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Football Manager 2021 Screenshots: First Look

Here are all the Football Manager 2021 screenshots from SI's feature reveals. A taste of what to expect from FM 2021. First look screenshots. Updated: Nov 3rd

By Updated on Nov 03, 2020   27617 views   5 comments
News - Football Manager 2021 Screenshots: First Look
All the Football Manager 2021 screenshots from the official FM21 feature news (started Oct 12th). They were initially made available on Sports Interactive's official website and social accounts. We've gathered them all in one place for your convenience.

We will keep updating this page with new screenshots as they become available.

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You can find all unveiled official screenshots of FM21 below.
Pro Tip: Click on them for larger versions.

Last updated: November 3rd - Minor Feature reveals

FM21 Screenshots

Setting up game database

Your Squad

Playing time pathway on squad view

New Squad View

New player fitness and sharpness indicators

Recruitment - Find Your Targets

Recruitment meeting

Agenda & Squad assessment

Recruitment focus

Bid for Players

Ask agent about availability

Football Manager 2021 New Features

Handle The Media

Press conference

Press officer

Media Question

Prepare for Match Day

Schedule screen

Fixture on calendar

Official team sheet

Perfect Your Tactics

Backroom advice

Football Manager 2021 Preview Videos

Match Day

Pre-match team talk

Post-match overview

Interaction - Motivate Your Players

Player interaction

Body language interaction

Manage the Game in More Detail

Post-match analysis

xG match story and shot map

Average positions heat maps

Football Manager 2021 Giveaway

Dominate the Touchline


3D match engine preview

End of Season

Moments to Remember

End of season review

Other improvements

Definition to defensive width

New signings are a little more special now

New club vision objectives

Penalty pressure body language

New goalkeeper media descriptions

One news item when negotiating new contracts with multiple staff members

More detailed in-game tutorials with a 'Tell me more' button

Introduced simple icons to indicate how your players previously performed in training

Fans now speculate more pre-match around team selections and fuss over who should (or shouldn't) start

You now have many more options when making a loan offer with an option to buy


Quick chats

Goals and assists bonuses

Club vision and affiliates


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Discussion: Football Manager 2021 Screenshots: First Look

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • juvenviana's avatar
    no important news, the game machine, looks the same, the stadiums are still shit, as you can see, it’s not worth buying ... very sad about the lack of creativity.
  • humboy's avatar
    Awful...., IF you fix superficial things and don't put the focus to solve your problems with the game engine, 1 vs1 ridiculous, 90% of the shots collide with other players, it's all absurd,,, I'm a player since the time of the commodore amiga 500 and this will be the first year that I don't buy the game, I'll keep fm20 + the korean mod.
    Year after year you disappoint your fans, it's not the way...
  • proton6's avatar
    The celebrations after the match look 3rd rate and awful . The pitch again looks like plastic carpet . Definitely downhill since FM17 in the 3D department
  • proton6's avatar
    Lost faith in this company after years of complaining about the match engine up come a small Korean group and just do it easily embarrassing SI so much that SI try to bag it on You-Tube and block or posts on their forum . Arrogance is incredible and i bet FM21 will hard code it now just to prove it
  • Den1s's avatar
    Almost no changes?
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