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The Challenge !

Started on 8 December 2011 by romiljain
Latest Reply on 20 December 2011 by The Villan
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Ok Guys,
For all those players if FM 12 is begining to get tooo easy, here is a challenge:

Step1: Start as a sunday league footballer and unemployed

Step2: Whichever team you get at the start, (say you get a team in England, win that continent's champions league, the European Champions League with a club from England only)

Step3: Win the African Champions league

Step4: Win the North American and South American Champions league

Step5: Win The Asian Champions league

All this in a single save game.

Anybody up for the challenge ??
This could be called the 'WORLD DOMINATION CHALLENGE!'

Or the 'Globe trotting gauntlet!'

Sounds tough....I dont think I have the time in my life at the moment, would be a good story to read though.....
now that would make one heck of a manager story
I am soon going to try this.... and also post the story .... staring with England as it should be easiest !
Did something similar to this in FM10. Took Bradford from league 2 to Premership & Champions League winners. What made this interesting was that I used ONLY English born players and english born staff: coaches, physios, scouts etc. All non english born players and staff were either sold off or I terminated their contracts within the first season. Did not use any Scottish, Welsh or Irish! It took me 14 seasons to become Premier Champs and another 5 to win Champs League. The hardest part was because of the restrictions I used, the development of my youth system was poor. I couldn't always afford to pay what the best English coaches were asking. Also, took my English born scouts a lot of time to build up knowledge of other parts of the world.

I'm thinking I might try something similar with FM12, but this time in a lower league in either Scotland or Portugal, again using personel from their own Countries. I'm not sure yet, as it can be very, very tedious.

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