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Transfer Budget Issue?

TheMayhemAsylum's avatar Group TheMayhemAsylum 2012-10-21 17:32
gb 4 posts joined Oct 01, 2012
I started a save with Chelsea earlier on today and came across an issue.

When looking through the player search section I noticed that I had a £30,000,000 budget but when approaching a club for a player it said I had £0 available?

Anyway, I spoke with the board and asked for some funds but Roman Abramovich said I couldn't be trusted with a transfer budget?!?!

It may just be a quirk with Chelsea and Roman but it seems a pretty silly one.

Has anyone else had a similar issue with any other clubs?
itchyeyeball's avatar Group itchyeyeball 2012-10-25 23:09
gb 1 posts joined Nov 25, 2008
I had exactly the same trouble with Sunderland, is it a bug ?
Ezekiel_87's avatar Group Ezekiel_87 2012-10-26 19:14
cz 43 posts 3 likes joined Nov 15, 2011
You will have the same trouble with basically any club. I chose Borussia Dortmund. They've given me 2.5 mil for transfers. Still can't use a penny. I wonder why.
TheMayhemAsylum's avatar Group TheMayhemAsylum 2012-10-26 22:58
gb 4 posts joined Oct 01, 2012
When I started the game I had the first transfer window budget 'unticked'...
Chris_FM World's avatar Group Chris_FM World 2012-10-27 13:25
mt 494 posts 11 likes joined Jan 02, 2012
My save with Chelsea, i set the director of football to take care of offers and for me to finalise them. they gave me 30 million and managed to spend most of it, so doesnt seem to be a prob with my Chelsea budget
paul1576's avatar Group paul1576 2012-10-28 19:48
gb 442 posts 1 likes joined Sep 20, 2010
I never had trouble and could edit my budget how I wanted with my L2 team. Maybe the chairman really doesnt want you to have control of it? I mean isn't that what some chairmen are like?
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