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Genie Scout 15 for 15.3 now available

New GS15 public version adds support for the latest 15.3 updates.

By Updated on Mar 21, 2015   8858 views   4 comments
News - Genie Scout 15 for 15.3 now available
FM15 has been updated to version 15.3.0 on 25 February. The next day Eugene made available a new "g" version of GS15 which worked with that patch as thanks to his direct supporters. But the public version wasn't released until last night.

Visit the official GS15 download page to grab the new build. Build 513 is now available and works with the last 15.3.1 update.

Complete list of changes in this version:
  • Compatible with 15.3.0 and 15.3.1
  • Shortlist issue resolved
  • All injuries are available now
  • Player second nationalities added
  • Player preferred moves added
  • Club training facilities fixed
  • Competition reputation added
  • Other minor fixes

If you own the "g" edition already, you should already have received an email containing download link for the new version on February 26th. If not, use the check for updates option within GS15 to get it.

If you don't own the "g" edition yet, consider donating to Eugene to support his development of this legendary tool, and he will reward you with it.


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Discussion: Genie Scout 15 for 15.3 now available

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    @lefkonuklu: That's not helpful at all. Please report your issue properly in the appropriate GS forum. Provide as many details as possible, including screenshots, to help Eugene figure out what's wrong and fix it.
  • lefkonuklu's avatar
    its not working with 15.3.1. plz fix it
  • Stam's avatar
    @Braun: I'm sorry but you don't qualify as "the community" and you certainly cannot speak on its behalf. Your activity here involves 1 forum post and 5 comments, complaints in their majority. You have raged about the same thing on the official download page of GS15 in the comments and I have repeatedly replied to all of these negative comments in a very polite and respectful manner (e.g. here & here), even though some of them don't deserve that (yourself included).

    Did you see me removing any of the angry comments there? Of course not, because I didn't remove anything. So how are you not allowed to speak your mind? Your words are nothing but disrespectful to myself, and yet I'm not the one making GS or making money from it. And yes, obviously I don't appreciate your opinion because you're ignorant. If you could actually open your eyes and read, you would have pressed the "Skip" button when the annoying offer showed up during public GS installation. Yes, you actually have the option to SKIP it.

    Am I to blame for letting Eugene make money from his program? Am I an idiot that all donations go solely to Eugene? You might think so, but I feel I'm doing the right thing. I want him to be motivated to continue the development of this program. As long as there's a free-for-all version and there's a choice to skip any annoying offer, it's fine by me. The alternative would be either no public version or no GS at all.

    Still, I'll speak with him about the possibility of removing these offers with the next version(s). Because quite frankly I've wasted enough time trying to reason with comments like this.
  • Braun's avatar
    U speak ur mind and u speak the truth? U speak ur mind alright, the truth is somewhat of another matter entirely. We, the community, however are apparently not allowed to speak our mind or the truth.

    Posts about the update of Genie scout containing masses of spyware and the odd virus are deleted and no attention is (apparently) being given to this issue...

    This a great way to alienate your community and f**k up the hard work u put in this website so far. This whole experience has been very disappointing to say the least and i do hold u, Stam, entirely responsible.

    I speak my mind and i speak the truth, even though u don't appreciate it

    peace out
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