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Alternative Welsh System (Levels 1-7)

Started on 11 June 2012 by Zydra
Latest Reply on 11 June 2012 by Zydra
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Zydra's avatar Group Zydra
10 yearsEdited
I have made a new Welsh System down to County Leagues, I also moved Swansea, Cardiff etc back into the Welsh System and TNS etc back to the English System. The Rewards for placings have been significantly changed in the top flights and the Competitions.

Please make Suggestions/Comments about the Database so I can seek to Improve it further

Overall Enjoy the Database and getting your Welsh team to European Glory!

Some Blurb about the Database and the Changelog for the Database:

Alternative Welsh League System - Made by Zydra

Removed all welsh leagues and remade them in a similiar standard as the English System
Moved all English Teams Back into the English System and Welsh Teams back into the Welsh system from English
Significant Financial Bonuses from Competitions
Each County (22) added to the system with min of 6 teams per County League (Some Counties merged)
Added Many different Cups and Trophies, Such as 1 per County, 1 for Regionals, 1 for Champ to Division 2
Added Champions Cup: Winners of the Previous years divisions; Premier to Regionals face off in a 8 Team Battle to win a Cup

Beating Swansea and Cardiff in the Premier in the first Few Seasons!
Moving your team from the Amateur Leagues (Counties Premier and First Divisions) up to the Welsh Premier

Role Play Behind Database:
In 2011 the Corbett's Premier League and Welsh Football Association came into Financial trouble, and was thus sold to an Unknown Organization, Leading to most sponsors not really knowing where to go for Name Rights to the Leagues, All the team officials know is their contacts name is 'Z', not much else is known about the Organization all that is known is thatthey are prepared to offer substantial finance rewards for good performances in Football, they decided that each League will have 20 teams, and that the County leagues will be a minimum of 6 teams if unable to fill then the county would get merged with another that is lacking in numbers also (e.g. Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen).

The Organization introduced several new competitions the Welsh System including a Trophy for each County and a Champions Cup winnable by the Champions of the top 8 Leagues (Welsh Prem, Welsh Champ, Welsh Div 1, Welsh Div 2, Sth Wales Reg, Nth Wales Reg, Gwent Reg, Dyfed-Powys Reg), Also an Amateur Trophy provided to the County First Divisions. The Country Premiers get a chance at the Counties Cup (also includes County First Divisions), Much like the English Community Shield Wales also has this, being between the winner of the Welsh Cup (Who also gets European Place) and the Welsh Premier League.

The Organization will in Future release it's name and accept sponsorship but until that time they will remain Anonymous.

Real Reason Behind Database:
I currently live in Wales and have noticed the tight nit fan base the teams have and thus have decided to dedicate this to them and myself ofcourse, Bangor Uni+Bangor City! Allowing Welsh Teams an actual chance at winning the UEFA Champions League just seemed needed and thus also Cardiff and Swansea will dominate the Premier League in the first few seasons, hopefully some fine play from Players and AI will change it earlier based on the Financial rewards the teams get from the Cups!

My wish is to see a Wales International Team actually manage a Win of the World Cup, so doing this database brings it a little closer to reality!

V1.0001 - Balanced Reputations and Finances
- Removed Premier League Players
V1.0000 - Released to Public for Scrutiny and Suggestions!

v0.1991 - Changed Yellow Card rule to 5, 10, 15 Cards similiar to English League.

v0.1989 - Added Manager of Month/Season to Championship, Division 1, Division 2, Regional Divisions
- Added Player of Month/Season to Championship, Division 1, Division 2, Regional Divisions
- Added Team of Week/Season to Championship, Division 1, Division 2, Regional Divisions

v0.1988 - Fixed Ranking Problem in Leagues lower than Premier - Teams were not ranking correctly
based on Goals For and Goals Difference (Added Rules)

v0.1985 - Added County Cups
- Added Welsh Amateur Trophy

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