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Alexandre Laveaux: The Failed Wonderkid

Unemployed Story
Started on 15 September 2013 by JasonRM
Latest Reply on 10 October 2013 by Stocke
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On December 12th, 1986, Alexandre Laveaux was born in Boudreaux. His mother, Leandra Leaveaux, was born in Brazil, and came to France to write for an art magazine that was based in Paris. Alexandre and his mother would often take the train into Paris to go to famous art museums and to meet famous artists. Leandra tried to instill the love of art into Alexandre at an early age. But, little Alexandre couldn't stand the art museums his mother loved so much. While Leandra was inside the museums, Alexandre would sneak outside into the courtyard and run around for hours and hours. Finally, Leandra gave up on trying to get Alexandre to love Art. For his 6th birthday, in 1992, Alexandre got a football.

Little Alex, which was his nickname when he was 6, was overjoyed. For hours every day, Alex would run to the park and play with his football. Finally, Leandra signed Little Alex up for the local Sunday League. But, little Alex was far too good for Sunday League with the 6 year old's. In his first game, he scored 12 goals. In his second, he scored 15. The leaders of the Sunday League told Alex to play a year up. He scored 5 goals in his first game with the 7 year old's. He scored 3 in his first game with the 8 year old's. And finally, little Alex met his match when he came up against the 9 year old's. He only scored 2 goals in that game. At 10 years old, Alex played with the 15 year old team. At 12, he was the highest scorer in the division for the 17 year old's. Talent like this didn't just go unrecognized. Scouts were at every single one of his U18 games, watching him weave in and out of players that were 5 years older than he was. Everybody said that he was going to be a superstar. At 14, Alex signed a youth contract with Lyon.

Alex was put in the U18 team, and he still couldn't be stopped. It wasn't up until Alex played for the Lyon reserves, at the tender age of 16, did Alex start to face resistance. For the first time in his life, Alex struggled. He would play striker for 10 games in a row and not bag a single goal. After that, Alex’s work rate took a dramatic drop. He would always be late for training, and he would always be the person running the slowest during laps. However, his coaches babied him. The staff, although frustrated by his inconsistency, marveled at the talent Alexandre Laveaux possessed. On his best day, he was flat out unplayable. But time started running out, and Alex’s performance didn't improve. At 20, Alex was demoted from the reserves to the U21’s. Alex’s performance didn't improve. Then one day, Alex skipped training. He had done it many times before, but this time, the patience of the Lyon organization finally ran out. Alexandre Laveaux, wonderkid, was cut.

Alex was stunned, he had never failed at anything football related before. He signed on with Moulin, a club in the CFA-B, the same division that the Lyon Reserves had played in. But Alexandre was a bench warmer there, and the coaches had no sympathy for him. If he didn't score, then he wouldn't play, and Alexandre, couldn't score. Finally, at the age of 25, Alexandre was cut for the final time. He decided to get his coaching badges, as it was the only football-related thing he could do anymore. He completed the course for the Continental A license. And now, Alexandre is starting a new career. My name is Alexandre Laveaux, and this is my story.
Will watch this story, no doubt!
Lazy bastard :P Good luck with this!
Great start mate!Good luck!
The call came yesterday. I had sent out a job application to everybody, just hoping that one team would offer me a job. Eventually, somebody did. The call came from Joaquim Boadas, the president of Girona Football club, in the Liga Adelante. He told me that he wanted to talk about a staff role, he didn't specify which role. However, Girona is without a manager, and I'm hopeful that soon, I'll be a manager myself. I'm writing this at the Lyon Airport, in Terminal B. My flight leaves from there to Girona, in the northeast of Catalonia. I've looked it up online, and it's a nice tourist attraction. There are some brilliant cathedrals, to go along with some great waterfront hotels.

Their football club however, is not the best . They're in the Liga Adelante, and are projected to finish mid table. Hopefully, if I'm manager that is, I can help the team push for promotion to the BBVA, where I'll get to face the giants, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. I'm dreaming too much though, I'm probably never going to be manager of this football club. Too inexperienced. The plane is boarding now, and I go grab my seat near the back. I have no leg room of course, but there is one of those movie screens in the middle of the aisle. The program says that the movie is Damn United, a movie I've watched hundreds of times before. As the movie starts, I wonder how Brian Clough took teams from the bottom to the top, better than anyone has done before. Sure, SAF managed Man Utd and took them to title after title after title. But Clough managed Nottingham Forrest and still managed to win what was the equivalent of the Champions League back in those days. He pulled off so many shrewd deals, deals that would be impossible to make now a days. I wonder if it's even possible for something like that too happen now.

The plane ride seems to take ages, but Damn United passes the time and eventually I start to read a book about tactics that I bought at my corner store. Hopefully, I can learn something about management. The continental A course was really a joke. We only learned the basics of management, stuff I already learned from playing with Lyon. The tactic book I'm reading emphasizes fluidity, and most of the book is about Ajax's total football. The book however is poorly written, and finally I nod off to sleep. When I wake up, we're here. Hello Spain. Goodbye France.
Welcome to Girona, Mr. Laveaux ;)
Great update! Worth followinng the story!
Nice start Jason, looking forward to more! :)
Thanks Andrew :), wait I mean Rab.

lol Andrew, I mean pixel, I just made the name up, I never thought he would be a regen in game lol.
2013-09-16 19:47#135144 The Madridista : Thanks Andrew :), wait I mean Rab.

lol Andrew, I mean pixel, I just made the name up, I never thought he would be a regen in game lol.

He's not, I added him to the game with the editor. As you can see I don't have a team yet and he has no regen face.
Pixel what skin is that?
2013-09-19 18:35#135290 JuanGomez : Pixel what skin is that?

default FM12 skin
Sad that this never really took off, I was looking forward to it. :(

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