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FM23 Squad Planner Explained

The Squad Planner is all about helping you plan your recruitment out for the season. It's a brand new area in Football Manager 2023.

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FM Quick Tips - FM23 Squad Planner Explained
How does a manager look at recruitment and what are the key stages of that process? Assessing this question led to a revamp in the recruitment aspects of the game, and a big part of that was the development of the Squad Planner.

The Squad Planner is all about helping you plan your recruitment out for the season.

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Squad Planner in a nutshell

It's a brand new area where you'll see your whole team and based on your tactic, every single position. You're going to have all the players ranked in terms of how good they are.

It's important to know that this is a safe space, it's like your secret book. For instance, your key striker's not going to get upset when you put him fifth, because he's never going to know.

Your staff will know and they can start making suggestions based on what your planner looks like.

So you go in, you can rank all your players, you can see how they look, you can start visualising where you're strong, where you're weak and to start planning for the season.

It's a bit like a Dream Team you're planning, but it's not just the players. You've got long term targets and you're thinking how would my team look based around this new midfielder? Any player on your shortlist can be brought into your planner at any time.

You can add them to shortlist, add them into your planner and rank them, so you can see how they compare to your current team, but you can also do that with youth so any youth player can be brought in.

Talking about youth, there's not only a current season planner, but also a next season planner, and a season after planner. So you can be thinking long term how your team will be looking in two seasons time from there.

The idea is that you get as much information as possible, so you can really make a great assessment which can help you lead into that next phase which is planning out exactly what you're going to do with your resources.

How does the Squad Planner work?

Located below the Squad view on the default sidebar, the Squad Planner will be the focal point for every player this year to assess their squads and build for the future.

Most elite football clubs use planners like this in various guises to visualise the current options at their disposal and how they see things changing in the next couple of seasons.

That’s reflected when you enter the Planner menu in FM23, where you’ll be greeted by a formation graphic from your current tactic and up to three players rated by your Assistant Manager for each set role.

By selecting any of the player and role combinations you’re currently using, the Planner view switches to the individual role. From here, a list will appear on the right showing the current options at your disposal.

You can play around with these lists, removing players that you intend to sell, moving players up and down the list according to your own personal view or adding in players from transfer shortlists that you want to sign.

You can also drop in players from your youth teams, ensuring that you don't block their pathways to the first team as you forecast the makeup of your squad for both the next season and the season after.

You will have the ability to change the tactic you're viewing as well, so if you’re planning a switch from a 4-3-3 to a 3-5-2, you'll be able to sell how well equipped you currently are and where you’ll need to dip into the transfer market for reinforcements.

It's worth noting that the Squad Planner is essentially a safe space; no one will know about any of the changes you make here, so you won't see the morale of any of your players drop if you only see them as third-choice next season.

Next Season and the Season After

The visual nature of the Squad Planner should make it easier for you to discern if you're lacking depth or resources in a particular area for this season, or in the next two that follow.

As the Squad Planner is designed to be an integral part of your continued Recruitment strategy, you'll have prompts to access it from various other in-game areas, including squad registration news items and player reports.

The Experience Matrix

Designed to complement the Squad Planner, the Experience Matrix is a new visualisation that better informs you of your squad makeup through the lens of where each player is in their careers relative to their current experience level.

In the Matrix, players fall into four categories:
  • Developing (Young players yet to breakthrough to the first XI at this level)
  • Emerging (Young first-team players that still have the scope to improve)
  • Peak (Players at the peak of their careers)
  • Experienced (Players who are in the final years of their career)

Further to this, in the Squad View of the Matrix, these players are all appropriately colour-coded to indicate whether they’re Important, Squad Depth or Youth.

Having this information available in a more visual way will prove hugely beneficial for your Recruitment.

For example, it might become apparent that you’ve got no real youth prospects at Left-Back and that seven important players are in the Experienced phase of their careers. As such, you’d probably want to change the dynamic of your team.

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