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Using an editor to edit Football Manager data on the fly?

In this first blog entry, I make a list of the Football Manager real time editors from the recent past and pass the ball to you. Have you used an editor before?

By on Nov 15, 2016   11219 views   5 comments
FM Scout Editor Blog - Using an editor to edit Football Manager data on the fly?
I'm sure many of you will already be familiar with the subject, considering has been the go-to place for exclusive Football Manager tools throughout the years.

The reason I started this blog is because I want to spur a discussion around the tools you enjoy using, which features you're utilizing the most, and what you'd like to see next.

This will arm us with invaluable insight that we intend to use for developing new tools in the future.

Football Manager 2016 Editor Tools

I think it makes sense to go back just one year ago and see which apps you could have in your toolkit.

FM Real Time Editor (FMRTE)

While we stopped supporting this tool since it turned premium back in 2011, we can't ignore the fact that it has been consistently the most popular choice before IGE was introduced.
Price: Free (Scout), 5 euro (Editor)

Official In-Game Editor (IGE)

Sports Interactive saw a stream of lost profit in FMRTE and developed the official real time editor right inside the game as a paid download. It doesn't have as many features, but it has more than enough for most people.
Price: 4.5 euro

FM Editor Live (FMEL)

One of our exclusive tools that had very bright potential when it was first released (back in FM13) with almost 900K views & close to 300K downloads. Sadly that potential was never fulfilled, as the lead developer has lacked the time and motivation to carry on ever since. The last 2 years it has arrived very late in the season (before summer). We're actively looking for new developers to continue this project.
Price: Free

MacAssistant RT (MART)

MacAssistant started in 2012 as a scout only utility and added editing functionality for FM14. This tool is for Mac users only and always delivers the fastest updates. Being limited to Mac is holding it back from reaching a much wider audience.
Price: Free (Scout), 5.2 euro (Editor)

FM Wizard Editor (FMWE)

This one made its debut last year. Based on the Scout Framework led by MacAssistant and FMEL. Minimal features but key ones, such as editing finances and player data. Hoping to see it return for FM17 with even more features.
Price: Free

Now I have 3 questions for you.

  • Which real time editor have you tried before?
  • Which one is your favorite and why?
  • Which editing features you can't live without?

Let me know your answers in the comment section down below.

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Discussion: Using an editor to edit Football Manager data on the fly?

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • TheCed's avatar
    I've been using the in-game editor for a long time. I don't like cheating but my saves have to be immersive and I love playing as current real life managers. The in-game editor is the fastest and easiest way for me to edit my stats and import real life managers stats on my character after deleting the one I'm going to play as.

    I used to purchase FMRTE but the lack of options compared to the in-game editor made me pay for one only. Haven't tried the others but I'd love to know if there's a more complete editor than the in-game one.
  • Shaunessy1983's avatar
    If I purchased the official ingame editor could I change who qualifies for tournaments? eg I created a cup. but i set it up for same teams every season instead of random. I am enjoying my save and dont want to start again so new changes can apply. I was wondering if I purchased the in game editor I could change the qualification to random teams?
  • AlgerianGoalie's avatar
    I have used FMRTE for a long time, as well as Genie Scout and IGE since SI launched it. They all have features I enjoy.

    I like to fix injuries & fitness as that's what kills the enjoyment in the game. But I enjoy other features fmrte has such as mass editing, 3d stadium building and others. FMRTE offers a lot more than the IGE but Genie Scout is needed for scouting.
  • actorrr's avatar
    I used both FMRTE and Genie Scout for the past last 4 versions of the game. You may tell Genie Scout is not an editor but the scouting of FMRTE was not enough for me. I used the scout to find out things about players and used the editor to alter small "generally" mental traits.

    The reason I used the editor for mental traits was that I didnt want to buy top players (I mean even top wonderkids) as it looked too unrealistic to me. I transfered by means of normal in game transfers of bright youngsters who need a bit polishing with their mental and tried developing them.

    Still the I used the healing feature the most. The injuries are way much hurting especially when you are trying to develop a youngster as he needs playing and training time than resting with an injury.

    I have to admit after like 4-5 seasons in the game I started to get bored because of these alterations (even though they were small) I did and started a new savegame from scratch. The idiocracy in that was that I did the exact same thing in all of the versions of the game. Cheating is kind of too attractive even though in the end I like to see my team gels with both other players and the tactics I created.
  • MJK46's avatar
    Back when FMRTE was free that was my favorite and I loved its features. Now I have been using both the official SI and FMEL. Both are great but I love with the IGE by SI that I can correct small issues like competition names and whatnot. I love that there is a feature to add yourself to a national team as a manager this year.

    If I had to pick the feature I love the most is the one that makes players happy. I have not had any issues in 17 yet but in years past it got so annoying when youth players who are listed as a backup or role player bitch for playing time and go nuts causing a major disturbance with team chemistry.
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