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Making a New league

From you for you
Started on 6 August 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 11 August 2012 by Donatt
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Michael's avatar Group Michael
8 yearsEdited
I'm gonna make a new country, which I will try to connect with the CL and the EL.

For making it myself easy, I will do it this way:

1 league, 16 teams, 1 cup, 1 supercup, winner CL, 2nd qualification CL, 3rd EL, 4th qualification EL.

Country: Fantasia
Places: Gumtown, Candyvillage, Sausagecity, Hotdog Central, Sodacounty, Juicyfield, Wineshire, Beercottage
Distribution of teams: 2 teams per Place
Distribution of Rivals: townrivals (100%), and similar place rivals (50%)

Furthermore, I need you for the teams. You are the one that name them, and give them their special equipment. You get 80 points from me, for the following categories:

Money: 1 point = 10M balance, you start with 25M
reputation: 1 point = 250 rep, you start with 5000 rep
youthfacilities : 1 point = 1 point
youthscouting: 1 point = 1 point
youthrecruitment : 1 point = 1 point
training: 1 point = 1 point
stadion: 1 point = 2K seats, you start with 20K

for the youth:
1. increase youth recruitment network (youthrecruitment)
2. improve youth facilities (youthfacilities)
3. increase junior budget (youthscouting?)

Furthermore there are specials:
A sugardaddy (securing): 10 points
A sugardaddy (background): 25 points
A sugardaddy (foreground): 40 points
Superregens (get 5 players from 16 year, CA:100, PA: 180): 25 points
Sponsorfun (high sponsormoney): 25 points
Feeder (get 1 feederclub): 10 points per club, the club will be from an eastern europe country, and you need to say a loaner, or first option.
Crippled: You start in 25M debt to bank, but will get 15 points extra to spend.
Low Repper: you start with 2500 rep instead of 5000 rep, get 10 points extra
Low Stadium: you start with 10k seating, but gets 10 points extra to spend.

I want you to make your team in this way:

Name: ....................
Nickname: .....................
Chairman name: .....................
Stadium name: ......................
Regens name (if chosen superregen): ........, ........., ........., ........., ........,
Preferred Town:


There will be 15 teams for you, I expect a normal name :)

Mine, as example:

Name: Black Bones F.C.
Nickname: Bonecrushers
Chairman name: Michael de la Parra
Stadium name: The Port To Hell
Regens name (if chosen superregen): Michael de la Parra, Julio Vosters, Igor Quint, Robin Nieland, Boyan Venema
Prefered town: Beercottage

Money: 5
reputation: 4
youthfacilities: 13
youthscouting: 13
youthrecruitment: 14
training: 13
stadion: 3
Specialty: Low Repper (+10), Superregen(-25)


You may name your own chairman, stadium and regens (if you've chosen superregen)

Done so far:
Renamed San Marino to Fantasia
made all the city's
Made League suitable for 16 teams
Made cuprules correct
League, Cup and Supercup correctly
Editon Co-Efficients, Fantasia has now taken the place of Holland, but stayed the same, due the fact that Ukrain has dropped under Holland.

Made Black Bones F.C., except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Destruction Machines F.C., except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Space Invaders FC, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Hobo United FC, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Winshire Dragons, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Scorn FC, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Big Juicy Sausages, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Phoenix Blaze FC, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Gummy Bears FC, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Beer Gozzlers FC, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Fc Regens, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium
Made Big Sausages, except derby, including chairman, regens, and stadium

Next thing to do:

Waiting on new replies, adding the last 4 teams in the replies, creating 8 fierce rival derbies and 16 other derbies

If you've already submitted your team, I will start with it after making those rules correctly
Name: Destruction Machines F.C
Nickname: The Machines

Money: 5
reputation: 0
youthfacilities: 14
youthscouting: 14
youthrecruitment: 15
training: 14
stadion: 3
Specialty: Low Repper (+10), Superregen(-25)
Akash's avatar Group Akash
8 yearsEdited
Name: Space Invaders FC
Nickname: Annihilators

