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The Begining of a new Career for a LEGEND.

Started on 15 September 2012 by Ace_Hunter013
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Aston Villa in Turmoil as Manager Leaves!!!

Lambert leaves, More problems for Villa!!

Times Up for Aston Villa in EPL!!!!

These were some of the headlines across news tabloids in England. Villa manager Lambert has left the club invake of the growing discontent among the players whom complained that his style is not suited to them. This was a stab in the back for Villa fans after Lambert vowed to take the club forward. Anxious fans demanded an explanation from chairman Randy Lerner.

Reacting to the fans concerns Villa chairman released a press note stating that Lambert called him and told that he was fed up with the players attitude toward him and he can no longer manage a club where the players don't respect him. Lerner apologized to the fans promised the fans that a new successor will be soon appointed to take the club forward.

This sent waves of worry to all Villa faithfuls as this comes just after days that the team sacked their former manager McLeish and now lost another one within weeks and growing concerns about their players.

A dejected Lerner who had a really bad day at office went to bed with meeting of the premier league clubs regarding the FFP to be held tomorrow.

Things can't get more worse than this for ASTON VILLA.
Attending the FFP meeting held by the FA Lerner was looking like a man in a ocean of problems. He has lost two his managers, news about the players discontent all this are making matters worse for Villa.

Attending the lunch organized by the FA the eyes of Lerner caught up a certain LEGEND of the game. Luis Figo was present at the meeting as an adviser and Lerner quickly went up to him and struck up a conversation.

Lerner: Hello Figo!! A surprise to see you here...

Figo: Hi, Mr.Lerner. How are you doing?

Lerner:Well as you would have noticed things are going really bad at Villa park. My new manager has left and a problem of discontent is raising among the players..

Figo:Don't worry Mr.Lerner, once you have got a good manager with man management skills everything will work out just fine.Cheer Up..

Just then a lightning had struck Lerner.Why doesn't he offer Figo the reins at Villa Park. The man is a legend of a game, has captained his country and rubbed shoulders with other stars of the game. He would easily earn the respect of the team.

Lerner:Figo, I would like to make you an offer...

Figo:An Offer???

Lerner:An offer to manage the reins at Aston Villa!!

Figo:A job as manager!!But lerner i have no experience as a manager, i'm not sure how it will work out.

Lerner:Don't worry Figo it will work out just fine...

Figo:If its okay with you,then its okay with me.

Lerner:Good Figo. Meet me at my office tomorrow morning and we will sort the deal over.

Figo:Thanks Mr.Lerner.

Lerner went back satisfied that he had found a really suitable candidate for the job. With Figo being an attacking player villa fans can hope for a brand new style of football that they lacked previously.

Anew start for ASTON VILLA and FIGO.
As the villa players were training under the watchful eyes of the assistant coach their chairman Lerner drove in to the training ground.

As he walked up to the players he could sense some discontent. But neglecting it he went on to make an announcement.

Lerner: Lads i'm pleased to see you working hard for the new season. As you know we are without a manager i have filled the void. From now on he will be our new manager and i expect you to show him some respect he duly deserves. Players let me introduce you your new manager!!!

A fit gaffer dressed in a perfect suit walked in towards the training ground like the entrance of an hero. The players jaw dropped as they saw the new gaffer. They could not believe their eyes. Lerner broke the silence and said the new gaffer needed no introduction and asked the players to support their new man.

He informed the team that Given and Bent will accompany him for the evenings press conference. He left the team under the control of Figo.

Figo: Hello guys. I'm going to be your new manager and expect respect for me and mainly for the club and those who can't comply to the rules will be happily shown the doors even if he is our star player.

Figo received a sound YES! from the players and left to meet Lerner.


GIVEN:It is a huge privilege for the boys to have Mr. Figo as our new manager. For what he has achieved as a player nobody at this football club can match him and he definitely has the respect of all the players.

BENT:We are still in awe of our new manager. He will definitely be of a huge help to the youngsters at the club and given his attacking instincts i'm sure the fans will be in for a treat.

FIGO:I'm pleased to be appointed as manager of this prestigious football club and hope to take them to greater heights. I assure the fans that they will be treated to a different brand of football which they will definitely enjoy.
After having lengthy discussions with my staffs i decided to go with the 4-5-1 formation:

After the meeting with the staff i went to meet the chairman to discuss about the season expectations and transfer budget.

He asked me a top half finish and was willing to give a 15M EURO transfer kitty which i duly agreed.
I also informed him that if the club has to progress it would require some staff changes. He granted me permission to bring in my own staff and gave me full control of the team.
FIGO: A Man of his Words!

Following a nervy 2-1 win over FC kobenhavn, it is reported that Villa defender Warnock and manager Figo had a heated altercation with the defender stating that the approach by Figo towards the match was wrong and he should change it. With no other players complaining and all backing Figo he showed who's the boss here by transfer listing Warnock.

You are reading "The Begining of a new Career for a LEGEND.".

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