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My Career

Started on 7 May 2012 by CalcioSpur
Latest Reply on 8 May 2012 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Hi all, I'm going to be starting a brand new career on FM, I am a semi-experienced FM player, but have not played for some time. For my new career I thought I'd keep a detailed 'journal' of this career, and people could add advice and point out errors. I will be starting off with Sunday League experience, when I get set up I will start posting. I like to play the game very thoroughly and I try to master every detail of my club and matches. For me 70% of the fun is the prep and attention to detail.


Question 1: Can you get away with never giving team talks? I find half the time I make things worse and the other half players don't seem to listen anyway. Probably down to my reputation level at start, but I read somewhere that Benithez never talked to players at Liverpool, wondering if it can be done in game?
get yourself an assistant manager that is good at doing team talks, should manage to do good team talks for you
ejay above is right and I think it is also possible to set your assistant up to do the team talks automatically with an option in "team policy."
I forgot to mention I'm on FM2011. I tried 2012 but I couldn't get on with it. Thanks for the link though, I was just wondering if you could get away with no team talks. I mean in reality there must be a few managers out there that never get close to their players.
ITs possible but I wouldn't reccomend it, I mean its part of the game that isn't really black and white. I have many atime said one thing that I thought would have been erefectly fine but my players got demoralized by it. I would just try to do it, eventually the respect will come after some good performances.

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