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Just one more game

If you're addicted to Football Manager, you must be familiar with this pattern: Eat - Sleep - FM - Repeat. This is an article on my personal experience and the ones from the community.

By on Nov 03, 2013   24793 views   4 comments
Mark's Your Man - Just one more game
So to all those reading this article / report, it is focused around the Football Manager addiction, my experiences recently, your experiences and views, and a look at the future.

Using our social reach, we asked a few questions and received numerous replies. You'll read some of them along the way.

Part 1: The Sabbatical

After FM 2012 I felt jaded, I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have felt the same regarding specific genres, or even Football Manager. Over the last four versions of FM I have spent over 3,614 hours / 150 days / 21 weeks / 5 months of gameplay in 4 years (from FM09-FM12). On top of this, I put 24 hours into gameplay whilst helping with the closed beta of FM12 on behalf of FM Scout (at the time of writing this). Seems like a hell of a lot, right?

I have played football management simulators since 2004, and have seen the changes from commentary only to a good looking 3-D engine for what it’s worth. Over the years, FM has allowed me to gain intimate knowledge of football across the world: along with watching it, the crossover of reality and the game transformed me into a football boffin in a way.

In a way it affected my education in college, less so at university due to spending a lot of that time playing in recovery from my Tibula & Fibula break. But, to me, FM itself seems to have hit a sticky patch, not that I blame them. I mean, it’s not exactly a genre that can go on forever in terms of innovation. The game itself is probably not progressing enough innovation-wise every year to warrant another buy every season (Much like the FIFA games, and Call of Duty games).

So, I decided to take a sabbatical and, for the first time in 8 years, I chose not to buy or even play FM13.

A few things happened:
  • I stopped playing video games as much. This may have been for a variety of reasons but the lack of the draw of FM13 obviously had some factor in this.

  • I become more of an all-round gamer when I did game; I looked into all PC genres, from Chivalry Medieval Warfare, to Bastion, Binding of Isaac, and many more.

  • I lost knowledge of the beautiful game, along with jointly being stuck on the other side of the world (a year studying in Australia). I didn’t know the superstars coming through, as without FM/FIFA and regular viewing of all games in Europe it’s pretty difficult to keep up.

  • I still played FM 12 although maybe only in short high intensity bursts whenever I got the urge.

I don’t regret doing the sabbatical; in fact I’d recommend it to those who feel FM is taking up too much of their down time. Perhaps it’s like being an addict in a weird way, I mean we all joke about FM and how addicting it is. But it actually can become a (weird but) mild addiction, and going cold turkey I would have to say helps.

Now I do intend to play FM 14, although not as much due to participating in the final year of my undergraduate degree. Hopefully I can gain the itch to play again in a lesser form, although I know a few friends who have lost the itch, even those who were more enthusiastic than me in the first place.

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Discussion: Just one more game

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • ademonnery's avatar
    Well where to start?
    Back in the day I had a trusty old 48k Speccy (squidgy keys)and there was a basic game called Football manager (coincidence). This was a simple program which delivered text and flashing screens when the team scored. Many an hour after school was wasted playing this little gem of a game.
    For those of you aren't familiar with the good old speccy it was poor synthesised sound and block graphics and took around 5 - 10 mins just to load the game from a tape, only to have the games regularly crash with nearly a minute of loading to go.
    This original football manager was replace a few years later with the catchy title....Footbal manager 2! Again this game was text and flash as the previous but it has colour graphics. Ok the graphics were 3 blocks of colour on a green pitch shooting into something which resembled a goal. But this kept me entertained for hours.
    As the years went by I became schooled in Championship Manager, Fifa Manager and Football Manager. When Football manager was born from the split it was tough at the time to decide which way to go. Championship Manager, the best game up till then or Football manager, the new kid on the block so to speak. It became evident that CM had lost its way Fifa was just awful so I hooked up with Football Manager.
    Now as I stand at a shade over 40 I still play this game, in between changing nappies. However the one thing I do differently is not to buy the game when it releases. Now I save my cash until a few weeks before the next version comes out which means I usually get to save £15-£20. I spend probably 5-6 hours per week, when I get a chance but if I look back and totalled up the days and hours I have played it would be frightening. Football Manager has been the one constant in my life through every stage up to now. It becomes my escape into a virtual world when I need some quiet ME time.
  • lufc4eva's avatar
    Me and FM share a love-hate relationship. I love the game for what it is but as my addiction ceases to change, I become more and more socially inept with many friends insisting that I 'get a life'. It also caused me to fail my first year of Sixth Form meaning I won't start uni until I'm 19. As I said before, my addiction has never changed which means I still run the risk of jeopardising my final grades as well as my progress in the uni course I am looking to do in the future.

    However, I have recently got my first job which should be something to keep me occupied and curb this childish obsession I have with FM.

    It's time I started confronting my demons- so I'll start with the biggest, Football Manager (that doesn't mean I won't buy FM14)
  • FccNunes's avatar
    Hi everybody!
    I play FM (or its former "name" CM) since 1992/93 (I normally play over 25seasons per game...). Since then, it's pretty much the only computer game I play.
    I though the addiction would pass after a few years or as I get older....pura illusion...I'm on my 30´s right now, I have a newborn child and, everytime she can't sleep, we both go and play FM13! I now she's only 1 month old, but I'll pass the addiction to her!
    I don't believe many people are as faithful to this game as I has been for near 20 years, so I think I can speak with knowledge of fact: this is the most addiction game ever made!! I'm eager to try FM14 and see the improvements made!!
    Best wishes from Portugal,

  • ToXic's avatar
    I have played this game since 1997 where I played 30 seasons, which was the maximum in those days. It is pretty much the only game I play (unless you include online Poker lol)
    since 1997 I have played the game every year but never with the same intensity, I am more interested in how the game develops and tent to play about 10 to 20 seasons which normally takes me a few months and then wait till the next year. That seems to me my MO. I am not that impressed with FM 14, to me it is just a better version of FM 13 so right now I feel I will probably play a few seasons and wait till the 2015 version. Of course I am one of the oldest or amongst the older players to play so maybe I am just passed my sell by date.

    But a bit of advice I have to those who do play a lot, watch the addiction level it can and does effect your life (social life and work life) but have fun all and hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts.

    ToXiC gEm
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