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Tactical Help

Could you help me decide roles and duties for my formation?
Started on 21 May 2013 by Reecy101
Latest Reply on 26 May 2013 by TCO
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Hey, I just started playing FM 2013, I would like to say I'm new to the game but I actually used to play FM 09 till I switched to FIFA Manager 9. At that time I was just getting into managerial football type games and FIFA Manager provided an easier integration and looked more attractive, graphically but FM has tactically and realistically what FIFA Manager lacks so I decided to come back to FM with FM 2013.

What I really need help with is defining the player roles and duties, I like to manage Chelsea and I use 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1 as FM lists my formation as).

This is what I'm considering so far.

GK - Role: GK Duty: Defend
LB/RB - Role: FB Duty: Automatic
CD's - Role: CD Duty: Not sure which to use.
DM - Role: (I like the description of an Anchor Man and Ball Winning Midfielder, I just can't decide.) Duty: Defend
Left CM - Role: (I'm thinking Advanced Playmaker/Box-to-Box Midfielder) Duty: (It's between Attack/Support)
Right CM - Role: (It's between Ball Winning or Box-to-Box Midfielder) Duty: Support
AML/AMR - Role: (I think I like Inside Forward but I'm considering Winger) Duty: Attack
ST - Role: (I'm thinking Complete Forward, Advanced Forward, Deep Lying Forward or Poacher, can't decide yet.) Duty: Attack

Is this any good and what roles and duties could you recommend that goes with this in order to play good attacking football with a sturdy enough defence?
Don't set your formation roles to what you want as such, adapt it to fit in with the team. You mentioned Chelsea;

RB: Ivanovic
CB: Terry
CB: Cahill
LB: Cole

There is a back four, you may choose them, you may not, but this is just an example. So, say John Terry's 'Assistant Report' column said he was a 'Limited Defender' and 'Stopper' instead of saying, "Oh no, I want him so and so" just play him where he wants playing, as he is cut out for that position, same with any other position, if you see Victor Moses as a winger, but it says he is better at Inside Forward, play him inside forward.

Note: Terry may not prefer what I stated above, same for Moses, they were just examples, if you don't know how to get the Assistant Reports Colum up, just ask.

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