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100 must-buy players in Football Manager 2008

The definitive list of the greatest players you can get in FM 2008 as selected by the fmscout community.

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FM 2008 Best Players - 100 must-buy players in Football Manager 2008
Aarón Ñíguez (Valencia) - AM C, FC
20 Years Old. This player has made a massive impact within my team making the starting line up over the other wonderkids within my team!
This Player IS Awesome. Really Good Shots!! The 1st game I played him was against Valencia in SUPER CUP... he scored 2 goals.

Adrian Cristea (Dinamo) - AM C
EU National - 24 years old.

Adrian Mutu (Fiorentina) - AMC
27 years old. He is a really a good player.

Alessandro Rosina (Torino) - AM RLC
This is a wicked player. Tenacious Midfielder. Trust me, he's worth the money. I bought him in the second season for about 25 million; in the first half of the season he didn't do great, but after that he became my favourite and known worldwide.

Alex Teixeira (Vasco) - AMRLC, FC
17 years old. Touted as the next Ronaldinho. Becomes Wonderkid fast, if played in first team.
Signed him at Man City and after one season he becomes best young player in EPL. I have had to reject large offers from Milan, Barcelona, Juventus, Valencia, Real Madrid and Roma.

Aleksandr Prudnikov (Spartak Moscow) - ST
EU National - 18 years old. Very good striker. Love this guy.

Anderson (Man Utd) - AM C
Non EU - 20 years old. Full name: Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira
He often plays in my Man Utd squad as a backup striker, when Vela is on international duty. he's a decent scorer. Few times I've won because of his goals.

Andres Guardado (Deportivo) - WB, ML, AML
20 years old. I have a Middlesbrough game and I can't afford to sign him but his PA is 198. I played against him in UFEA cup and he was amazing.

Anton Sosnin (Zenit Peterburg) - AM C
EU National - 17 years old. He is a very good player. With the right direction he will be a super midfielder. Real talent.

Aquino (Murcia) - AM L,ST
EU National, 16 years old. Very good young lad, if you give him chance to play, he will become wonderkid.

Arouca (Fluminense) - M C
Foreign - 20 years old. Current Ability: 144 Potential Ability: 173

Bogdan Lobont (Dinamo Bucuresti) - GK
30 years old.

Breno (Sao Paulo) - D C
Foreign - 17 years old. Current Ability: 136 Potential Ability: 163
A must-buy centre-back for any team. A wonderkid with excellent stats. He will be usually targeted by the big sharks of European football, but he will probably be keen on moving to a not so big club. So, hurry up and sign this lad because the sale value of almost 10M is nothing compared to what will be if signed by a big team.
Great player. Got him for £8.5 mil in 08 Jan window, but paid 2 mil up front and paying the rest over 2 years... not a bad investment.

Bruno (Atletico Mineiro) - GK
Foreign - 22 years old. Full name: Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza

Charles-André Doudin - ST
20 years old - Swiss - extremely cheap - good if you're lucky.
Playing as Liverpool, brought him on free, went up to 875k instantly but is having trouble settling. So letting Torres tutor him, but VERY talented kid... amazing.

Chris James - MC
20 years old. Used to play for Fulham, from New Zealand. Absolute hero. Free agent at start of season, 99% of the time clubs are already interested at start. Ratings are no lower than 13 for all.

Cristian Nazarith - ST
AMAZING PLAYER, GET HIM! hard to get a work permit though.
His potential is over 170. Great link up play and dribbling, scores plenty of goals, Wonderkid in no-time, Doudin is also stated as one of the top players on here, I have him but this guy is twice as good. Great if you don't start as one of the big clubs, I bought him in when I was in Serie C2C (4TH div in Italy), now all the top clubs want him!!

Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd) - CF
22 years old. Play up front middle of three. In first season he scored 60 in 57, with 23 assists, 17 man of match and Av R 7.67. In second season he scored 10 in 10, 5 assists, 5 man of match, Av R of 7.44 and been injured.

Damien Le Tallec (Stade Rennais) - AM/FC

Daniel Carvalho - AMLC, FC
Brazilian 24 years old. Good attacking midfielder with great future if trained well. Worth getting, just buy him he is cheap for what he offers. Has 181 potential!!

