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What attributes should I look for?

I'm looking for a scout, an assistant manager, and some players and need help
Started on 7 November 2011 by hotabs579
Latest Reply on 14 November 2011 by vaggi
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hey i'm looking for a scout, assistant manager, GK,DL,DC,DR,AML (ATTACKING),MC,AMR(ATTACKING), ST

what attributes should i look for for each of them? only answer if you positively know please..
trying to rebolster my whole roster with a crappy team in the 'n2 division'

preciate it. thanks.
Scout: Determing ability, and determing Potential.

Assistant Manager: Motivating, Tactical, Tactical knowledge, Determination, medium+ level of Discipline, Man management

GK: Command of Area, Communication, Aerial ability, Reflexes, One on ones, handling, jumping, strenght

DL and DR: Marking, tackling, crossing, Acceleration, pace, stamina, work rate, concentration

DC: Marking, tackling, heading, positioning, work rate, stamina, strength, decisions

AML and AMR: Technique, passing, dribbling, off the ball, acceleration, pace, Crossing

MC: Really depends on the kind of player you are looking for, my favorite skills: Passing, work rate, influence, stamina, aggression, composure, concentration, tackling, stamina, strength, Decisions, First touch.

ST: Poachers are the best, look for: Off the ball, Acceleration, pace, first touch, finishing, Dribbling.

But, there is an easy way to find out which skills are primary for each position, go to tactics, then player instructions, then push the jersey of the player you desire; and the primary skills for his position will be highlighted. Notice there are different skills for different roles in each positions.

The skills I have chosen is based on my own experience, I have won the season 7 out off the 11 seasons I have played with underdog teams only.
i appreciate it buddy. yeah since i would be putting my wingers on attack, i would need those defensive attributes for my midfielders.

appreciate it man, thanks.
First thing i always make sure my players have is teamwork, workrate and determination as i think that is a solid base for any player.
One other good way to check what attributes you need for each position, is to go to a player's attributes page, click the upper right option "view key attributes" and choose from there the position you want him to play..
Key attributes needed for the specific position will be highlighted :)

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