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Good Scouts for Football Manager 2013

A list aiming to provide you with a range of top scouts for big clubs in FM13, both free and employed ones.

By Updated on Oct 23, 2012   114421 views   7 comments
FM 2013 Best Players - Good Scouts for Football Manager 2013

Scouts are one of the most important staff roles in Football Manager. Without them, you might never find those gems from Peru or other far-flung places, and miss out big time.

There are loads available, although obviously, this game being as frustratingly realistic as it is, some won’t come to you for whatever reason.

This guide will aim to provide you with a range of top scouts, and although there are loads of free agents who are brilliant, there are many other scouts who you are going to have to shell out for, but thankfully there are some real hidden gems.

These won’t always be scouts by trade, but will definitely have the required stats to be a good scout for your team (usually 15+ in judging CA/PA), and will also have interest in being a scout. I should actually mention that these scouts are for big clubs from about Newcastle-level upwards.

All of these scouts have been offered contracts by my Real Madrid team as scouts, so these are the wages they want, not just predictions.

Click on the table headers (name, age, etc) for easy sorting.
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Free Transfers

Name Age Nation Judging CA Judging PA Wage Demands
Luciano D’Onofrio 57 Italy ITA 18 20 £10.5 K
Juannma Lopez 42 Spain ESP 16 15 £1.3 K
Roberto Olabe 44 Spain ESP 15 16 £2.5 K
Lluis Lainz 59 Spain ESP 19 15 £1.7 K
Alexader Weiß 41 Germany GER 15 17 £6.25 K
Norbert Ziegler 58 Germany GER 16 16 £8 K
Antonio Fernandez 40 Spain ESP 16 18 £5.75 K
Victor Salinas 35 Spain ESP 15 15 £0.575 K
Steve Nickson 47 England ENG 15 20 £2.3 K
Emilio De Dios 40 Spain ESP 15 15 £1.5 K
Bojan Krkic 49 Serbia SRB 17 19 £7.5 K
Javier Vazquez 27 Spain ESP 15 15 £1.3 K
Paul Montgomery 57 England ENG 17 16 £0.65 K
Tosh Farrell 41 England ENG 15 17 £0.95 K
John Seasman 57 England ENG 15 15 £2.4 K
Ian Broomfield 56 England ENG 16 17 £1.4 K
Pepe Bonet 54 Spain ESP 17 16 £4.4 K
Jeff Vetere 46 England ENG 16 18 £5.5 K
Neville Hargreaves 47 England ENG 16 15 £1.5 K
Javi Rico 41 Spain ESP 17 15 £1.5 K
Glan Letheren 56 Wales WAL 15 16 £1.6 K
Txiki Begiristain 47 Spain ESP 18 17 £1.6 K
Sergio Vignoni 56 Italy ITA 16 16 £2 K

Already Employed Scouts

Name Age Nation Judging CA Judging PA Wage Demands Compensation
Jimmy Hampson 56 England ENG 20 20 £6.75 K £0.103 M
Richard 58 Spain ESP 16 16 £15 K £1.5 M
Chris Welman 37 England ENG 14 14 £1.3 K £0.02 M
Ramon Vazquez 48 Spain ESP 18 15 £3.5 K £0.32 M
Joe Corcoran 58 Ireland IRL 17 17 £1.9 K £0.05 M
Ian Barrigan 46 England ENG 14 14 £1.3 K £0.025 M
Mike McGlynn 57 England ENG 15 15 £1.2 K £0.025 M
David Hamilton 51 England ENG 17 19 £2.1 K £0.038 M
Pierluigi Casiraghi 48 Italy ITA 19 19 £18.75 K £1.25 M
Martin Waldron 46 England ENG 15 18 £2.3 K £0.04 M
Tony Henry 54 England ENG 14 14 £1.4 K £0.03 M
Paul Hamilton 41 Scotland SCO 16 16 £7 K £0.05 M
Mick Loughton 60 England ENG 14 14 £1.1 K £0.048 M
Ernie Tippett 59 England ENG 14 14 £1.4 K £0.052 M
Joe McLaughlin 52 Scotland SCO 15 14 £1.5 K £0.116 M
Alan Miller 47 England ENG 16 17 £3.4 K £0.097 M
Pablo Longoria 25 Spain ESP 18 18 £2.2 K £0.109 M
Bobby Bennett 56 England ENG 16 18 £1.9 K £0.062 M
Everton Gushiken 36 Brazil BRA 15 16 £2.3 K £0.047 M
Betinho 36 Brazil BRA 19 17 £0.9 K £0.117 M
José Geraldo Mota 46 Brazil BRA 15 20 £0.675 K £0.076 M
Fabrizio Giaconia 33 Italy ITA 17 17 £12.75 K £1.3 M
Leonardo Mantovani 38 Italy ITA 18 17 £5.75 K £0.38 M
Maurizio Micheli 39 Italy ITA 16 16 £16.25 K £1.07 M
Angelo Orazi 60 Italy ITA 18 19 £17 K £0.562 M
Aldo Franca 50 Brazil BRA 16 19 £0.625 K £0.078 M
Tom Stockwell 32 England ENG 15 15 £1 K £0.035 M

