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Southampton: From Saints To Demons

Started on 18 December 2012 by Devil Hunter
Latest Reply on 20 December 2012 by edam22
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Saints To Demons

Nigel Adkins has left Southampton, He said he has done all he can with the club and is letting someone else take the club forward. He wants to spend some time with his family he said was his main reason for leaving the club. The time I had here was the best of my life the fans are the best in the world and the broad are easy and out going to work with. I just want to say thank you and best of luck. That is all that Adkins said when he gave us an interview.

But now who is going to be the next manager of Southampton, with Pre-Season just around the corner who is going to be appointed. We understand that there is an unknown manager having talks with club as we speak, and we will keep use update on what happens here at Southampton. Here is Southampton’s Chairman Nicola, have you appointed a new manager all ready. Well to answer that is simple and that is yes we had understood that Adkins was leaving 2 weeks before hand so we did the interviews then. Adkins was a great manager for this club and will always be remembered here.

The new manager is a young Irish Man who impressed me in are interview last week, we will be over tomorrow and will give his first press conference at 10.30 tomorrow morning. I hope that use will all go easy on him with questions as this will be his first. Now that is all thank you very much for you time and I will see use tomorrow.
Will be looking to see what you can do with the Saints! :)

First Interview

Thank you all for coming today, today is a big day for us and the club bringing a new manager to the club is always hard, but when this guy came to me as a unknown manager I was really impressed with his get up and go attitude. The way he talked and approached me as great. Now I will pass you over to the new Boss Jason Mckendry.

Thank you Nicola, hello everyone it’s great to be able to sit here and say I am the new manager of a huge club like Southampton. I have always dreamed that one day I could become a manager and thanks to Southampton and the broad that dream has come true. I will give everything I have for the club and I will show everyone that this club is here to stay.

Sky Sports News
Jason first of all well done on getting the job. But replacing a manager Like Nigel Adkins who was loved by the fans and players will it be hard to fill his shoes.

Yes of course it will be he has a great manager and the fans loved him. But I am here now I am going to win cups with this club I am going to be better at what I do and what the fans want is cups and maybe European football. No disrespect to nigel he done a great job but I am going to do an even better one.

Jason what are you hoping to get in your first season here as manager what do you want for you players. And what is best for the team this year.

I want to establish this club in the priemership again and that is what I want to do this year is to get a good finish. I want the players to play football I want them to show me and the fans that they want to be here. And what is best for the team is that we keep are feet on the ground and don’t get too carried away.

BBc Sport
What sort of players if any will you be getting this year and will there be some let go

I am not going to talk about that right now every player will be giving a fair chanced at the club and over pre-season and then I will make my mind up.

The Sun
What sort of a deal have you been giving and have you got a transfer fund.
I have been giving a deal till 2013 on 10.250 a week witch I am really happy about and yes I have been giving a transfer fund of 7 million to spend if I need to also I have to develop the youth team.

That is all thank you all for coming I have to go meet me players and staff and decided who is coming to the U.S.A for the training camp I will see use all again.

Sky Sports News
So with Jason as the new manager anything could happen he could be all talk our he could change them. He answered the question’s really well showed that he won’t bottle under pressure. But only time will tell how well he does. This will be interesting to follow we will keep use all posted.


It was a very good pre-season for us changing the team a lot to see were the players fit in. I also found out who will be in my plans for the season and who wont. U.S.A was great for the team they showed that they are ready and fit for the new season. The matches were ok but to be honest I did not mind as this was all for fitness for the team and for me to take a look at what I have for the season and see what needs improved. And there was not a lot that needed to be improved but there was a few dead weight players that need to go.

Players Sold
Jason Puncheon 3 Million
Jos Hooiveid 2.3 Million
Guly do Prado 1.2 Million
Danny Butterfield 100k

These players did not do well in pre-season and after watching tapes and them play it seems they are not up to the level to play with this team so they had to go.

Players In
Also why I was away I seen this young lad play for Sao Paulo and my god he is good I went and watched the 2 games that he was playing and in them both he was magic. I have to get him I said I rand Nicola and I told him about the young lad he told me to go get him and that is what I did. This young lad is going to be one of the best to kick a ball and I want him. After 2 weeks of talking a 6 million pound bid was done and he was now a saints player.
Ademilson 6 Million

I was sitting in my office looking over the wage budget and then I hear a knock come in, hi Jason I am here to show you a player who is without a club his name is Royston Drenthe a play that is built for speed and is a great player and is also only 25 years old I have a tape of him hear if you would like to see yes that is grand that you Andy. As I sit and watch the tape I wonder why is this play without a team he has bags of skill I must have him so just like that a week later hear he is.
Royston Drenthe Free

With all my deals done now I can relax a little and start sorting out the contracts that I have to do there are two young players at the club who I do not want to leave so I call them to my office and I sit them down. Hi lads I have been looking at the two of you and I think use are ready for the 1st team as back-ups. That is why i am going to give the two of use new deals here take a look.

Luke Shaw 1.7k Until 2015 Accepted
Callum Chambers 1.3k Until 2015 Accepted

Great lads now get going you have 1st team training in 30 minutes will see use down there and good look.

Great now that all that is done and I looked back over the matches we played in preseason 6 in total and we won 3 drew 2 and lost 1 now need to talk about them anymore the league starts now and with are first game in 7 days we have a lot of work to do and I have to establish the first 11. I know who my captain and Vice are;

Good one in selling Guly and tying down Luke Shaw will be important!! Nice one and good luck!!! COYR!

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