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Poll: Tactic System

Started on 28 November 2012 by joeyraptor
Latest Reply on 23 February 2013 by joeyraptor
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Should I write an article to explain this? (83 votes)
I've been thinking of writing an article about the system of tactics I use, since I can't find anything similar anywhere online, but I wanted to check whether anyone would be interested in reading about it before I bother spending any time writing. I wouldn't be surprised if this is something a lot of people do, but since I couldn't find anything I just thought I'd ask!

The main aim was to have a team that's as flexible as possible, with many different tactics for different situations. What I did was work out how best to use the match preparation system to get as many different tactics as well prepared as possible that fit the style of play that I wanted.

I currently use a system of 40 different tactics, 18 of which my team have perfect preparation for, with the other 22 spread out between 765/800 and 695/800. Some of them are only slight variations on others, but they cover a broad range of different situations, and the technique could be used just as well with more unusual sets of tactics. It makes switching between tactics for specific games really easy, and makes sure that the team has great familiarity with them all.

I won't bother going into any more detail now, but if this is something that a few people are interested in reading about then I'll get started, so let me know!
I think the poll says it all!
I've written and uploaded the article (and mostly written a second one with some extra tips that make using the system a lot easier), so now it's just a case of waiting for the admins here to read and publish it, then I'll finish and upload the second one next week.

Thanks for the response guys, hope the article helps!
The article's been up for a while now (here), and has a fair few views, I'd love to know what people think about it. I submitted the second article with some extra tips, but it hasn't been approved yet (understandably since the admins have been so busy).

Does the article make sense to everyone? Has anyone tried it or is it too much effort? Has it worked for anyone? Feedback would be appreciated!

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