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Tactical notes for FM13, how I set up my defenders. FM13.1.3

Started on 30 November 2012 by La Grande Inter
Latest Reply on 7 December 2012 by mmurtinho
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Been playing FM13 for a while now. Have made some conclusion that I would like to hear your thoughts about.

My prefered formations are 4-4-2 and 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow diamond)
4-4-2 leaks goals the diamond have a bit less with the DMC. Why is this:
* Fullbacks can't handle AML/AMR. ME problem? So wingback is prefered, almost a must use.
* Two DC are often out of position chasing AML/AMR or AMC player.

The way of FM13 right now seem to be three DC flanked by WBL/WBR position. Tested a few clubs and this seem really solid.

Have anyone else noticed this? I am a bit frustrated since I can't get 4-4-2 to work well.

Side notes is that team talk seem completely bugged. No mather what you say you will get as many red players as green if there is any reaction at all. The best way seem to be skipping talks.
There are way to many injuries, own goals an penalties
I totally agree with almost everything you say!
When playing a flat back four goals always seem to come from opposing player run the channels betweem full-back and centre-back. So I also decided to use 3 centre-backs, which effectively blocks the channels. I also the DC as a stopper and the DCL and DCR on cover, plus my keeper as a Sweeper Keeper. It's worked well so far, although it's very early days! Most tactics I've used so far seem to have worked well for up 10 matches and then become totally ineffective, surely the AI isn't so intelligent as to nullify every tactic I can think of!
I totally agree about the team talk thing too, but I daren't not give a team talk as this invariably results in a bad performance! If any of my players go red I just substitute them to teach them a lesson!
I haven't found a way of avoiding injuries during a match, but I always clear my team selection immediately after every match so the game can't deliberately pick a player that's in the starting 11 to injure in training! Maybe I'm paranoid, but it makes me feel better that maybe I can frustrate the game as much as it frustrates me!
I also agree about the own goals and penalties, this just seems like the AI getting it's own back if you create a solid defensive tactic. Evert last ditch tackle by a defender seems to end up going in the goal. Still paranoid! I've had matches where I've conceded goals and lost when the stats say the opposition hasn't had a shot at goal!
Personally I just have my full-backs set to defend and it works for me. This is something I've picked up over the many years of FM and I have won countless titles with this.
you can have good results with 4 defenders but note that sometimes it is only a detail that makes your defence to concede many goals
wing backs must be carefully used, fullbacks is a much more solid option
also most of the game's DC are better playing a limited role but you should always pay attention to their attributes
you should focus on the midfield at least one MC must be set up to a defensive role or have two MCs set up to support
rarely a goalkeeper is better as sweeper keeper
pay attention to the DCs speed and positioning when setting up how high the defensive line is
u should also only use the defense in line when you need to play offensive
in corners or free kicks on the defence just don´t change too much the default settings and it will be fine
a believe lots of people like to pressure the opponent when not in possession but sometimes is not the best aproach, note that when u put "pressure more" you are just putting the defensive line higher and changing some players individual pressure settings

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