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What's Your FM Playing Style?

Lots of people play Football Manager, however each person will have a unique playing style or perhaps even guidelines that they stick to, for whatever the reason.

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Football Manager Playing styles

Now we all know that lots of people play Football Manager, however each person will have a unique playing style or perhaps even guidelines that they stick to, for whatever the reason.

For example I can speak on behalf of myself and other staff members that have played with me on football manager will know me because of my conservative style, of buying youngsters quick and building from the back to the front in order to leave it on a sure footing, This style I presume like many of your own has adapted to the recent editions of football manager and also various scenario’s you find yourself in.

Another style is the immediate success which is in comparison to the conservative approach is very risky. If it pays off then you will be able to buy more world class (in comparison to other players in the league) players. If it fails you have nothing to fall back on essentially. This also is fairly unrealistic but I suppose I will call it the Man City approach. :P

A third style could be the way of playing it like a manager would in real life, it might not be extreme in one direction or the other but it makes the game seem more realistic. And for some people that may seem more entertaining.

There are obviously many more styles, and its not like you can just change your style at will, it’s something which you evolve into and something that countless football manager experiences shape. Whats your style?

YouTube debate reply girl / Yogscast

Now, I watch a YouTube subscription most of the time called ‘The Yogscast’: basically two guys Lewis Brindley & Simon Lane who In my opinion are fairly funny, and have banter while playing through games (mainly this game called ‘minecraft’). They are one of the most popular YouTube groups, and are regularly on the most watched of the week/month etc. If you haven’t heard about it here is the link to check it out:

Anyway to the main point there is a youtuber ( who looks at the tags at the bottom of the latest video that has come out, repeats them in their video, then writes a half asked reply and critising the video and stuff like that. This is so that it appears at the side of the youtube clip under the related video section.

This has also happened to RWJ (Ray William Johnson) another popular youtuber, this however was resolved personally for him by YouTube. Currently they are looking for a way to stop people doing this to their videos YouTube as well as The Yogscast, but I do not expect anything to happen until a month or so in advance.

Anyway I just disagree with this, I mean do these guys want to destroy what YouTube is all about (free speech), to essentially put spam on YouTube, like there isn’t enough already right?

Should a national team have a home grown manager

I thought this would be a decent enough topic considering it come up every so often in football manager and more so in reality. Now most F.A’s to my knowledge prefer to have a home grown manager. This can be seen to be the case due to a variety of reasons:

• He understands the nations expectations as he/she was born in the country

• The person in question will probably therefore have a grip and depth of knowledge of the country’s respective league

• Members of that country often see a home grown manager to know how much the job is valued

• He speaks the language

• He understands the importance of the position he is in, as well as respect for the senior players

Although other than that I can’t seem to build up many more reasons, Now that may be because it doesn’t matter what nationality a manager is, as long as he can speak to the players and inspire them to be successful it doesn’t matter right?

Personally I feel that the Manager should have been a resident of the country in question for 3 years prior to getting the job, or being born in the country initially. As things can go wrong like Fabio C ex England Manager retiring David Beckham through the press, without warning Beckham prior which I thought was incredibly disrespectful. Now ask yourself would Harry Redknapp or Stuart Pearce done the same?

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