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All data is wrong

Started on 8 January 2013 by 37emre
Latest Reply on 17 March 2013 by Ulster1982
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I am using g version. but it seems to be wrong all the player data. I use windows 8 may be the reason for this. please help me.
I have the same problem. Tried to download the key file again, didn't help. Running Windows 7.
Using windows 8 as well and no problems with the G version
So either contact Eugene about it or redonate for a new key

something somewhere is wrong and i guess mailing eugene about it will be your best option to get it solved
Just upgraded to Windows 8 and am having the same problems with wrong data. I tried switching to compatibility modes but keep getting the same issue.
Han if you had a working G version before you upgraded to windows 8 the upgrade to windows 8 is the problem :(

Probably some data has changed or you had to reinstall GS for example, and then the key you had isn't working anymore cause of the data change or new id that gs has.

Try to contact Eugene about it for a new keyfile, untill then use the free version
Thanks for your reply Randy, I think I understand now. Any idea on the best way to contact Eugene?
2013-01-14 19:53#77165 Han : Thanks for your reply Randy, I think I understand now. Any idea on the best way to contact Eugene? send him a private message, don't have his normal mail adress and can't find it at this moment but could be that someone else knows it
Well, the same thing happens on Windows 7... It looks like there's a modification in the game and Genie isn't able any more to read the values. Strange.
having same error. Running Win 7, with the most updated Genie (have key from donation earlier this year). All the players have wrong positions/teams, and stats are incorrect as well. Example of a shortlist below.

Contact me on my e-mail (you can find it in the GS) and we will resolve the issue.
Im having the exact same problem......

How do i find eugene's email?
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ive recently changed computers and i copied the old genie folder to the new machine and since then the data has been pretty bad, including regens from nations that dont actually exist anymore
i have the g version, is it worth just doing a fresh install of genie to fix it or is it a deeper problem?

edit. fresh install was no different
With the update of the latest version of GenieScout (Beta 14 Build 341) can load the game, but the database is totally incorrect.
I think the game from scratch and the problem seems to be really the GS.

To give you an idea:
- The positions of all players are incorrect.
- The value of the players were incorrect.
- The best player in the game is the "João Denoni" - Palmeiras (Brazil), who in real life is MDC and ST is now and has better values ​​than Messi! lol

Someone with the same problem? how can I fix the problem if this is just me?

Thank you.
is the key file still in place?
or did you somehow install it in another location
cause this issue normally takes place when the key file isn't found or not working for your GS

You are reading "All data is wrong".

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