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Cheating or simulating?

Started on 28 November 2012 by smallynufc
Latest Reply on 15 January 2013 by Kane
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I have recently started a game on fm13 with my beloved Newcastle United! I decided that I wanted it to be slightly different to normal though, I went into the editor and made the club rich with a sugar daddy. This is the only thing I changed in the editor, this meant I had 300 million to spend when I started the game and was able to sign the likes of Fellaini, Willian, Hamsik, Shawcross and Doumbia.
What are people's opinions on using the editor like this?

I don't see this as cheating to be honest, after all this is pretty much what happened to Man City in real life
Well, it's a game. You've changed the starting conditions, but that's up to you. If you were to make the claim that your success with your modified club parameter makes you a better manager than someone else who isn't working with such a change, that's one thing. But you're just playing the game for your own fun, so I see no problem.
Defo cheating, however the only person your cheating is yourself so if your not bothered by it then i also see no problem :P
Well, you paid for the game so I don't see a problem with changing conditions.
As long you enjoying yourself, that's all that matters.
You wouldn't be asking if you didn't think you were cheating :)
I always end up doing this nearer the time when the next FM is coming out and in itself it is a challenge!

Look at Ranieri at Chelsea and Hughes at City, both struggled with all the money and great players so yes its easier to have loads of money to buy players but it is also difficult to find a tactic to use them and keep great players happy.

I definitely don't see it as cheating, and see it more as a different kind of challenge!
I was thinking of "cheating" and you have helped me make my mind up. I am playing as Stoke and can't get any money for transfers or wages so seem to be at a dead end and find it difficult to advance. I'm sure giving myself a boost in funds is not too much of a cheat as I still have to find the players to fit in with my squad etc...
I'll be d/loading the data editor when I finish work.. Cheers
Personally, I wouldn't want to use it. To me, the point and target of Football Manager is too become a world class football manager. Using this doesn't make that happen fairly, so I don't feel to keen on it. Nevertheless, I understand why people want to use it, I just wouldn't want to. I don't see it as cheating, unless using it against someone in terms of success. I prefer to use the editor to make a new team, or create my local team and the team I play for. Totally up to you though.

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