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Sharps FM Challenge

Challenge Series.
Started on 29 November 2011 by Sharps
Latest Reply on 14 April 2012 by greekish7485
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Alright ladies and gents,

I've considered creating a challenge for the forums members in order to make FM 2012 a little more interesting for us all through making it competitive between ourselves.

What I am proposing is a series of challenges to be done over a period of 7 days each and being scored according to achievements that have been set in relation to them, that have been completed. After this, each player would be put into a league table which will be updated over the course of the challenge season.

Obviously, there will be an element of trust required for this to be successful but evidence of certain elements of each challenge would be required, most probably through screenshots.

Now, with this I almost certainly need help.

Firstly; I need to know who, if anyone is interested in such a challenge. Numbers can be unlimited with this challenge. Afterall, It is only a few more posts to look through when checking evidence of achievements and doing the league table.

Secondly; I'd like to know what kind of challenges people would be interested in. Any clubs that people may have wanted to try out before but haven't gotten around to it. Nations that people have wanted to manage in but never dared try. I'm open to all ideas, challenges that look both easy and hard are welcome, as there should be a balance.

Thirdly; I want to know what type of evidence that participants would want off their fellow players. I don't want to make rules on the evidence required only for people to say they aren't happy with it and want other things. I'd rather create rules that everyone is happy with.
Ok, I ain't gonna be part of it, but a french FM board I have been attending proceeds this way :
- Challenges are usually one-league only : it's about saving a team from relegation, or qualifying for Europa League or even Champions League.
- Many challenges are proposed int the middle of the season, ie saving a team from relegation
- The challenges that are the most successful are the ones involving "Exotic" leagues, like the finnish league or maybe another one with a rather low UEFA coefficient.
- The creator of the challenge MUST provide the starting savegame himself. It usually involves only ONE league, with a limited database, so that the file would not be huge and to make things more spicy.
- Usually, the rules that apply might are : no or very limited recruitements, no new staff.

As for the evidence, players must return the savegame, and send them to someone considered as "reliable", either the creator of the challenge or one of the admins of the board.

- Challenges must not take very long to achieve, the contest lasts for like 3 weeks.
- The provider of the challenge decides on which basis one is declared winner.

That's all I remember for now.
I do like the idea of uploading the game myself and the evidence being a saved game received. It had crossed my mind but I suppose I have been convinced now. The extra few minutes work are worth it.

I am surprised that I have received absolutely no interest whatsoever so far.
Great idea to start a challenge league and I'd be interested in taking part, I agree that uploading saved games is important to keep it fair, theres the issue where people could reload to cheat but it'd likely become obvious and we'd find out who they are.
It's something new for the site visitors and new is usually received by concern and hesitation. You're quite a new member as well, so there's also a chance that people won't trust a newcomer with this project.

I like the idea, and I want to support it. We can try telling people again tomorrow via social networking, have it somewhere on homepage, and might even start a topic on SI forums to attract interest from there.
If we had a draft of challenges for people to see, it might also push them into speaking out here. For that, we could start a new chat tomorrow and urge people to write their suggestions.
It's something that sparked a while ago Stam on previous versions. I find that sometimes boredom can set in, and not being able to decide and stick with a team so I wanted a competitive side to come to FM where other people can be involved without the "hassle" and time consumption that comes with network games.

Unfortunately, at the time I wasn't a member of any FM sites so I suppose it would only come to any fruition now.

I'll draft some potential challenges up sometime tomorrow to discuss.
I think it would be a great idea! It won't be for the casual user but I think it will definitely be interesting. I'd consider taking a break from my story to participate. :D
Okay, so I have decided that I would create the challenges myself and make them available for download so that I know everyone uses the same game. I have a few challenges brainstormed which I will give details on, but these are in no way set in stone as they will involve setting up a game and then perhaps holidaying for a while to a certain point and then deciding on specific teams and rewards, or altering the database using FMRTE to create situations. Some samples are based on real life, and some imaginary but hopefully the variance of these will give an idea to potential participants. Again, ideas are welcome.

Sample of challenges

Leagues - Belgium
Database - Small

- Belgiums young team has plenty of potential. They have made the play-offs for the Euro 2012 Finals and have been drawn against Greece. They lead 2-0 from their first leg in Athens before dramatically changing manager.

Your mission is to complete the qualification job and then lead your team to the finals. There are no limits on how you manage your team. Your entire pool of players is open for selection and you can use whichever tactics you please as well as hiring whoever you want to your staff. You must take your team as far as you can. Simply put, the further you go, the more points you earn.

Breakdown of points -
20 - Win the Euro's
15 - Runner's up
10 - Losing Semi Finalists
8 - Losing Quarter Finalists
5 - Lost in Second Round
3 - Knocked out of Group Stage

Bonus points -
15 - Golden boot winner
10 - 2 or more players in Team of the Tournament
5 - Win your group

Leagues - Russia
Database - Small

- Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala have been taken over by a sugar daddy and installed Roberto Carlos as manager. After the 2011 season they dispense with his services and you take on the job on a 12 month contract.

Your mission is to take Anzhi to Russian dominance on all fronts over the coming season in order to cement your next contract.

Breakdown of points -
20 - Win the league
10 - Runner's up
8 - Third place
15 - Win the Russian Cup
10 - Runner's up in the cup
5 - Losing semi-finalists

Bonus points
10 - Top league goalscorer
5 - Manager of the year

Leagues - English Premier
Database - Small

- Everton have been performing excellently in the league cup but their league form is poor. Bill Kenwright becomes fed up and sacks David Moyes early in the New Year with Everton in the bottom 3. They have a big semi-final coming up and need a new man to change their fortunes in the league and carry on their progress in the cup.

Your mission is to save the club from relegation and to qualify for the Europa League via the League Cup to create much needed revenue for the club.

Breakdown of points -
20 - Save the club from relegation
10 - Win the League Cup
5 - Losing Finalists
10 - Win the F.A. Cup

Bonus points -
10 - Make no new signings
Did anything ever come of this? I like the sound of the Belgium challenge. If you have a save ready to go I'd take part in that.
Absolutely love the idea. I can't really take part as I work during the week and so my playing time is limited (oh how I miss being a student.) Really think that you should approach FM with this idea as it would be a brilliant feature on their next game (they're probably wondering what they could add to their next game aswell.)

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