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FM Genie Scout for FM15 is confirmed

Eugene is working on Genie Scout 15. Release date for the public edition is scheduled for the last weekend of November, but you can get your hands on the "g" edition.

By Updated on Nov 27, 2014   232620 views   100 comments
News - FM Genie Scout for FM15 is confirmed
We are delighted to announce that we will be eventually releasing Genie Scout 15! Eugene is already working on the new version for Football Manager 2015.

FM Genie Scout is the world's favorite scout utility for Football Manager.

We are honored to be exclusively releasing this awesome tool since 2009. We try our best to deliver Genie Scout to the world every year because your support to this project is outstanding.

FM Genie Scout 15 Changes

The biggest change in Genie Scout 15 is the update of roles and duties (91 available in total), as well as the update of the rating system according to the important attributes for each role which have changed for FM15.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

FM Genie Scout 15 Release Date

Public edition
We won't make any promises on the release date of the public version, but most likely we'll be able to release it during November.
Update - 27 November: We're pleased to announce that the public version will be released this weekend, either on Saturday (29 Nov) or Sunday (30 Nov).

"g" edition
The "g" edition, which is the one for people who donate, is available since 27 October (beta 1). Current version (beta 6) is compatible with the latest 15.1.4 update.
Reminder: The "g" edition is ad-free and has a few extra features compared to the public edition.

You can now donate for GS15 "g" edition.
Do not report bugs in the comments below!

How to be the 1st to get Genie Scout 15 public edition

We will make the public edition available for download earlier for people who have signed up for our newsletter. All you need to do is give us your email and verify it by clicking the confirmation link in the email you'll receive.

You will receive an email with the download link to the first Genie Scout 15 beta version of the public edition a bit earlier than everyone else. Why miss a single hour though? Signing up for our newsletter is free!

Sign up to FM Scout newsletter now

  • We promise not to spam you and not to sell your email to anyone.
  • We won't be sending you more than 4 emails per month, unless there's a special occasion such as Genie Scout new versions.
  • Our newsletter messages include useful tips and valuable resources once a week.

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM15 is confirmed

100 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    @stivla: Yes :)
  • stivla's avatar
    does this work on 15.2 yet
  • magnusz's avatar
    awesome thanks!

    and congrats with your son Stam :)
  • Stam's avatar
    GS15 public edition is now available to download!
    Newsletter has been sent already to notify our subscribers.
    For more details and download link, go to the official Genie Scout 15 download page.


    P.S. Please accept my apologies for the delay. It takes a lot of time to prepare download page, news announcement, newsletter, pictures and so on. And it's even harder when you have a newborn son around that requires your attention.
  • danilogriot's avatar
    It's avaibleeeee
  • wandererbw's avatar
    Yeah it is free and they are really working for it hard but their fans are impatient. I think they should be tolerant to their fans' excitement as long as the fans dont cross the line and begin to swear. And yeah i cant wait too :)
  • Justice's avatar
    I seriously don't see why people are complaining. Firstly, anybody waiting for the public version hasn't even paid for the product so for anybody to go out and criticise Eugene & his team for not releasing it yet is absurd and out of line. If you want the damn thing so much, just pay for it and you can get it within a few hours. I know for a fact that Eugene & his team are working very hard on this so any criticism is truly unwarranted. Also, for those who are a little shy of brain-cells, the weekend is not even over yet so no promises have been broken yet.
  • stathisbits's avatar
    we are patient, but we don't have any useful update... :(
  • magnusz's avatar
    guys be patient, they have their reasons to be late, plus the Sunday is not over yet :)

    really appreciate their work

    Thanks a lot Eugene & Stam and all members of FMscout
  • ertarkan's avatar
    I cant believe you are doing this. We are waiting for days.
  • iKupke's avatar
    Stam, if you dont know release date , dont say it will be released in a acouple of hours pff man
  • marin87's avatar
    Dont expect to see it atleast before 23:59! Every year same story. -_-
  • Vinny92's avatar
    Where is this thing, does someone have a link?
  • iKupke's avatar
    Cmon man :(
  • iKupke's avatar
    And the next comment will br that we have to wait another 3 hours or smth :)
  • elzafir's avatar
    Do you smeeeeeeelelelelelelell, what Eugene is cooking?!
  • karizma_1419's avatar
    we can't wait anymoreee :)
  • Lasseman's avatar
    Be patient guys. Once it is done, it will be released ;)
  • icuhehe's avatar
    Fasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeer :( xD
  • iKupke's avatar
    Why does this take so long man?
  • yusufcebi61's avatar
    c'mon ??
  • efkan's avatar
    we are still waiting.i refresh the page every hour :D
  • iKupke's avatar
    Stam, any update?
  • AceOfSpades's avatar
    I'm refreshing since friday. lol
  • iKupke's avatar
    @Ciubi, the same lol

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