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Arsenal after the Wenger legacy

Arsenal FM13 Story
Started on 29 October 2012 by Mohamed
Latest Reply on 30 October 2012 by Kiwi
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In a shocking announcement, former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has decided to retire from football management, announcing that in a press conference, stating how much he loved the club, how much he wished the club and it's players good luck, and how he felt he wanted to retire at the club he loves the most, and when questioned about who will be after him, he said "It will be a surprise"

Wenger: "The clubs next manager, will be a surprise that I personally recommended to the chairman"

Good luck! I hope thi goes well for you!


Journalists were shocked, they didn't see this coming, didn't have clues who to speculate as next Arsenal manager, Chairman Peter Hill-Wood didn't want them to speculate more and cause trouble, so he immediately stepped onto the scene just as Arsene was going to leave, and refused answering any questions, just mentioning how the new Manager won't be from the EPL, or any lower divisions in England, not even in Europe, he cause more shock to journalists, it became harder and harder.


Who could it be? A question that was asked by millions of people, Arsenal fans and not Arsenal fans, after Peter Hill-Wood's statement that it's not a European man, all of the people had their thoughts to South America, Some suggested Pele, others Maradona, who had little experience in Football Management, others thought of Mano Menezes, maybe Vanderlei Luxemburgo? Not even thinking, or mentioning Asia and Africa, or to be more specific, the Middle East, who had great footballing talents, media kept speculating for days, maybe weeks, but the truth we will only find out from somebody who holds a position big enough in the club to announce the new manager.. And the question goes on, who could it be?


Finally, it was time, for the Arsenal board to announce their new manager, who could it be? The question that was being asked a lot, after the chairman announced that the manager won't be European, the journalist had some hard time trying to speculate who was it, all their speculations were about South America, will it really be someone from South America? We don't know, but in amount of minutes, the Arsenal board will announce, since they had called a press conference, and all the journalists and photographers are waiting here, Peter Hill-Wood starts to enter the conference.


Peter Hill-Wood: People, it's time, I know a lot of you have been speculating and waiting, a lot of Journalists, if not all, had guessed it would be a South America manager, but no, he's a manager from the Middle East, particulary from Egypt, enter, Mohamed.

Mohamed: Hello, people, journalists, photographers, anybody who is here really. I can read your faces, and I can see the surprise on your faces because of my appointment, I doubt much of you know me, so I will tell you more about myself.. I am 44 years old of age, I was a Football Manager at Egyptian club Al-Ahly, before joining Arsenal, and before all of that, I was a football player at the same club, I grew from their Academy, to the U18s, onto the Reserves, next, the First Team, and became a club hero, also I had lifted the African Cup of Nations 2 times. After club retirement, I was appointed assistant manager, then 2 seasons later as a Manager, later on, Arsenal approached me, and I accepted their offer of becoming club manager, I had good success with my former club too, don't worry, I am not a minor person, and if you look, just before me, was Arsene Wenger, who I have great respect to, but he was from the French League, not a major one, and he became a club legend. My name is Mohamed Elleithy, I am your next Arsenal manager!

Peter Hill-Wood: Any questions from the Journalists you'd like to ask?

To be continued..

Yes, what are you going to do different than Arsene to land some silverware?
@ChrisBorg, How about we answer this question in the next update? When Journalists ask their questions? I am open to any questions wanting to be asked, by anybody, so feel free.
nice story, should be intresting, try to combine your updates a 1, otherwise it's gonna become annoying ! will be following
@funny, yeah, you're right.
Nice, short updates. Just try to cut down on the colour usage, bigger posts will look like rainbows.
@The FM Rookie, Yeah, I also had the same feeling when I used that amount of colours, should cut back.
The FM Rookie: "You have inherited a team which has lost several key players over the last two years in RVP, Fabreags, Nasri and Clichy. Do you think you can pose a title challenge? Who will you look to sign to aid your quest?"
Glenn T: "Are you sure you won't be sacked after a week?
How do you feel taking the reins at what is nowadays arguably a feeder club for the top four and how would you have reacted to the RVP situation?

Are you still intent on developing your youth, or will you take a trophy mindset? What sort of budgets have you been given to work with?

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