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Football Manager 2023 Patch 23.2.0 - Major Hotfix Update

This update brings a new match engine version, as well as crash fixes and stability improvements. Patch 23.2.0 for the final release of FM23.

By on Dec 01, 2022   29874 views   8 comments
News - Football Manager 2023 Patch 23.2.0 - Major Hotfix Update
Sports Interactive have just released the first hotfix patch for the final retail version of Football Manager 2023.

This update brings a new match engine version, as well as crash fixes and stability improvements.

Football Manager Pre-Game Editor 2023 has also been updated on Steam, Epic and Microsoft Store.

Date Released: December 1st, 2022
File size: 251.4 MB

23.2.0 List of Changes

Stability and Technical:

- Stability and crash fixes
- Optimisation improvements
- Fixed a rare issue where the Pre-Game Editor crashes when verifying basic rules
- Fixed an issue where the game cannot progress when the user manages both a club and the U23 international team
- Added native Apple Sillicon support

Match Engine

Key Changes
- Fixed defenders incorrectly stepping up at times when defending in a back three with no fullbacks/wingbacks
- Adjusted the directness in some teams
- Reduced the number of unrealistic lofted passes
- Reduced players losing the ball too cheaply when playing with back to goal
- Reduced the frequency of defenders giving the ball away in and around the box
- Tweaks to defender anticipation when running towards the ball to attempt an interception
- Tweaks to defender decision-making for aerial balls
- Tweaks to defender reaction times in situations where they've switched off and made a mistake
- Improved centre defender decision-making when covering for fellow CB outside the area
- Improved corner defending, particularly defending at the near post

- Fixed double-AMC formations to make them wider when their team is in possession and/or is high pressing
- Fixed central defenders in a back-four to be wider when building from deep
- Further improved player decision-making between dropping into space to offer passing options or looking for space behind the defence
- Improved defender off-the-ball positioning when the team is instructed to play out of defence and the GK receives a pass
- Adjusted Inverted Wing-Back positioning to better support attacking play, particularly when the ball is on their flank
- Tweaks to Mezzala drifting too wide in certain situations when trying to progress the ball

- Fixed pressing position of wingers when forcing inside/outside more
- Fixed tactical position of wingers when pressing an opposition goal kick
- Fixed central midfielders and wide players not pressing high enough when using the highest pressing trigger level
- Fixed defensive midfielder pressing incorrectly on both sides of the pitch
- General tweaks to the behaviour of attackers when using trap inside/outside instructions

- Tweaks to make the GK cover the near post better in certain situations
- Improved the GK intelligence in various situations

- Fixed players not marking correctly on wide free kicks that use the corner defending zonal marking
- Fixed rare issues where the defender leaves ball for the keeper when it’s about to go in the goal
- Fixed rare issues where a player receives an extreme speed boost
- Fixed rare issues where an offside goal was being incorrectly given
- Fixed a rare issue where players are inclined to shoot at very close range first time
- Fixed player attempts a header towards goal from far out when the ball is too high to volley
- Fixed attackers moving too deep in search of the ball in certain situations
- Fixed clear cut chances showing as zero in the Data Hub Team Analysis report
- Tweaks to make VAR less predictable
- Removed 'dribble more' enforced instruction from attack duty Wing-Back roles
- Increased the use of the Segundo Volante role by AI managers when appropriate
- Various stability fixes


- Improved CA progression rates for players in inactive leagues
- Improved Attribute distribution – NewGen generation + progression (eg. Crossing for fullbacks)
- Improved AI club individual training logic
- Tweaks to NewGen reputation
- Fixed an issue where players’ individual position/role/duty training being incorrectly removed
- Fixed an issue where the squad are unhappy with the lack of depth in a position not used in user’s regular tactic
- Fixed an issue where players and the board incorrectly think that a club vision has failed
- Fixed an issue where the number of scouts will reduce to zero when the scouting budget has been used up
- Fixed average basic wages displays within Finances
- Fixed an issue where there is not enough recommendations returned when user starts a recruitment focus with a role selected
- Fixed an issue where the user was unable to cancel a scouting assignment on a player
- Tweaks to U18 players’ interest for a pre-agreed transfer
- Tweaks to AI transfer targets when using certain formations
- Tweaks to recruitment focus the initial pool of players when creating a new focus
- Improved AI loan negotiations when making counter offers

