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Thiago Ventura™ - FCP

Started on 31 May 2013 by Toon
Latest Reply on 6 June 2013 by KingPadster
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Great story so far, enjoying it a lot.
absolutely brillant, great writing! Will Thiago be going across London to Tottenham with his friend?
6 March 2012

Tower Bridge, London, England

The rain had subsided the following morning, a warm breeze setting a much calmer scene, yet it did not bring cheer to André Villas-Boas, who stood overlooking the Thames. He had been sacked from his job at Chelsea the previous night, a job which he had sacrificed the manager role at Porto for.

Thiago Ventura walked towards him, slowly breathing the morning air. He approached him, but said nothing, biting his lip and watching over the river with him. It remained like this for a couple of minutes until André finally turned to his Mexican friend.

"Thiago, I have been thinking, I have made the move now, I am serious about managing in this league. Chelsea may have set me back a bit, but I am sure I will be able to find another job in the Premier League." He paused a moment, looking at Thiago's reactions, but his assistant remained blank. "And, of course, I want you to remain my assistant."

Thiago shrugged, leaning against the banister of the bridge. "I don't know, André. It's just.." The Mexican sighed. "I don't want to be an assistant forever. As much as I enjoy helping you win things, one day, I want to be in the driving seat." He paused again and readjusted his position so that he was stood straight. "I think it is the right time now."

André slowly nodded, a grin on his face. Thiago did not expect this reaction, as he would have not reacted in such a way if he was in André's position. "Yes, yes." He patted Thiago on the shoulder. "I knew this day would come. I cannot blame you, I did the same, when José- Mourinho was at Inter Milan, I left him to pursue management. I didn't look back. Good luck."

Thiago smiled back. "Thank you friend. For now, I will return to Portugal." He glanced to the sky to see a plane headed to Heathrow. "In fact, I believe my transport is right there." He rose his finger and stepped back. "I must hurry friend. I am sorry this talk has been cut short, but I must fly, as my future lies in Portugal. I do not know in what way, but, that is where I must begin."

André smiled as Thiago began to walk away. "That changed fast, as usual. Keep in contact, friend." Thiago turned his head and stopped. "Of course." The Mexican then continued on past the end of the bridge and out of site. Villas-Boas shuck his head. "Not bad at all."
Thiago will have a good future. I can sense it now xD
You are the prodigy of Mourinho's progidy...You better not fuck up! :P
Here your comment. Great start keep it up its a great read and I whish you luck at porto they are a great team
29 June 2012

CTFD PortoGaia, Porto, Porgual

For the first time in a long time, Thiago was nervous. It had been a few months since he had made the journey from London to Porto, where he was now, once again, living. Since then, things had gone fast. He had went from having an interview with Rio Ave to being asked to attend an interview with Porto, which even he did not expect.

It seemed that both Mourinho and Villas-Boas had recommended Thiago to the board, and they had considered him. When he attended the interview, he clearly impressed them, as when he left the room he could hear them discussing his charisma and ambition, which he believed were two positive attributes, attributes that made José Mourinho the manager that now lead Real Madrid.

He was sat in a waiting room somewhere on Porto's facilities, where they had called him over. It was a lot different to when he was called to be an assistant, as it was usually a little more in-formal. This time, it was as formal as he could imagine, he was wearing a suit, as he liked to when meeting the board, and everything was very calm and slow.

An old man in tweed poked his head out of a door and looked at Thiago with a frown before adjusting his spectacles. "Please, Mr. Ventura, do come in and take a seat." The man pushed the door open and sat in his own chair, several other directors in seats beside him and seated at the end was club president, Pinto da Costa, who had a stern look about him.

As Thiago made his way in, closing the door and sitting in one of the modern, leather black chairs, he could not help but feel the atmosphere was tense. He assumed the board purposely attempted to unsettle him so to get what they wanted, in terms of a contract.

