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Cant win a game?

Started on 19 February 2013 by FuzzyPotatoes
Latest Reply on 24 June 2013 by stiffone
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Hi im currently using Liverpool on FM 13, trying to get them back into the champions league and trying to get them back to the top team they used to be. Well that's not going well for me.

Ive used multiple tactics, iv'e tried a possession tactic, a simple 4-4-2 tactic, whatever I try we always lose, For example, my team was winning 3-1 against Reading at Half time, then all of a sudden they score 3 goals and its 3-4 to them?, my next game we lose 3-1 to Stoke City? And im using what I think is my strongest team!

I think the problem is the defense, is it just me, or is the defending on this game spasticated? Martin Skrtel will suddenly just stop while hes running, And when my defense goes in for a header, it either goes over their head or goes a yard infront of them? Is it a bug in the game? Because Skrtel and Agger are class defenders!

Its a pain because ill sit on Football Manager for hours and Ill get sacked halfway through the season, what a waste of my time!

So is there anything I can do to stop losing? Any good liverpool tactics out there?
Check out my story for some advice. I have used 4-2-3-1 as my formation and it has worked a treat, even with not buying anyone in the first season. Have a look how I have gone about it and see if it helps.
There was a known defensive bug in the game which has now been fixed in the latest patch.

HOWEVER, dont just think that the bug will stop you conceeding goals entirely. You have to do a combination of the below:

1) make sure your defense plays together week in week out (to get used to one another)
2) Make sure you train them on defense positioning and defending set pieces once every now and then
3) check the defenders concentration stats, players with less than 15 in concentration will struggle against decent players.
4) In my opinion there is no tactic that will win every game every time. Its a matter of choosing a formation that suits the players you have, and then training them intensivley on Team Cohesion and tactics in pre-season, plus if you change formations mid game, make sure the new formation is one of your preset formations so the team is used to it or you will struggle.
5) Skrtel and Agger (certainly in my game) arent THAT good (they are probably 4 stars at best), there are numerous stats that need to be considered, not just Tackling and Heading.

im personally playing as Newcastle United who lets face it arent the best defensively and i usually end up with one of the leagues best defenses because i spent loads of time in training sorting that area out.
Sorry buy its aload of crap!! done my home work before game out played and had 4 times the shots as other team! going well 3-1 to me after a great 1st half, BUT wait my def cocks up flicking it on and they score!!! next my Attacking forward passes to the other side and they score again ok I can take 2 cock ups BUT wait!!!!! next my left back passes to the other side and they score again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 fuck ups in 5 minutes and I lose with only 10 mins left! after having 20 plus shots to there 5 or 6!!! don't thing so the game has to many bugs it sucks! you cant tell me the AI has worked me out cos the game before I lost 2-1 after I had 22 shots to there 1!!!!! that's how fucked it is

Im sticking with it but littie things like this get right up my arse!

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