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Maritimo - Byshovets's student.

Started on 3 December 2012 by the_usual_suspect
Latest Reply on 4 December 2012 by TheChosenOne
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Hey guys! Actually, this is my first story and first of all I wanna say sorry, because my english is not so good and I will have a mistakes here.

My name is Carlos Fernandes. I was born on the Madeira island - it's a Portuguese island, which is close to Africa, also known because of the Cristiano Ronaldo who was born there. We even used to study at the same school, but I was a bit older. OK, I should stop talking about this, because we was not even a friends. I started to love football from the childhood. I was playing everyday on the streets with my friends and one day entered to the Maritimo Football Academy. Everyday and night I was dreaming to be a football star, to win the World Cup with my idol Luis Figo, wearing national t-shirt.
In 2003 we've got the new manager in Maritimo. He was a Russian coach - Anatoliy Byshovets, who had won the Olympic games in 1988. We called him Anatoliy Fyodorovich, it was really hard to us to pronounced his name, but he insisted. I haven't seen Russians before and always imagined, that they are a really harsh and rough guys. But he was not. He loved poetry and was a really peaceful man. He always read Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Leo Tolstoy to us. Even he did it on pre-match tactic. He was sure, that it gonna inspire us. I would say that not everyone liked him, even I would say that almost all of us hated him, especially my best friend Lima, the Brazilian guy who was my roommate and a harsh defender. But I liked him, I mean Anatoliy Fyodorovich our manager. I don't know why, but I did. Maybe because he put me into the squad and I made a debut in the professional soccer. And I have head the goalscorers table in the March 2004, before that terrible day... It was just usual training, I get a pass from Danny(yeah, yeah, yeah - that one who's playing for our national team right now and for Zenit) and suddenly a kick to my knee from my best friend Lima... My cruciate ligament was totally broken and the doctors told me, that I will not play anymore. All my dreams about the World Cup has been broken at this moment.

I accepted, that I couldn't not be the player anymore and decided to be Byshovets, I mean decided to be the manager.

By the way, we are still the best friend with Lima. This is his picture
Now he is trying to make my dreams, he's already playing for Real Madrid and for our national team. I don't why, but now everyone calls him Pepe, but for me he is still Lima.

Oh, and this is Anatoliy Byshovets
When I decided to be manager, Anatoliy Fyodorovich has been fired already. But I could get his cell number. Trying to use my poor russian which I learned, when I was reading Leo Tolstoy, I asked Anatoliy Fyodorovic, who was working in Russia, to be his assistant, because I knew, that I could learn something from the great manager. I was a bit surprised, but he told me - "no problem". I googled a bit about Moscow(that this is a big thriving megalopolis) and decided to go. But what was a surprise for me, that Anatoliy Fyodorovich is not managing some Moscow's team. He has managed Tom from Siberia and it's winter and I have just a t-shirts in my suitcase...

After a few years, that I've been living in Russia, I read all the books recommended by Anatoliy Fyodorovich, I've got all the experience I've been needed. I understood, that I had formed and can be the manager. And another reason was, that after the bad results with Tom and Lokomotiv Anatoliy Fyodorovich couldn't find any job.

I got back to Portugal, but did not receive any offers. Finally I got one. It was from Maritimo B, I couldn't rejected it. After 2 years in Second Portuguese League with Maritimo B and without any special results, suddenly I got a call:
- Olá Carlos, - it was our president, - I remember you promised me, that you can make Maritimo Portuguese Champion in 5 years!
- Sim, - my voice was very insecure
- Do you want to be a Maritimo's manager?
- Sim patrão, - my voice was very assured
- You are gonna start tomorrow morning!
I have't had time to say, how I appreciate that, president hung up the phone before.
I tried, but I couldn't remember, when I promised this bullshit, that I can make Maritimo Portuguese champion!? Maybe at the club's birthday, when I was totally drunk!? Now it's never mind! I'm the Manager!
Good luck, enjoying it so far, but try to break up paragraphs?
2012-12-03 07:03#70730 manchesterblue97 : Good luck, enjoying it so far, but try to break up paragraphs?

Thank you! Sorry, I will try!
I'd be in serious depression If I was told I couldn't play football, Good Luck!

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