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Best Free Players in FM 2012

The list of the most notable free agents when starting Football Manager 2012. Updated for 12.2 patch!

By Updated on Mar 09, 2011   593888 views   31 comments
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FM 2012 Best Players - Best Free Players in FM 2012
I'm starting this list to include the most notable free players when starting on Football Manager 2012 as they are spotted by playing FM12.

I've applied some filters on the player search screen to help me pick the best of all players, mainly suited for 2nd division clubs (could be suited for 1st division clubs depending on country).

Released: 9 October 2011
Updated: 9 March 2012 - Patch 12.2 Update

This is a follow up of our FM11 free players article.

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Let's get to the list, sorted by position and recommendation (meaning that the players at the top of each list are recommended more than the ones at the bottom).


Rost, Frank (38)
Elduayen, Federico (34)
Vinicius (27)
Costanzo, Franco (30)
Bosco (36)
Ivankov, Dimitar (35)
Marcos (35)
Lejsal, Martin (28)
Guevara, Enrique (29)
Marcos Leandro (29)
Pouplin, Simon (26)
Hernandez, Joaquin (28)
Michel Alves (30)
Nordfeldt, Kristoffer (22)
Joao Carlos (22)
Bohm, Robert (23)
Zuba, Andre (25)
Fontes, Yai (23)
Vera, German (21)
Briant, Vincent (25)

Defenders Center:

Friedrich, Arne (32)
Asatiani, Malkhaz (29)
Maertens, Birger (31)
Fuentes, Luis (39)
El Karkouri, Talal (34)
Meira, Fernando (33)
Campbell, Sol (36)
Fabricio (30)
Ferrari, Matteo (31)
Fuentes, Fabricio (34)
Ronaldo Angelim (35)
Gnanou, Ibrahim (24)
Djorjevic, Nenad (31)
Espinola, Carlos (35)
Rafael Santos (26)
Loran, Tyrone (30)
Baez, Carlos (29)
Traore, Lamine (28)
Cabrera, Nelson (28)
Luizao (24)
Kalabane, Oumar (30)
Douglas (26)
Alison (27)
Evaldo (28)
Vitor (26)
Enakarhire, Joseph (28)
Liptak, Zoltan (26)
Kavdanski, Martin (24)
Dervite, Dorian (22)
Langkamp, Matthias (27)
Moneke, Obi (27)
Fernando (25)
Bayema, Clement (22)
Wagner (21)
Ze Adriano (25)
Rakhmanov, Artem (20)
Ramon (20)

Defenders / Full-Backs Left:

Cortes, Roberto Carlos (34)
Jorge Ribeiro (29)
Fernandinho (30)
Leandro (32)
Vignal, Gregory (29)
Perez, Rodrigo (37)
Ramos, Marco (28)
Fedoriv, Vitaliy (23)
Sbai, Salaheddine (25)
Fartushnyak, Andriy (22)
Villalobos, Jairo (23)
Tidao (24)
Jorbison (19)

Defenders / Full-Backs Right:

Rodriguez, Martin (26)
Patrick (27)
Parnaby, Stuart (28)
Carlos Diogo (27)
Odiah, Chidi (27)
Pena, Agustin (22)
Rodrigo (25)
Gonzalez, Marcelo (22)

Defensive Midfielders:

Carboni, Ezequiel (32)
Mahamadou Diarra (30)
Gabri (32)
Ndjitap, Geremi (32)
Ricardo Conceicao (26)
Fernando (25)
Elton (27)
Saidou, Alioum (33)
Sergio (34)
Keita, Sidi (26)
Banguero, Jorge (36)
Leandro (26)
Ostolaza, Santiago (23)
Rafael (27)
Paniagua, Miguel (24)
Cesar Santiago (26)
Frezzotti, Alejandro (27)
Baning, Albert (26)
Alceu (27)
Kabous, Abderrahman (28)
Dyulgerov, Nikolay (23)
Ramirez (23)
Douglas Peruibe (25)
Djiba, Dino (25)
Stelvio (22)
Caue (25)

Attacking Midfielders:

Ze Roberto (36)
Guti (34)
Jonatas (28)
Gilberto (35)
Ergic, Ivan (30)
Pires, Robert (37)
Renato (26)
Rafael Ledesma (28)
Cristian (27)
Deyvid Sacconi (24)
Bruno Paulo (21)
Rodrigo Paulista (26)
Giovani Fortunatti (27)
William Amendoim (24)
Junior Timbo (24)
Gonzalez, Renato (24)
Julio Cesar (22)
Medina, Nicolas (29)

Wingers Left:

Pinga (30)
Zezinho (19)
Lopez, Claudio (36)
Maykon (27)
Rivic, Stiven (25)
Vaagan Moen, Petter (27)
Rekish, Dzmitry (22)
Gangioveanu, Constantin (21)
Tulasne, Geoffrey (23)
Bochet, Lilian (20)

Wingers Right:

Malbranque, Steed (31)
Nadal, Xisco (25)
Feidouno, Pascal (30)
Hersi, Youssouf (28)
Kante, Seydou (29)


Diane, Amara (28)
Gil (30)
Leandro (26)
Soukouna, Ahmed (21)
Bosnjak, Ivan (31)
Medina, Wilder (30)
Diego Clementino (27)
De Paula (27)
Iddrisu, Abdul Nafiu (25)
Robson (28)
Lucas Gaucho (20)
Allende, Orlando (23)
Leo Papel (24)
Ricardinho (27)
Fagundes dos Santos, Elison (23)
Wellington (19)
Mangolo, Aime (26)
Anjembe, Timothy (23)
Asamoah, Alex (24)
Mauricio Alves (21)
Toshev, Martin (21)

Crespo, Hernan (35)
Corradi, Bernando (35)
Agali, Victor (32)
Olguin, Luciano (29)
Opara, Emeka (26)
Goore, Zeka (27)
Luis (24)
Arthuro (28)
Sigurdsson, Hannes (28)
Kim Seong-Min (24)
Coulibaly, Abou (23)


Feel free to comment with your findings and I'll make sure to evaluate your suggestions and update this list accordingly.