Daniele Vantaggiato - ST
22 years old - EU national - Next RvN. Excellent striker, has 180 pot will win you games :)

David Luiz (Benfica) - D C
Brazil - 20 years old

Distel Zola (AS Monaco) - DM
He is claimed to be next Vieira.

Duplex Bayiha (Leverkusen) - ST
EU - 17 years. He is a German Towering Striker. I think when you start the game he is in Leverkusen. He IS THE BEST STRIKER. Reminds me of IBRAHIMOVIC in FM 2007.

Eddie Johnson (Kansas City) - ST
Foreign - 23 years old. Explosive Striker. Excellent physical attributes. He is usually wanted by large Spanish teams.
Current Ability: 133 Potential Ability: 150

Edison Cavani (Palermo) - ST

Eduardo (Bahia) - D LC, WB L, DM, AM LC
Foreign - 18 years old. Natural positions are DC and DM. A must-buy tool for any team. A brilliant player with high average ratings and great scout ratings. He was pure quality back in FM2007 as well. And can get him after appeal in a Premier side.
Current Ability: 104 Potential Ability: 161

Erkin Caner (Cska Moscow) - AMC

Ever Banega (Boca) - DM
Foreign - 19 years old. Real class act here. Got him after appealing on work permit. Great performance. Going to develop into a quality prospect. If your team is Prem standard you can get him for under £5m. A very solid investment.
He rules. Bought him for Wigan for 5.5miil, conceded 13 less goals than season before and that was the only defensive change i made. He also scored 7. Sold him to years later to real for 34mil.
Current Ability: 133 Potential Ability: 179

Fernando Torres (Liverpool) - ST
EU National - 23 years old.

Gabriel Obertan (Girondins Bordeaux) - AM RL, FC
EU National - 18 years old. Good starting stats for a youngster, rated to be as good as Joe Cole.
Current Ability: 128 Potential Ability: 160

Gabriel Torje (Poli 1921) - AM R, ST
EU National - 17 years old. Becomes wonderkid before too long.
Current Ability: 110 Potential Ability: 176

Georginio Wijnaldum (Feyenoord) - AM RLC
EU National - 16 years old. Current Ability: 105 Potential Ability: 157

Gerard Pique (Man Utd) - D C, DM
EU National - 20 Years Old. D C (Natural) / DM (Accomplished). This kid is a wonderkid and can play DM if you give him proper training. When he turns 23-24, you would be surprise how good Pique will be. Oh yea, he's very reliable too. Make sure not to sell this player or you will regret that is if you're playing Manchester United. Excellent young player.

Goran Pandev (Lazio) - ST
EU National - 24 years old. He's amazing in my game, scored an incredible 45 goals in my MU game. Must buy player for any squad.
Current Ability: 170 Potential Ability: 185

Gyon Fernandez (ADO Den Haag) - AMRL, ST
Very good AM (L/R) and striker, very cheap.

Henri Saivet (Girondins Bordeaux) - AM RL, FC
EU National - 16 years old. Promising Striker. Was described to me (Chelsea) as having the potential to be better than Didier Drogba. I'd class this player as a must buy for any squad.
Absolute brilliance. Scored 25 goals when he was 19 in his first full season for Wigan.
In my under 18's, he's been scoring upwards of 5 goals a game. He's a class youngster.
Current Ability: 96 Potential Ability: 188

Hernani (Korona Kielce) - SW/CB
23 years old. Sweeper or CB both Natural. Good player, always plays better than ratings show, generally gets a 8/9.

Iago (Barcelona) - AM LC
Iago plays for FC Barcelona in the youth team, he starts at 16 years old. He had a very successful under 17's tournament this summer playing with the likes of Fran Merida (Arsenal) and Bojan (FC Barcelona). I signed him for Arsenal straight away and put him in my Under 18's squad. He gets down to business very quickly scoring many goals. A real prospect!
Current Ability: 100 Potential Ability: 176

Ignacio Camacho (At Madrid) - DM
17 years old. Very good young lad, if you give him chance playing, he will become wonderkid.

Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) - GK
21 Years Old. This keeper is one of the best in this game, as the time goes he grows stronger and stronger. Big clubs make searches for types like him, hurry up and you might be able to get one of the worlds best keepers. If you played FM2007, you'll remember him as a nice backup.
Tip: If you declare interest and they reject the offer, he gets unhappy. They wanted £31mil and got him for £12.5mil after becoming unhappy.

Ishmael Miller - ST
1st season in Championship - 34 goals promotion season | 2nd season - Premier League - 32 goals - finished 17th
Very effective partnership with big man alongside him, good header of the ball, lots of goals from knockdowns. Also Excellent in 1 on 1. Cons - Will miss a few in a game but normally scores in the important games.

Ismael Aissati (PSV) - AM LC
EU National - 18 years old. He is described as nearly having the potential to be better than Florent Malouda who is described as Chelsea's best winger.
Current Ability: 143 Potential Ability: 172

Issiar Dia (Nancy Lorraine) - ST
EU National - 20 Years Old. Good powerful pacey striker, bought him for my Middlesbrough team for £4 million. Reckon I coulda got him cheaper if Everton and Reading weren't also after him.
Current Ability: 128 Potential Ability: 170

Ivan Rakitic (Schalke 04) - AM C, M C
19 years old. Very quality player. He was not noticed in FM 2007 but he's bomb in FM 2008. Just check his stats. Must buy player!
Current Ability: 145 Potential Ability: 168

James Milner (Aston Villa) - AMRL
22 years old Enthusiastic Winger. He is a good winger... I think he is one of the best players of the team.

Jermaine Johnson (Sheff Wed) - AM/F (R/C)
Jamaican / English

Joe Mattock (Leicester City) - WB L
17 years old.

Kwabena Agouda - ST
Young striker, very cheap - about 200k, long shots 20 and finishing 19. Can potentially score 30 plus goals a season.

Lorenzo de Silvestri (Lazio) - D/WB R
19 years old Enthusiastic Full-back.
Current Ability: 127 Potential Ability: 181

Lorik Cana (Olympique de Marseille) - DM
EU National - 24 years old. Marseille's captain. Great Player. Got him for about 7.5 million. Holds midfield, protects the back four. Great in the holding role. Awesome buy. Won't Disappoint.
Current Ability:-148 Potential Ability: 164

Luka Modric (Dinamo) - AM RLC
21 years old. You can to buy him for 15m (in Euro). A really good player, underrated in the game though. Definitely worth buying! Doing great work for my whole midfield at Ajax Amsterdam
Current Ability: 156 Potential Ability: 166

Lulinha (Corinthians) - AM C
Foreign - 17 years old. Described as having the potential to be as good as Frank Lampard. I'd class this player as a must buy for the amount he costs, if not a future first team player certainly a wise investment. This guy is amazing for me, he's the best player now! A must sign!
Current Ability: 104 Potential Ability: 180

Marcelo (Real Madrid) - D/WB/M L
Foreign - 19 years old. Superb attacking young full back.
Extremely cheap for his talent, due to his release fee you can snap up this highly talented young-wonderkid for only £5.5m. Leaving Real Madrid is in his best interests currently as Royston Drenthe and Arjen Robben are both currently better than him. Potential scout rating is 5/5 and described as having the potential to be better than Ashley Cole (Chelsea), who is one of the top 3 left backs in the game.
Current Ability: 150 Potential Ability: 178

Marcelo Canete (Boca Juniors) - AM/FC
Non EU - 17 years old. A very good forward especially considering his tiny transfer fee. However it's near impossible to get him a work permit, so only bother if you're a Spanish team etc.

Mario Balotelli (Inter) - ST
16 years old.

Mario Santana (Fiorentina) - MR/AMR
EU National - 27 years old. He made 16 assist in Serie A, 7 in UCL in 1st season. Has great crossing and nice pace. You never hope he play against your team!

Marko Marin (Gladbach) - AMC
17 years old Midfield Playmaker.

