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Poll: FM Scout's Got Talent Banner

Possible v3 Banners
Started on 23 May 2013 by Khejan
Latest Reply on 25 May 2013 by tbendis
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If one where to be used, which one should it be? (27 votes)
Khejan's avatar Group Khejan
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I was playing around with Photoshop, and decided I'd make possible banners for v3 of FMScout's Got Talent.

There are 3 of them to choose from, and after speaking with MrJK (Jamie) he has ok'd for them to be shown off and voted for. So here they are: -

Number 1: -

Number 2: -

Number 3: -

I like the first one, but it should be stretched a bit more, because it looks like it's been pushed in.
All the image's are using the banner size of 600x270, though I suppose I could try and extend the first one a tad.
It's 600x72, not 600x270! :P
Oh right lol! Never mind for now then haha
How do I become part of this next version?
2013-05-23 17:31#104285 Khejan : Oh right lol! Never mind for now then haha

Numpty. :P In the current version, JK doesn't use a banner really, he uses something which is probably around 600x350 or something
Can't you lower the opacity of the bottom part of the mirror on the first one. It looks quite weird. Either that, or lose it all together, as it makes the eyes do quite a bit of work. Sort of busy...

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