Art & Animation:

- Fixed an issue where kits changed colour at the start of the second half
- Improved various GK animations

Competitions and Rulegroups*:

- Fixed an issue where the FA Cup second Round matches are being played on an unrealistic date
- Fixed an issue where some players don’t have settled status in the UK
- Fixed an issue where the group stage draw is triggered after the end of the group stage in the Copa Libertadores
- Fixed an issue where some nations apply the maximum loan rules incorrectly
- Fixed an issue where teams playing European matches on Thursday were playing league matches the following Saturday
- Fixed an issue where the Italian Cup semi-final takes place during international window
- Fixes to the Portuguese Championship including allocating the correct teams to the correct group
- Updated a number of substitution rules
- Improvements to scheduling in English top flight and less fixture congestion
- Improvement to fixture scheduling in Italian Serie A for future Decembers
- Added a January registration window to the new format of the Champions League to address player changes during the January transfer window
- The Carabao Cup semi-finals are no longer being played at Wembley
- Free transfers can now be signed outside transfer windows prior to March 23rd in England
- All eligible match squads for EFL matches can now be submitted
- Indonesian registration window dates now match the transfer window
- Africa Cup of Nations to take place in January 2024
- Added VAR to Scottish leagues
- Finnish clubs are now updated in the correct divisions when the game starts in 2023 season
- Updated foreign player rules for various Asian competitions


- Fixed an issue where the touchline tablet auto changes during a match
- Fixed an issue where the previous meeting panel displayed the incorrect number of games
- Fixed an issue where the sort function in the squad registration screen
- Fixed an issue where some scatter graphs aren’t displaying in the All Visuals dropdown
- Fixed an issue where transfer appears twice in the transfer stat panel within Club Vision
- Fixed an issue where the team form is being shown backwards within Dynamics
- Fixed an issue where the users can’t access the Earring panel after using Photofit when creating a manager profile
- Fixed an issue where visualisations from the analyst panel appeared in the wrong colour during a match
- Added information on how many stoppages are left to make substitutions during matches

As usual the update is save game compatible, so you don't have to start a new save game.
*For competition specific changes to take effect, a new game is required.
To update you will need to close down Football Manager 2023 and re-launch for it to update. If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Steam or Epic.
If that doesn't do the trick, then verify the game cache will.

If you encounter any issues post update, please use the official FAQ for troubleshooting suggestions. You can also contact [email protected] or use or SI's FM23 Bug Tracker for further support.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2023 Patch 23.2.0 - Major Hotfix Update

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • Johntra_Volta's avatar
    Well thanks for the tips. On macOS Monterey nothing helped. Having a support ticket open since monday. They don't know what is causing the dumps and crashes. Developers are now looking at it. Will update you guys if i get any solution
  • PureBG's avatar
    Clean Windows installation solved the problem. "format c:" always solves everything...
  • PureBG's avatar

    Tried that. Didn't help. Also tried to remove everything from c:\users...\sports interactive and my documents folder. Didn't help. Finally, reinstalling graphics driver solved problem on laptop. but not on desktop. On desktop only window mode works...
  • creative78's avatar
    Game was crashing at startup -resolved in steam by checking the integrity of the files. I guess it removed the "quick intro" addon I had (don't remember where I downloaded it from) but it works now
  • Stoneward's avatar
    Guys, if you were using skins try to remove them before launching. THat might be the issue
  • Johntra_Volta's avatar
    can't launch the game either. After clicking on play it crashes. None of the steam troubleshooting tips was helpful. Game aint working after update
  • maguima's avatar
    I've had the same problem. Colours all screwed up. Feels like I'm playing Avatar. Never had so many problems as I've had with FM23.
  • PureBG's avatar
    After update colours are messed up in full screen mode (In window mode colours are OK) on my desktop computer. On my laptop whole system crashes. Reinstalling game didn't help. Does anybody else have same problem? Solutions?
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