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maxed player attributes decrease

Started on 27 November 2008 by rAz:DD
Latest Reply on 1 December 2008 by playingdrama
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I play this game just for fun this is why i'm using the data editor to modify some attributes there.

So basicaly, i sign for a low team, i promote a striker from the U19 team and i give him ultra attributes (everything maxed out)

In game it all looks ok BUT after a couple of matches his attributes decrease from 20 to 15 (all of them)

I would like to know what causes this and what should i improve in order to mantain my player's modded attributes.
try changing his PA too 200 dunno if every stat will stay at 20 but his main ones should
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i did this in first place
the only ones which remain at 20 are: aggresion, determination, flair, natural fitness, then most of them are 15 and a couple are 18

when his attributes decrease, his CA and PA are still 200
could the poor training conditions cause this?
when PA/CA is 200 it dont mean that all atributes will be 20.
do like this,if he is striker,put him main attributes like finishing,heading,pace... to be 20 and others leave as they are,and put his PA/CA 200.
what is happening to your player is something that happens to every player in real life.if u want to have 20 at all the stats than you will have to put his trainig schedule at intensive to all areas, but this is imposible because he will get injured very often due to the high your player is cought in the need high training in every area but you risk injury.this might be one explenation.the other one, and most likely, the game is probably set to lower his stats since no one was,is and never will be the best at every thing(not even pele or maradona:yes).this makes sense because, if u noticed, the stats dorp from 20 to 15.usually a players stats dorp down(injury, advancing age) one at a time(from 20 he goes to 19 and than 18 an 17 and so on).the abrupt drop in stats its probably because the game is set this way.
unfotunetly there is nothin you can do about it except modifying the stats very often...
do u know 200 aint the maximum for a players PA try putting it at 300 shouldwork but still not sure every stat will stay at 20
never try'd it....from what i know, 200 is the max.
well, i tell you what.. you shouldn't have modified your players at the first place mate. you ruined the fun of the game..
playingdrama : well, i tell you what.. you shouldn't have modified your players at the first place mate. you ruined the fun of the game..

quite true :)
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have a read of that thread off the footie mans forums that should explain it all for you hopefully x
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why cheat and raise your players stats anyway, all that will happen is a big club will put a bid in and the board will accept it
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tnx for the answers guys
i know how it works now thanks to this thread:
watsonc11 :

atm i'm trying to give my player a GK position and to get him 1 attribute point for every GK attribute; his attributes are the same since last two matches
i rememeber modifying gerard pique's acceleration and pace from 11 and 15 to 20 at both and it stayed the same for 6-7 seasons until i got bored of the it might be possible to do what is in the link=D
watsonic, thanks for the link. I hope everyone who tries to max up their players attribute can get an understanding now why the attributes will scale down after a while.

Regarding the topic on that link, it's definitely an interesting thing to try =D

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