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Regens from Brazil and Argentina

Started on 2 December 2011 by Furrr
Latest Reply on 8 February 2012 by Radekal
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Does anyone experiencing the same problem?
I'm like 5 or 6 seasons in the game, and the top 20-30 regens 80% are from argentina or brazil.

3 things:
1) When your managing in England it is almost impossible to pick up young cheap talents due a work permit.

2) When you are managing a teamm, let's say Lyon, you want as many France regen/players.
Not a team with 8 non eu players.
In Italy your only able to sign 2 non eu players a season.

3) Tournament under '20 take place when the competition is running (NON-Fifa dates?), suddenly the half of your team is gone.

Haven't really noticed that yet but I'm only in the third season of my game, the best regen I have seen though was Spanish and my scouts listed him as 4 1/2 stars, bought him from Barcelona for 22 mil, only regen I've seen so far with over 4 stars
I got a regen at the start of my second season danish/turkish centre back playing in a small danish team. I picked him up for 600k and he was estimated at 5 stars, had him 2 seasons now and he's almost as good as Vidic and he's only 19
Yes, I noticed the U20..lost several players to that when I had the Champions League Final to play!!! Stupid. Also am being denied work permits for non EU players. Started to keep track 2 seasons ago- 3 permits accepted, 11 were denied.
i agree majority wonderkids are either argentina brazil france or germany!!
yes, but that's actually true of real life.

soon as you get a feeder club for loan permits you can sign whoever.
How does the "feeder club for loan permits work"??
#39160 The Villan : How does the "feeder club for loan permits work"??

networking and ask for a club to avoid work permit regulations. as long as there's no rules imposed by the FA or the country (no under 18's allowed to sign etc) then you can just have a whole host of young foreign players sitting in your team with 'WP' next to their names getting trained. often they get called up to their national teams once you sign them and after a season or 2 they get workpermits. if you get them @18 by the time they're 22/23 they have work permits and are usually of a good enough standard to survive in the first team.
I don't know if anyone else has noticed the same on their game, but around 2014/2015, the Turkish teams like Besiktas, Fenerbace etc. seem to have bucketloads of great re-gens. Atm I'm playing with Polonia Warszawa (Poland) and I think I'm gonna pretty much have a Turkish-based team soon.
Having said that, the BRA and ARG re-gens are also awesome.

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