Mati­as Fernandez (Villarreal) - AM LC
Foreign - 21 years old. I think I've unearthed a gem... Matias Fernandez from Villarreal FC he gets an average rating of 8 in almost every game I've played him! His set pieces stats are fantastic even at 21, I think finishing is 18 penalties 18 free kicks 18! The media and fans like him too, I bought him in my first season for 15 million from Villarreal, but well worth it as he's only 21 so years left on him... I'm Arsenal and he's in my starting 11 now! I'm not sure how hell progress but he's causing a storm right now... my advice is buy while you can afford!
Possibly the best player in the game if used correctly. I got him for 10 and play him at AMC; he was my top scorer last season, he got 36 goals 27 assists and 15 MOM in 42 appearances; that's just one of the 5 seasons I've had him for.
Current Ability: 158 Potential Ability: 180

Mathieu Debuchy (Lille) - AM RL
21 years old enthusiastic winger

Matias Cahais (Boca) - D LC
Foreign - 19 years old. Natural position is DC. A must-buy centre-back for any team. He will improve very fast and become commanding centre-back before too long. Very stable and very cheap for a player of such caliber. Get him asap! I remember him back in FM2007, he was very expensive (and of course damn good again), and I don't know why he is so cheap now.
Current Ability: 111 Potential Ability: 155

Michael Johnson (Man City) - M C
19 years old. Current Ability: 138 Potential Ability: 167

Michael Owen (Newcastle United) - ST
27 years old

Miguel Veloso (Sporting CP) - D C, M C
21 years old Complete Midfielder. Best Portuguese defensive midfielder and yet very young! Has a great balance between technical, mental and physical attributes wish enables him to play as a defender... it can be made a great deal if bought at 2007.

Mika Aaritalo (Turun Palloseura) - AM RL, ST
21 years old.
Current Ability: 140 Potential Ability: 179

Miralem Pjanic (Metz) - AMC
16 years old Midfield Playmaker. Great pace, accel, creativity, dribbling, 1st touch, passing... wonderkid at 19!

Morais (Vasco) - AM RLC
Foreign - 23 years old Cultured midfielder. This young kid is ace... worth millions after a season or 2 depending on your team.
Current Ability: 148 Potential Ability: 171

Nani (Man Utd) - AM RLC
21 years old

Nedum Onuoha (Man City) - DR/C
EU National - 20 years old. Good defender who improves immediately. A natural at right and centre back.

Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal) - ST
19 years old. This Player is really a scoring Machine. Him and Adebayor scored 80 goals for me, Bendtner scored 30. Also, when Adebayor got injured for a long time, he carried his role good and saved me that season with 45 goals.
I think Bendtner is an amazing player and in my Man Utd season where I went unbeaten, he was 4 goals away from being the golden boot winner.
He is a great striker and hits his potential young, First season in the game he had 35 goals.

Pablo Piatti (Estudiantes) - AMC
EU National - Flamboyant midfielder. Bought for Sheff United despite interest from Roma, Lazio and Inter. Pay him enough and he will join. Scored 12 in 22 games from AMC position in Championship. Performs just as well in Premiership.

Pichu Atienza (At Madrid) - DC, DM
EU National, 17 years old. Very good young lad, give him chances, he will be wonderkid. Best play as defender center.

Pierre Achille Webo (Mallorca) - ST
Foreign - 26yrs old. Good player, bought him for my QPR team scored hat trick on debut. Gets at least a goal a game, recommended from championship sides or low premiership sides!

Rabiu Ibrahim (Sporting CP) - AM C
Foreign - 16 years old Promising midfielder. He is a very talented individual, I discovered him at the age of 16. Bought him at the age of 18 for $475K and he scored 4 goals in 4 games.
Current Ability: 75 Potential Ability: 142

Rafael (Man Utd) - D/WB R
18 years old Attacking Full Back. He is a good player. Sir Alex Ferguson praise him after each game. Being a player for the future.

Rene Mihelic (Maribor) - AM LC
EU National - 18 years old.

Robert Acquafresca (Inter - on loan at Cagliari) - ST
He's a goal scorer machine. His finishing, pace, heading, jumping, off the ball... just sublime. Buy him and in 2-3 years he'll show his true potential.