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Downloads: 20507 / Size: 69.6 kB / Added: 2011-10-08
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Discussion: Best Free Players in FM 2012

31 comments have been posted so far.

  • tajudeen's avatar
    Hello I am tajudeen 16yrs footballer from togo i don t need any amount just want to join any team in europe
  • fred's avatar
    Arne Friedrich. Awesome buy for my wigan team. 4 goals in 16 games. 7 star man ratings. worth the 20 k wages
  • TheGenericBanana's avatar
    Robertino Rafaela is a good low league defender that's free. Asks for around 2k/w. David Medina's also ok for lowest league teams. I'm in the lowest league of spain, and Rafaela is 3 and a half stars, and Medina 2 and a half. Rafaela scores some header goals too.
    Rudy Carlier's the best striker you can get for lowest league on a free (I've seen so far), though. Better than couñago and all those. He was 4 and a half stars for me in the same save as Medina and Rafaela.
  • Viewland's avatar
    Marco Materazzi still good option
  • Icarus's avatar
    Riccardo Innocenti Jan 2014 is a free agent, 39 years old and an amazing target man.

    15 goals in 10 apps.
  • JamieRobertKerr's avatar
    Michael Woods, 20 year old central midfielder released by Chelsea is a good purchase for Championship clubs and below, doesn't really cut it with any team in the Premier League other than in the reserves.
  • FMcK5495's avatar
    I signed a striker called Dickson Nwakaeme from Nigeria in my HJK Helsinki save. I think he would be a good player for a Championship side and he only wants like 1.5K a week.
  • DarrenSCFC's avatar
    I signed Marcus Bent for Burnley on a save and he had a return of 11 goals in 19 games, however I don't think his stats are any good, so does that make him an OK free agent?
  • Stam's avatar
    List has been updated for patch 12.2, the downloadable shortlist as well. Enjoy!
  • JorgeGoldenberg's avatar
    Giorgos Galitsios (Greece, Right Defender), Paulo Garcés (Chile, GK), Biel Ribas (Spain, GK), Daúd Gazale (Chile, Striker), Frédson (Brasil/Spain, Defensive Midfielder). I got all of them as free agents with Sabadell (Spain's 2nd division), with very good results, check them out.
  • da_evans's avatar
    The download link is not working anymore...
  • davo utd's avatar
    magner odegaard and tobias henanger, still contracted but will sign straight away
  • CantGetEnoughOfJelavic's avatar
    Thanks for the list. Helps a lot.

  • craigemb_u redzz's avatar
    whatever you do don't get matterazi he wants 10k-20k a week but is only worth £3000!
  • facQmofo's avatar
    i cant open this file..any ideas? tnx in advance
  • devilantif's avatar
    Hi! This is just an archive, which I opened with the help of 7-Z. That's all))
  • Cass's avatar
    Ahmed Soukona, better striker then any of those, and can be picked up him with even a league 1 team. After 2 season sold him for 11 mill to Milan
  • Stam's avatar
    This was made using the demo (English quickstart to be precise). I'll update this list and the downloadable file in the next couple of days.
    I'm not sure why it doesn't work though as it was working fine with the demo, but I haven't tested the downloadable on the full version either.
    The purpose of this page is mainly the list of the most notable free agents and not the shortlist with all free players in the game.
  • Emilo314's avatar
    I don't know why it isn't working for me (the shortlist) It tells me that it isnt possible to open file(If i rename to .Slf, or it's disappeared completely. What to do?
  • mrbucker's avatar
    Hey guys, my first post in here... i read your tips for years, but its first time i sign in! :)

    I'm planning to start in fm2012 in Brazil 3rd division...

    any tips of how get a list of players (free or cheap) that might join?

    tks in advance! :)
  • iatwb's avatar
    its not working for me either...i just downloaded and put in the correct place (already have a few in the same place)...put when i try to says its not possible? Any ideas?
  • crd123's avatar
    i have just saved this but i cnt find it wen i try 2 put in on the game
  • Stam's avatar
    I just re-checked and you are right. I'll explain what happened.
    Once I've applied the filter on the player search screen, I hit the save shortlist button. I just packed that file here. And doing that this way it just includes the whole database.
    What I should have done is go to shortlist screen once saved and then use the export option.

    I have repacked this archive to include the proper shortlist. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.
  • andrezinho14's avatar
    Sorry Stam but grimmjow200 is right

    I did the download of the file... When I import it, the shortlist contain every single player of the world in our database... Torres is the first one... I don't think he's a free player ;)
  • Stam's avatar
    The shortlist includes all free agents of the English quickstart, about 2700 of them.

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