (injured)
Shrewsbury 2-2 Partizan ... I LOVE JAMIL ADAM :p good result, no win , but against partizan a draw, i think that's good :)... hope i play like this the whole year
Shrewsbury 0-0 Everton res... to bad should've won
Arthurlie 0-4 Shrewsbury... good win
Stenhousemuir 0-8 Shrewsbury ... BOOM 5 goals by jamil adam (rating of 10)

Start Of the championship (august)

Q.P.R 1-3 Shrewsbury ...
(LC) Bradford 2-4 shrewsbury..
Shrewsbury 2-1 Southampton
Bristol City 0-2 SHrewsbury.. bristol isn't efficient at all they had 9 shots on target i only had 6...
Shrewsbury 0-2 huddersfield.. i hate them --' 2 years in a row they kick my ass
(LC) Reading 2-1 Shrewsbury
Stoke 5-1 SHrewsbury ..
total embarassement.3.. i'll come back

Something i hate about shrewsbbury : if you ,lose one , you never stop losing..
Gotta be honest i think npower leugue 1 had a MUCH harder start than the championship :)

Shrewsbury 3-2 Sheffield United 2 goals by Jamil Adam.
Wigan 3-2 Shrewsbury it is wigan.. no shame
Shrewsbury 1-0 Colchester i got a red card but scored a penalty later in the game
Shrewsbury 2-4 wolves ... 2 goals on the counter by wolves.
Chesterfield 1-3 Shrewsbury
Nottm Forest 3-1 Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury 3-0 Peterborough.. 2 goals from my winger pele van anholt
Shrewsbury 3-1 Crystal Palace .. adam booms in 2
Portsmouth 0-2 Shrewsbury... portsmouth is underperforming this season.

The team is playing good in the championship... totally kicking ass(for a promoted team at least) i'm in 5th place.. it's still early in the season but i'm hoping
of promotion i think it's possible..Duffy playing good as centre back pele van anholt KICKING ASS on the left wing.
Jamil Adam blowing up every teams defance... what do you guys think promotion possible?
Yep just keep morale up.
I think you will get playoffs+ this season, Most likely Automatic promotion, big doubt you will win though.
# Atreidas : Yep just keep morale up.
I think you will get playoffs+ this season, Most likely Automatic promotion, big doubt you will win though.
morale is fantastic.. i don't even think about winning this year :) i think that will be a bit to hard.. but you never know..
November And December
i got signed as manager of mali.. trying to make an international name.. we'll see how this turns out.

SHrewsbury 2-2 reading .. bit dissapointed witth the owngoal of richard duffy
Barnsley 1-4 Shrewsbury.. Adam was man of the match will keane picked up 2 goals.. i was ecstatic
Bolton 1-2 Shrewsbury.. bolton in 19th place this season :s
Shrewsbury 3-0 Watford .. Watford was my parent club last year :p Adam scored a hat-trick
Shrewsbury 4-1 Ipswich.. WOW
Derby 3-1 Shrewsbury ... to bad derby is a good team..
Shrewsbury 1-1 Cardiff
Burnley 2-0 Shrewsbury.. you lose 1 and you don't stop..
Shrewsbury 3-1 Fulham hattrick by Adam ^^
Shrewsbury 7-4 Q.P.R ööÖÖÖÖÖ wow
i was like : WTF it was a new record :)

THe team is playing fine in the championship i'm in 2nd place.. i don't think winning is even possible..
Southapton are to far ahead but i WILL PROMOTE.
You are doing very well
Januari And Februari

Vito Mannone , free, GK, worth 1.3m
Adam Bogdan GK --> Ipswich 80k (Yes i just signed him but Vito asked cheaper wages, is a better GK and i got 80k for Adam )

(FA) Shrewsbury 0-1 Fulham... conceded in the last minute :(
Southampton 5-6 Shrewsbury .. ^^ owned the number one, my defense sucked in this game especially duffy xo
Shrewsbury 1-0 Bristol city
Huddersfield 2-1 Shrewsbury .. Will i ever beat them?
Shrewsbury 1-2 Stoke.. once you start you can't stop
Sheff Utd 0-0 Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury 0-2 to get out of this bad line
Colchester 0-2 Shrewsbury . FINALLY
Wolves 3-1 Shrewsbury.. damn to bad i'll get over it
Shrewsbury 5-0 Chesterfield had to make something up after the losses ..

Weren't the 2 best moths i had .. i think the worst 2 months of the whole year.. gonna try to come back next month.. i'm doing very well i think personnaly
Wow your doing great man, im managing the shrews too, and ive got 2nd for npower ligue 2 too :D , ive just got promoted.
Now currently in league 1...ahh now the hard part begins, wish me luck.

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