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Dynastie de Rouge, Éric Cantona - Manchester United

Return of the King
Started on 10 June 2013 by Okikos
Latest Reply on 15 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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Why Manchester United?

I joined about a week or more ago and this is actually my third story, although one didn't really ever kick off. I suppose it was always likely that I'd fall back on where my heart was for a long-term story. Yes, I will be putting the Dover story on hold, but I will be carrying on my 'Road to Dream' one alongside this. Manchester United have been my favourite club ever since I started properly following football, and I'm hoping that my attachment to the club in real life will drive me to enjoy this save.

Credit: Kane and Blue for the layout!

Who am I?

Need I say any more? Eric Cantona is arguably one of the best players to play under Sir Alex. Unfortunately during the time he was playing I was far too young and not yet exposed to the world of football to witness his brilliance. Described as an arrogantly eccentric genius, who strutted around Old Trafford with his collar up as if he owned the place-- I imagine it would only have been thoroughly interesting to have watched him, maybe equally frustrating to cope with his dislikable attitude!

I will be playing this as though Ferguson retired a season earlier, for convenience of the in-game setup/dates.


Good luck Oki, I'll be following!

First comment! :D
Sounds good :) will follow
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Eric Cantona = Fifth greatest Frenchman to ever grace the Premier League (after Thierry Henry, Arsene Wenger, Patrick Vieira & Robert Pires :D ) Good luck Oki. Would love to see you make this your trademark here in the forum.
Brilliant start Oki. I will definitely be following! :D
@neal09: Thanks! And thank you for following. :)

@lwalter66: Thank you. :)

@ingPadster: :P I think he might have been 2nd/3rd in terms of his impact on the Premier League / Probably 2nd in ability :D Thanks though, I'd love that also.

@Glenn T: Thanks Glenn! :)
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Sir Alex Ferguson bows out.

Sir Alex Ferguson is to step down as Manchester United manager after 25 years in charge. Since his appointment in November '86, the Scot has grown to be a huge success, winning an impressive 37 trophies during his reign. Manchester United saw cloudy skies and dark days under Ferguson, having famously hovered over the relegation zone in 1989 under a shaky start for the Scotsman. But the faith instilled in him was well repayed in the form of many successes afterward, not least what many consider the pinnacle of his career- when he steered Manchester United toward the proverbial Treble-Winning Season.

"First of all, I've God to thank for providing me with good health and the strength to strive for the club. The players that have worn the jersey, and the fans that fill the stadium- I also have them to thank for making this an unforgettable journey and experience for me. The fans are terrific, and I am sure they will back the new manager 100%. It's been an absolute honour to be the manager of your club, our club. Recently my body has waned, and I am to have surgery in the summer. Age catches up with all of us, and I want to apologise to the fans for leaving our title in City's hands. But.. if you believe as I do in the culture and spirit of the club- the title will be where it belongs next season." Ferguson said to our news correspondent.

It is believed that fans across the globe have widely recieved this as something of a shock and a disappointment. Ferguson, who is also the Premier League's longest ever serving manager having coached Manchester United for every season since its inception, will vacate the post in June after making a farewell speech. It is reported that plans will be made to bring in a successor immediately.

"The decision to retire is one that I have thought a great deal about. It is the right time. And I feel it was important for me to leave an organisation in stronge shape. The quality of this squad, and the balance of ages within it, bodes well for continued success at the highest level whilst the structure of the youth set-up will ensure that the long-term future of the club remains a bright one." Ferguson added.

It is assumed that the Manchester United higher-ups would have already known about their employee's impending retirement and will have / look to involve him in the employment of a new manager.
Yay! Oki! A great use of colour and the bbcodes can't wait for more!
Great first post! Now the King steps in :D
Great start Oki will defo follow this! Hopefully you won't sell Zaha straight away ;) haha
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Very nice banner skills :)
@Kane: Yeah :P I tried to be creative with the colours so it could feel a bit more like a BBC Sports page. More on the way.

@Glenn T: :P I'll just -- draaag it out a bit.

@k1rups: Who knows? ;) Thanks for following!

@KingPadster: Thanks :)

Race for Man Utd Job hots up

With the hot-seat at Manchester United now growing cold, the public have flooded to the bookies to bank fees on potential replacements. The helm at Manchester United will undoubtedly require steely experience, passion- determination and a general know-how. Fans have been quoted as wanting someone with a proven record in Europe, after having seeing Manchester United lack the muscle to force heavy contention for the coveted European Trophy. Speculation is at an all-time high.

Everton's David Moyes, has emerged as one of the favourites to land the job. Having one year left on his contract, the compatriot of the departing Sir Alex Ferguson, guided Everton to a 7th place finish above heated rivals Liverpool. Everton also narrowly missed out on European participation next season due to Chelsea having won the Uefa Champions League. A favourite at Everton for having engineered consistent success under limited resources, Red Devils fans will be hoping that if he does get the job- his inexperience on the European stage won't hurt him.

While he is one of the louder whispers circling about, few could dispel rumours of Jose Mourinho and Laurent Blanc taking the job. Of all the managers of great sides that have contested Ferguson's Manchester United- Mourinho is widely believed to have one of the better relationships. Some claim that the mutual respect between them will aid his cause in becoming their next manager and there is little doubt that he often guarantees success. Some scorn at the thought and claim that Mourinho will have no real attachment with the club, as he has developed a reputation for winning things in the short term and leaving clubs in tatters afterward.

The affectionately named, Larry White, enjoyed his last playing years under Sir Alex Ferguson and will potentially be an easier name to warm to for the fans. Having enjoyed great success with Bordeaux in recent years, before doing a decent job in charge of France, Laurent Blanc is not an outsider in the race for the United job but one of the more lucrative bets in the shadow of Moyes and Mourinho.

The dogged media have wasted no time in getting in the faces of the potential successors to Ferguson's throne. Managers have been quizzed left, right and centre- and it seems like the longer this drags on the more frenzied speculation becomes. You'd think it was only a matter of time before one of these men cracked under the media's scrutiny and spilled the beans but everyone is holding their cards firmly to their chest.
This is fantastic! I'm looking forwards to seeing what you do with the club. Eric Cantona is a legend.
Hmmm....I see nothing about kicking fans in the face :P Good luck, I'll be following :D

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