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Play FM Online Using Hamachi

How to host or join a network game and play football manager online with friends using Hamachi.

By on Oct 17, 2011   148353 views   20 comments
FM Tutorials - Play FM Online Using Hamachi
Network play allows you to play Football Manager against other people over either a local area network or the internet. You can either be the host of a saved game, or join a saved game hosted by another player.

First you need to download and install Hamachi since it provides a more effective experience than using the FM network option.

What is Hamachi?

Hamachi is a freeware application capable of establishing direct links between computers that are behind firewalls, without requiring reconfiguration (in most cases); in other words, it establishes a connection over the Internet, to create conditions very similar to that as if the computers were connected over a Local Area Network (LAN)

The Advantages:
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Static IP (as long as you use the same log-in)
  • You don't have to give out your real IP
  • Increases performance and stability of online games

You can download Hamachi here

Download and set up Hamachi

So download hamachi, run and install it and then launch it once it's done.

Now Hamachi is open you need to power it on. Enter a nickname and register your account.

Now follow the next set of instructions that are relevant to whether you're hosting or joining a session. Make sure that all players joining the game have the same version and patch as the host.

Hosting or Joining

To start a network game as the host, create a new saved game in FM like you usually do, make sure the "Run as Server" box is ticked in the "Preferences" – this will allow other users to join your saved game. Once the game has been set up and you have chosen a team to manage, you are in a position to host a network game.

In hamachi go to networking menu and select "create new network", enter a unique name and password and give these details to the people who are joining your game along with your Hamachi IP address (found next to your nickname), you will see when they are connected to your network under the networks name, now just wait for them to join your Football Manager game.

Joining a session
If you are joining a game, you need the Hamachi network ID(1), password(2) and Hamachi IP(3) of the host, when you have them go to the networking menu in Hamachi and select "join network" and enter the network ID(1) and password(2), you should now be in the hosts network.

Load up Football Manager and and select the network option in the main menu, enter the IP address(3) given to you by the host and connect to his game. Add manager, create your manager profile and game on!

  • It is advised that the host unticks "move matches for TV" in the preferences to save time for all players (all matches played at the same time).
  • For the same reasons as above players may want to agree on specific dates for all human teams to play friendlies

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Discussion: Play FM Online Using Hamachi

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • chaker1988's avatar
    this is my hamachi .add please
    chaker-PC password : 0000
  • SCORPION's avatar
    Hi guys...Please play with me football manager 2012!!!
    username: S C O R P I O N 3 1 1
    password: 1561369
    .OR give me a host info then I join with you
  • SCORPION's avatar
    Hi guys...Please play with me !!!
    username: S C O R P I O N 3 1 1
    password: 1561369
    .OR give me a host info then I join with you
  • darklegacy's avatar
    Network ID Fm2012online1
    password Fm12
  • DonSamTheBoss's avatar
    Who's Got An Available Network Game Plz???
  • kristijuve's avatar
    hamachi name:JUVE password....
  • James12's avatar
    any1 got a online game ?
  • Henna96's avatar
    @babad what is your network-ID?
  • babad's avatar
    hey ktg96, join ... pasword: romania ... download and install hamachi after go in game in meniu....and go in join network... and go in right down...and write after write password...and after play game
  • ktg96's avatar
    hi guys!i need your help plzz..i want to play online with my friend but it stucks to much for me(i am not the host)..what should we do?plzz HELP US..we are desperate
  • mikkelbergdk's avatar
    Hi fellaz !! :)
    Anyone who is playing online ( Hamachi ofcause !! )
  • Mattp36's avatar
    How do i join a network game?? Anybody help?
  • tamtraalzoubi's avatar
    Hello guys!
    you can join me for football manager 2012 at
    username: myfm2012
    pass: 123
  • Du33eD's avatar
    you both need to have the same update 12.1 12.2 etc..if ur using hamachi
  • ljames2409's avatar
    how do you set up an online game?
  • Jack_MUFC's avatar
    I have tryed everything when trying to play online with mates, we are connected to hamachi but when it comes to him connecting to my game it says 'unable to connect to server.' i have ticked run as server and everything else but nothing working, the only thing i can think is i have the face packs and they dont? does that make a difference?? any tips.
  • Matt-NUFC's avatar
    I get to the point where we are both connected to a Hamachi server but when he clicks the "Join network Game" button nothing appears what do we do from there.
  • Stam's avatar
    @magners22 :
    What's wrong?

    @pspradbury :
    No, you don't need Hamachi, but it makes the process easier and has increased success rate compared to no Hamachi.
  • magners22's avatar
    can someone help me join a newtwork game plz been trying since football manager 2010 still struggling
  • pspradbury's avatar
    do i need hamachi to play an online game or can i play without it?
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