Money: 7
reputation: 0
youthfacilities: 11
youthscouting: 14
youthrecruitment: 8
training: 14
stadion: 1
Specialty: SuperRegen (-25)

Chairman: Eric Macintosh.
Stadium Name: Death Star
1. Matthew Fuentes
2. Morton Alvarez
3. AJ Grant
4. Dennis Hatfield
5. Benjamin Patrick
Name: Hobo United F.C.
Nickname: The Hobos

Money: 0
reputation: 0
youthfacilities: 5
youthscouting: 5
youthrecruitment: 4
training: 10
stadion: 1
Specialty: Low Repper (+10), Superregen(-25), Sugar daddy (Foreground) (-40)
Name: Wineshire Dragons
Nickname: The Dragons

Money: 8
Reputation: 15
Youth Facilities: 15
Youth Scouting: 12
Youth Recruitment: 15
Stadion: 10
Specialty: Crippled(+15)

Hope this works out, I'm not the wisest decision maker :))
inflames1417's avatar Group inflames1417
8 yearsEdited
Name: Scorn FC
Nickname: Cowboys From Hell

Money: 10
Reputation: 8
Youth Facilities: 15
Youth Scouting: 15
Youth Recruitment: 15
Training: 16
Stadium: 1

Chairman name: Richard Frammingham
Stadium name: Inferno
Preferred Town: Sodacounty
jimgooner's avatar Group jimgooner
8 yearsEdited
Name: Big Juicy Sausages
Nickname: The Wieners

Money: 8
reputation: 0
youthfacilities: 13
youthscouting: 14
youthrecruitment: 15
training: 14
stadion: 1
Specialty: Super Regen, Low Rep

Chairman: Russel Howard
Regens: Josep Bushy
Angelos Themu
Jim Hamadinio
Emile Ankinfenwa
Tony Bergkamp

Please can I be in Sausagecity so my name makes sense :D
Name: Phoenix Blaze FC
Nickname: The Flames

Money: 2
reputation: 12
youthfacilities: 10
youthscouting: 14
youthrecruitment: 4
training: 15
stadion: 8
Specialty: Sugardaddy (foreground) (+40), Crippled (-25)

Chairman's name: Phoenix Xalmer


This should be highly interesting. :D :D
Now I know who Phoenix Xalmer is in the Youtube game.
and I know who Akash Vidyasagar is :P
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
8 yearsEdited
Name: Gummy Bear FC
Nickname: Gummy Bears
Preffered Location: Gummytown
Chairman Name: Mr.Gum
Stadium Name: Gummy Stadium
Specialty: Super regen (+25)

Can't wait to see how this goes :P
Name: Beer Guzzlers AFC
Nickname: The alcoholics
Preferred town: Beercottage
Youth facilities:10
Youth scouting:10
Youth Recruitment:5
Speciality:Low stadium(+10) Super regen(-25) Sugar daddy securing (-10)
Chairman: Lewis Jones
Charliezz Burgerfenwa
Andre Siphilisis
Jacob Schmidt
Josef Bushby
Bubblegum Hadonkavik
Name: FC Regens
Nickname: The Newgens
Chairman name: Guiseppe D'eletto (most people on the chat room know that name )
Stadium name: Highbury (arsenal Fan :P)
Regens name (if chosen superregen): Andres Fernandes, Leo, Marcelo, Marcelo Vigaliacco,Phil Lewin
Preferred Town:Candy Village

Specialty:Super regen (25) Low Rep
Imagine The Derby Names !? LOL
neymar's avatar Group neymar
8 yearsEdited
name: big sausages
nickname:sausage man
preferred town: suasagecity
chairman name: Neymar da silva santos juinor
stadium name:santiago bernabeu
regens name(if chosen super regen) Leo fernandez,kanye west, dylan mccallion, jason givens, cristiano messi.

youth facilities:10
youth scouting:15
youth recruitment:10
specialty: super regen:(+25)

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