Salvatore Foti (Sampdoria) - ST
19 yrs old. Great Value. Potential to be better than Rooney.

Samir Nasri (Marseille) - AMC
20 years old Cultured midfielder. BRILLIANT MASTERMIND! Nasri's a super quick player who some claim to be 'Le Successeur' to Zidane, he's a multi-positional midfielder who can play the typical #10 role behind two forwards. He brings great vison, is a great distributor of the ball and also has an eye for goal. A MUST buy on FM08, would highly recommend him to anyone.
Top scorer in the Prem after three seasons with Arsenal.
Absolute King. Best Player In This Game. Came Straight Into My R.Madrid First Team. Is Expensive But Worth It. I Got Him for 21 Million. He Got 24 Assists And 18 Goals In His First Season, Winning World Player Of The Year And Spanish Player Of The Year. Samir Is Pure Quality!
Current Ability: 160 Potential Ability: 185

Sebastian Giovinco (Juventus) - AM LC, FC
20 years old Playmaker Forward. Brilliant Attacking Mid, Striker or Winger on both sides (He trains to AMR very quickly). Starts the game with 20 dribbling and agility.

Sherman Cardenas (Bucamaranga) - AM RC
Foreign - 18 years old. You gonna like it! I always brought this player every time I start my game. I only can find him if I enable Brazil and Argentina to play.

David Silva (Valencia) - AM RLC
21 years old midfield playmaker. Has a scout rating of 5/5 stars, described as having the potential to be better than Florent Malouda (Chelsea's strongest winger). He already has continental reputation. Potentially up there with the best in the game, enough said.
Current Ability: 178 Potential Ability: 191

Silvano Garibaldi - DM, MC
17 years old Tenacious midfielder.
He is a very fresh player and if you are managing a low-profile club, he would be a perfect signing. I chose to manage Luton Town, following their triumph over Liverpool not long ago. Garibaldi is the integral part of the promotion of my club from Coca Cola League1 up to Championship and finally The Premier league within 3 years. A good defensive midfielder with the ability to dictate the flow of the game. He is affordable even for a club like Luton. However, to be able to attract him to a club like Luton, you got to offer a relatively high wage (for a small club). My Garibaldi now is attracting interests from the likes of Juventus and Chelsea. Once he become a star player, his wage demand is not so burdening too.

Stevan Jovetic (Partizan) - AM/FC
Foreign - 17 years old

Steven Defour (Standard) - AM C
19 Years Old Flamboyant midfielder. He plays for a club from Belgium called standard liege. Quality signing and is only 19, stats are immense for his age too. He might be AM C but he plays best as CM though.

Thiago Alcantara (Barcelona) - M RC
16 years old Promising midfielder. His stats are a bit low in the beginning, but he will improve fast. By the time he reaches 18, he would be ready to get some matches in the first team. He has Spanish nationality, so he won't count as a foreign player. If he can be as good as he was in FM2007, then getting him for free is more than a good deal.
Current Ability: 80 Potential Ability: 160

Thiago Neves (Fluminense) - AM LC
Foreign - 22 years old

Tom Huddlestone (Tottenham) - DM
20 years old. Described as having the potential to be as good as Michael Essien.
Current Ability: 132 Potential Ability: 160

Tomas Ujfalusi (Fiorentina) - DC
EU National - 29 Years Old. Amazing Defender.

Tommy Hoiland - ST
17 year striker, got him for Brentford in League 2 for 140k, scored 67 goals in 116 appearances in first 3 seasons.

Toni Kroos (Bayern Munchen)
16 years old. He's perfect.

Anthony Vanden Borre - D R/C WBR DM MRC
This is my favorite player... multi talent... he can play as full back or center back or midfielder.

Winston Parks
Striker, 26 years, starts at Timisoara, 30 goals a season.

Yegor Filipenko - DC,DM
19 years old. At the beginning of his career is wonderful for low profile teams. When he is getting older Real Madrid is interested.

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Discussion: 100 must-buy players in Football Manager 2008

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