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Position and picking

Started on 7 December 2007 by Bole_
Latest Reply on 8 December 2007 by Bole_
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just a word about player positioning and picking players for a game.
the great thing in FM is possibility of retraining players for another position.
player can not retrain new position just from playing in that position,so this is the only way to make your players universal.

Of course there is a little chance that defender would successful retrain striker pos.
but you can allways retrain your DC to SW or RB-LB.
or MC to DM or AM or even RM-LM
also it is useful to retrain ST to AM(RLC)

I did not used this very much in the past,but since i started to manage english clubs i found one problem.the number of subs is just 5 instead of 7 in other leagues.
For classic 4-4-2 on bench i usually had 1.GK 2.DC 3.R/LB 4.DM 5.AM 6.R/L(A)M 7.ST
but here i must choose 5 players,and i thought it would be good that some players can play more positions.

So the thing is that young players progress with position training more than the old.
there are several levels of their development:

Ineffectual - the first level
Accomplished - the highest level

The bottom is that player can't play on that position,and the top is natural.
Of course natural can not be trained.
Also there is very important thing about bringing subs to first team.
For example if your RM is injured and you have experienced WB,CM or even striker ,it is better sometimes to give them chance than giving chance to a young RM.
of course if he has the right attributes.

Also it is not bad to put player on some position that is not his natural.
If a CM has good tackling,positioning,work rate and stamina he would be very good in DM and with arrow to his natural position.This is very important, because when you have the ball he will be on DM and do well,and in attack he will play on his natural position,especially is good if he have good stamina,because playing different position all time in a game tires player.all players with arrows must have high stamina.If not, the player will struggle to go back to his position in later stages of the game.
but of course not only arrows make player to leave his position.there is always his mentality.It is not recommended that players have much difference in their mentality(individual order),also try not to change their mentality a lot during a game.

Well that's for now.
Cheers to all of you.
That's a very useful post, well done mate =D

I have a question... I get all greedy with my players learning new positions, but I have noticed something very strange.
OK, let's say that you buy a player from another team, who is a DC (natural), but also DM (accomplished). The accomplished for DM never changes.

If you train a player you already have, for example a DC (natural) to learn DM... when he reaches the accomplished stage of DM, you try to make him learn another position. While he is learning the 2nd new position, the accomplished for the DM changes and goes down (competent, unconvincing etc).

So, the question is... is there a certain timeline that you must leave your player to continue learning the new position he just accomplished for some more time, or it will go down whenever you want him to learn a second new position? Thus, you can make a player learn only 1 new position to get accomplished with?

Maybe, if you have a DC (natural) and make him DM (accomplished) and then you sell him. When you buy him back (lol) you can teach him a new position without losing the DM accomplished...

Sorry if I confused you, but the whole situation is strange :con
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Lets just say am confused :no
Well it is like this.
i noticed that every player when generated have natural position,and in many cases player have several other positions.level of that(starting) positions never changes.

but the level of those positions that you retrain is always going to drop when player don't train them,as i say,player can not be god in some position if he is only play it.he must do some training.

of course this is my experience with retraining.

about selling and buying back player,well maybe it would work.But if that player is important for my team i would not sell him,especially because player will not come back right away.
I've experienced the same thing as well with retraining players, Stam. And I was just thinking about this and maybe we could all try and see how it works..

Like Bole said, if this player is an important asset for the club, all you can do is probably just keeping the player. However, if he's a youngster in your club, and you manage to retrain a new position for him, you might want to loan him out to your feeder club or to another club and let this young lad play there for a while. Not only it is a good thing to let this player gain experience playing in a competitive match but also to make him settle with his new position. After a year spending on loan and settling with his new position, perhaps we can retrain him to another position, with the condition, that the position he already gained is not deteriorating. Well, what do you reckon?
I think it makes sense, 1 year for 1 position to get permanent and not drop... maybe every new position lasts as long as the time you leave the player on it (x2 if we are lucky).
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The Players natural position shouldn't deteriorate.

If you train them in a certain position and dont actively play them in that position their ability to play their will deteriorate! :dontgetit
Yes, the natural position will not deteriorate. it is the retrained position that we were talking about!

the retrained position will deteriorate if you start to retrain the player to another position. So, Stam and I were just trying to figure out whether the above mentioned trick would work. :wink
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Ah i understand you know!

I reckon you should stop re-training your poor players, dont you think they have been through enough? firstly being managed by you :wink and secondly have to change positions all the time =D
good one thorp! :p gonna kick some ass's on Monday..
ok here is the answer about losing tetrained positions.

Players who are very versatile are more likely to successfully retrain to a new position.

Players who are very versatile are less likely to lose new positions they've learned through retraining when they're not playing or retraining the position.

So,see your players can not see it in game,but there is always SCOUT:)

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