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How do I get my Wingers to stop shooting at every opportunity

Started on 17 July 2013 by BCosmic16
Latest Reply on 25 July 2013 by Ziechael
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I'm playing as Liverpool and have 2 wingers, Schurrle on the left set as a supporting winger and Sterling on the right set as an attacking winger. Despite setting their long ahots to 'sometimes' and then 'rarely' they still insist upon going past 4 players and skying it at every opportunity rather than looking for the pass. Anybody got any tips for sorting this? I would much rather they crossed it or played a through ball unless the shot was actually 'on'.

It may be that the rest of your team just isn't in a position to receive a pass etc... unlikely but possible.

You could try setting their role to 'support' to remove the attacking mentality that attack or default can give. Other than the changes you've made to their positions set up (long shots etc) their isn't much you can do... maybe buy players with better decisions skill?

You could also try to change things to force them to play wider or train the 'run down the lines' preferred move into them?

Good luck!

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