"Thiago. We have decided to offer you the job." da Costa grunted, holding a newly printed piece of paper in his hand. "I believe this contract is a fair reward for what you will achieve for us over the..." he glanced down at the paper, probably to see how many years Thiago would be down for. " season, and hopefully longer, if you accomplish what is expected." He turned to one of the directors, scowling, as if to say 'why have you only offered him 1 year'.

Thiago was passed the paper, which he looked out for merely seconds before signing it and returning it to the chairman. "I like your haste, Thiago." One of the old men said, chuckling. Thiago did not know what to say, so he just smirked.

"Now, to the matter of transfer budget. I have up to eighteen million available, but, I am not willing to spend that if we do not get too far. If you can guarantee me a third spot, or above, finish, then I will make fourteen avail-" the Chairman began, before being pre-maturely cut off. "I'm afraid that won't be necessary. I am not here to come third, Mr. da Costa. I am here to win the league. Give me that eighteen million, and I will do so."

da Costa stared at him for a moment, before bursting out in laughter. "No need to beat about the bush, you are right, you are right." The directors joined in with his laughter, clearly trying to get on his good side. However, Thiago did not. He waited for the laughter to diminish before dusting off his suit. "Is that all, Gentlemen?"

da Costa nodded, still chortling. Thiago stood up from his chair, shook da Costa's hand and made his way out of the room. That was it. He was Porto manager.
Wow nice update mate! :)
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. I like the way you've made it more relatable by giving the characters in their roles some life and personality. This is as well-written a story as I've seen! Keep it up! And congrats on the job! :)
12 July 2012

Casa de Campo Ventura, Porto, Portugal

Thiago relaxed in to his chair, breathing in the sea air and peering in to the distance. He was currently sat on the balcony of his new, expensive villa on the coast of Porto which overlooked the sea. It was very modern and remote, making it the perfect calm environment for when he did not want to focus on work. However, today, he was not focusing on relaxation.

On his knees laid a laptop, upon it's screen were several emails from his new colleagues, giving scout reports and many other details on things he needed to know. He had money in the bank and he planned to spend it, but he had already made three buys, all of which he was happy with.

The first to join was La Masia product, Alex Grimaldo, a Spanish fullback who's unprotected contract at Barcelona was took advantage of by Thiago, who pounced upon the chance on signing one of Europe's freshest young defenders, who he believed would be able to make several appearances in the first team over the year. Grimaldo seemed to agree with Thiago's vision of the club, and after paying a one million fee.

As soon as Thiago had attended his first training session, he had noticed the squad lacked a distinct attacking force. Radamel Falcao was ever-present in the squad last time he was in Porto, but the Colombian was now busy scoring for Atletico Madrid in Spain. He searched for a goalscorer, and found what he was looking for in Iago Aspas, who was available for his £8 million release clause.

Aspas joined, clearly exited about the prospect of working in a league-winning team, as well as posing a threat on the European stage, a feat which he could not accomplish with his previous team, Celta Vigo.

Thiago saw Aspas as a positive addition, a player who would, by himself, lead the attack and hit in goals, hopefully, on a regular basis. Of course, he saw something in his other striker, Jackson Martinez, but, for now, Martinez would remain a rotation option and and impact sub.

The third incoming player Thiago sought out would be a good, simple midfielder. Someone who could hold the entire team together, bang in the center, a simple, talented midfielder. He saw that in Grêmio's Souza, a player who had already had a spell with FCP. A £4.5 bid was enough to persuade the Brazilian team to hand over the midfielder, who, like the other signings, was exited at the prospect of playing for a European team.

Thiago was happy. He had finalized three good deals in the first week of the transfer window, and more were to come. The league was fast approaching, but he did not fear it. He had experienced this preparation a dozen times, just, in a different way. He was ready.
Nice transfers, hope they do well :D This is going great so far, keep it up :)
Great transfers! Look forward to seeing this develop ;)
Some nice transfers there, and a great write-up on how Thiago got the job.

SotM contender...? ;)
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Strong Story! Aspas will do work in the Portuguese League

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