The active leagues I have added for that Madrid save are as follows: USA (MLS only), Belgium (Third Division and above), Croatia (Second Division and above), Czech Republic (Second Division and above), Denmark (Second Division and above), England (nPower League 2 and above), France (National and above), Germany (Second Division and above), Italy (Serie B and above), Holland (Juliper League and above), Portugal (Second League and above), Russia (First Division and above), Scotland (Third Division and above), Spain (Second Division B and above), Turkey (First Division and above), Ukraine (First League and above), Serbia (First League and above), Argentina (Second Division and above), Brazil (Second Division and above), Chile (First Division B and above).

To make this list as extensive as possible, we need people to contribute with suggestions, which will all be taken into consideration, and if it isn’t put on the list, I will tell you why not. The criteria to go on the list is that the scout has to be 60 or less at the start of the game, and has to have judging CA/PA attributes of at least 15 for unemployed scouts, and at least 14 for already employed scouts, although if you have a scout with slightly lower attributes, but a very high knowledge, that would be a very useful addition to the list. So, follow that criteria and your suggestion will more than likely be included.

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Discussion: Good Scouts for Football Manager 2013

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • Louis O.'s avatar
    Nils Schmaler was a great scout on FM11, but his coaching stats were better so I tried to get him as a coach instead :D
  • matt653's avatar
    Herbert Briem
    Mauro Innocenti
    Soren Lerby (you may need to search 'lerby' to find him due to a special O in his name)
    Gianbattista Lanfranchi
    Bernd Fortser (Special O again)
    Karl Heinz Korbel (Another Special O)
    Paul Steiner
    Major Santos
    Helmet Shulte
    Ernesto lo Monaco
    All Unemployed.
  • Khejan's avatar
    Willibert Kremer, JA 19, JP 19
    Serginho, JA 17, JP 20
    Lorenzo Amoruso, JA 18, JP 20

    Found these one's on my FM13 save
  • Blue's avatar
    @ejay, the scouts who have made it into the guide are Betinho, Mota, Giacona, Mantovani, Micheli, Orazi and Franca. The rest are either already on there, or not interested.
  • ejay's avatar
    Some might be on the list already, but here are some ive found:

    Antonio Lopez
    Nils Schmäler
    Wolfgang Grobe
    David Williams
    David Hamilton
    Paul Mitchell
    Luciano D'Onofrio
    Les Kershaw
    Gilles Grimandi
    Norbert Ziegler
    José Geraldo Mota
    Ian Broomfield
    Francis Cagigao
    Fabrizio Giaconia
    Leonardo Mantovani
    Maurizio Micheli
    Angelo Orazi
    Michael Schröder
    Aldo França
    Silvio Broli
    Angelo Carbone
    Mauro Sandreani
    Martin Waldron
    Geoff Watson
    David Williams
    Alan Miller
    Bobby Bennett
    Peter Clark
  • Blue's avatar
    @sadak I appreciate the comment, thanks for bring the first. I have checked out Corvino, but I can't include him in this list, as he is 62, and my age cap for scouts is 60. Any other recommendations you have will be considered for the list.
  • sadak's avatar
    Pantaleo Corvino is unemployed - a great scouter.
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