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News - Join the Team!
It has been another successful season for our FM Scout community, releasing even more exclusive tools and content for our favorite game, but also introducing a few significant innovative features to the site.

The 3 We's
We aim to be the best place possible for every FM enthusiast by constantly improving, while keeping everything available for free. We strive for excellence not to compete with other fansites, but to reach our own potential as a community instead. We really care to shape a vibrant gathering of people breathing FM, because in the end good company is what matters.

What's next

It's time to take the next step and continue fulfilling our potential. To do that, we need to expand our team of staff. I'm going to directly list all the available roles we'll be actively seeking to recruit people for, but instead of role titles I'll provide the description for what is required.

Do you have what it takes?

Social Scouting
It's all about sharing opinion on players with fellow football managers based on your experience from the game. Can you write useful player reports and do it consistently? Then you can become a chief scout.
Type: Honorific, Minor

Everyone is looking to learn more about the game, how to master the game and be a more successful football manager. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge with the world and you're OK with receiving constructive feedback, we want you on our team of guides authors. You'll get to collaborate with like-minded FMers and possibly co-write certain articles. Team/league guides, tactical analysis, how-to stuff... you name it.
Type: Content, Major

Anyone can create his own tactic and share it online. Can you see the problem with that? There is no easy way to know a tactic is good for you unless you try it, or someone else does it for you. We're looking for tactician experts who will test submitted tactics and approve only the good ones. If you can also write useful guides to help others create better tactics, that would be a plus!
Type: Moderator, Content, Major

We currently maintain 4 pages on Facebook. We need a few more Facebook admins to ensure our pages get consistent updates and moderation. If you spend a lot of time on FB and like to talk there about FM and to help others, we want you.
Type: Moderator, Major

FM Scout is a rising force in the graphics aspect of the game. We released our first megapacks for faces and logos for FM13 and they have been a success, surpassing 100,000 downloads combined. We'd love to continue producing new packs, work on content updates, and expand to different types of graphics as well. If you are a graphics author, we want you to either work on our exclusive packs or to publish your own packs here.
Type: Content, Major

Live Chat
If you are a member here, you probably know we have a real-time chat service that works similar to Facebook chat. But with our growing user base, the chat needs calm and mature chat admins to keep things under control in case of an argument or simply to help new members who need direction.
Type: Moderator, Major

FM Weekly
It's a column that should have started a year ago but we just published the first issue last weekend. We want to directly support independent bloggers who produce useful articles. Would you like to read specific blogs once a week and pick their best posts? If so, you could be a jury member of this weekly digest.
Type: Honorific, Minor

Data Editor
Do you know how to use the official editor to create new leagues or make data packs? We're looking for editor experts to enrich our download repository. If you can also write useful guides to help others use the editor for their own needs, that would be a plus!
Type: Content, Minor

Sports Interactive Forums
The official forums for the game. Lots of independent authors (not part of another fansite) choose to post their content only there, so we need more eyes to spot new content the moment is published. If you are a regular on SI forums and you like our community, you could help by become a forum scout.
Type: Honorific, Minor

Fantasy Leagues
There are 3 fantasy leagues we play every season: English Premier League, Champions League and Europa League. Considering that winning our private leagues is tied with special site badges, we want to assign more importance to them. But so far we had no one to keep people engaged to them and post weekly updates for the fixtures, the rankings and the players. Can you be that person?
Type: Honorific, Minor

Our YouTube channel is new but we have high hopes. If you have a YT channel of your own and produce FM videos (stories, tutorials, player reviews...), we can help you and you can help us. We'll discuss the details in private if you're interested. Also if you are a video author without a channel, you're welcome to join our YouTube managers team.
Type: Content, Major

Steam Group
We have an official Steam group but we don't have any active admins assigned to it at the moment. If you spend a lot of time on Steam playing FM, you enjoy group chats there, and don't mind posting the occasional announcement for our group's page... you could be one of the Steam Group admins we're looking for.
Type: Moderator, Minor

The FM Scout Newsletter is supposed to be a weekly feature, but sadly it was hardly a monthly feature. We need a couple of newsletter coordinators who will handle consistently our weekly message to thousands of email subscribers.
Type: Honorific, Major

Our Pressing Room area rarely has fresh articles because we never had an interview specialist to handle them. If you enjoy taking interviews from important people related to the game either directly or indirectly, this role could be yours.
Type: Honorific, Minor

FM Experiments
That's a fresh column we started just before the Champions League final this year. It's just fun to put FM to the test and predict what could happen to important matches in real life. Do you enjoy this concept? Do you think you could run this type of experiments and then write a brief analysis / presentation about them? Then be our FM simulator.
Type: Honorific, Minor

Funny Pages
We're looking for fresh humorous memes / comics for our 'Funny Pages' column. Can you come up with funny pictures about FM? We'd publish and promote them.
Type: Honorific, Minor

How to apply

If you're interested in one or more of the roles listed above, send a private message to Stam explaining how you could help and why you want to join the team (you need to be a member here of course).

Good luck!

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About Stam

I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Husband and father of two.

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