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Poll: FM 2014: Any ideas

It's time to think about it!
Started on 11 April 2013 by raydenvm
Latest Reply on 18 May 2013 by britpol
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What FM 2013 area should be improved in FM 2014 most of all? (167 votes)
It's time to dream about FM 2014 and its new exciting features we'd like to see:

- More diversity in player talks
- Option to disable regens
- Penalties and red cards by goalkeepers
- Simple selection of clear cut chances for uploading
- Enhanced youth academy
- Facebook integration
- Spending manager's salary
- Better 3D view graphics. ME fixes of sliding goalies, strange ball heading, poor long shots withoug goals, etc.
- Changing readically existing conferences

Enhanced discussion regarding future FM14 features at this page: FM 2014 ideas
I hope SI read this because you've named most things that need improving. I would love it if it could integrate a 'Sims' type game into this where you make your manager, or carry on from a new one, and can buy your house etc... The match engine, I hate it when they receive the ball, then run ahead of it, run back to it, and run forward again, it's stupid! Regens are needed to keep the game going, it'd only last 15-20 seasons with no regens.
I would love if they looked in to these features for future FM games. They have done a good job of changing the interface in most sections but I do have one primary concern:
  • I would love it if they changed the individual training back to how it was in FM12, except keep the training for a specific role feature
  • Instead of only being able to focus on one attribute at a time, how about focusing on one attribute from each core attribute group? eg. Fitness - Pace, Attacking - Passing, etc.
  • I would like more feedback on player training performances. If a player is struggling in one part of the training, I would like to know which part it is so I can make relevant changes instead of just reducing the workload.
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    I agree with everything besides Regens. Regens are vital for the game. Everytime a player retires, a regen is made. Without regen, there would eventually be no players left after 15-20 seasons, like TCO said. Other than that, I agree with everything else you pointed out.
    I'd like to see more interactions with media,players and board. I also think they could release some kind of Chairman Game DLC because people have been asking for that a lot so it would probably be pretty popular.
    how about they include the ''suarez biting incident'' in the media and player interaction section of game and racism as well ....also managers should be allowed to comment on any new managers appointed in the league ...
    I would like to see more interactive managers when playing a game. It would be fun if you can complain with referees or even insult and fight another manager. (and then be banned by the F.A)
    I would also like more controversial player in a Suarez type.
    2013-04-23 00:26#94112 Sonalexwild : I would like to see more interactive managers when playing a game. It would be fun if you can complain with referees or even insult and fight another manager. (and then be banned by the F.A)
    I would also like more controversial player in a Suarez type.

    You can already get touchline bans, but yes, I agree with most of what you said :)
    I'd love to have tabs in the game, it would make many things easier and quicker.
    I would like to be able to prepare tactics anytime. I mean that we can choose our tactics and get feedback during the process. We would play a computer generated team with different strengths and weakness's. When we have honed the tactic/s to where they actually work, then we can install then into the game and use them. Yes I know there are several tactics downloads, thanks for them, but we could create our own. More realistic too.

    Game engine is slow and poor. Hope it's quicker next year.

    2013-04-11 04:59#91533 raydenvm : - Option to disable regens

    As people have said, regens are very important to the gameplay, but it would perhaps be a good idea to add an option to disable new players being added until around 10 years after the start of the game for those who don't like the generated players as much.
    sort out the media, player reaction, once you get more than 10 seasons in it starts to get a little boring... i want to be a manager like morinho or ferguson or wenger, i want to have a personality in the game.. now i dont know how you do that, but do it...

    Team talks are crap as well, if im losing at half time and arteta is been a prick then i want to kick a boot in his face a la ferguson (not literally, but i do want to be able to talk to them)

    how about a pop up with the players face (like a skype screen) and you actually talk to them and they react in a real time way.. again, im sure this isnt quite possible yet, but get working on it... id pay double the price if you could get FM that interactive. maybe you could use real voices (im thinking like the first commentaries on fifa 2006 etc (yes i know it was annoying but it was the start).

    anyway, thats a pipe dream, but make it happen...
    have you made it happen yet?...
    How do we make it happen? What are we meant to do?
    idk... thats the job of the game creators

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