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Interview with Vitaliy Mokosiy

The man behind TrueFM shares his thoughts on FM11

By Updated on Nov 11, 2010   8185 views   3 comments
Pressing Room - Interview with Vitaliy Mokosiy
Today FM Scout has an exclusive FM interview! We all know him, everyone has lived in his Leed's "fantasy world", following his way to glory! Of course I am talking about the maker of (aka Vitaliy Mokosiy) and he's here to share some of his thoughts about FM11! Enjoy!

Question 1: At first Vitaliy tell me since when you're FM and what FM means to you.

Merely saying Football Manager is the best game. But if I start to analyse I understand that it's a great opportunity to feel myself a head coach of any . And feelings are fantastic due to high level of simulation provided by the game.

Question 2: Which team plays the you like to watch? (in real life) Do you like to play this way when coaching or you prefer playing according to the that you possess?

Certainly Arsenal. I like tactical and player management approach of Arsene Wenger. Sometimes I tune my tactics using short and quick passes with a lot of movement.

Question 3: Are you keen on mixing the formation from game to game or you prefer to focus in a certain formattion? Do you think that tactical consistency has better results to players?

If you ask me about tactics in Football Manager 2011 and previous version of FM then I prefer to produce new tactics from game to game. Though after I choose a I try to conduct tactical consistency principle. If tactics doesn't work as I want I change it but it's not a fast process. Normally it takes half of year per one formation.

Question 4: Nowdays is the most importand part in football. Managers seem to try securing their backline rather than playing attacking and attractive . Is that your approach as manager? Wha'ts your football philosophy?

It's very simple for answer. I like attractive entertaining with many attacks. "Catenaccio" or style Inter played against Barcelona in the away semifinal of the last Champions League is ugly.

Question 5: For those still learning, which are the key positions or attributes for a) a team trying to avoid relagation b) a team trying to the title

Tune your tactics in a smart way - this principle works in both cases. Make a star team but not a team of stars. I don't see perceptible difference in these cases. The only thing while trying to avoid relegation you should care more is morale levels of your . Don't let them become poor!

Question 6: Do you think that playing the ball down is better than exploiting the flanks and create chances through the air?

What answer do you expect from me if I've already praise Arsenal-styled team . Ball down :)

Question 7: According to your tactical approach, give us some tips for a) a team that struggles in scoring! b) a team that concedes many many goals!

a) You can try to use more creative players, change , set higher defensive line or move one player in a formation from defence to attack.
b) Set deeper defensive line, use counter-attack strategy, use central defensive or simply buy a new goalkeeper.

Question 8: Finally, what's your impression of the new FM? It has many new entries (e.x the entrance of etc.) and graphical progress! Is it good enough to make us forget about real life? :P

I love, love, love it! It's really great game. If I were eighteen I would forget all my life and sit near computer. But age of 28, family and in IT don't allow to do that :)

Thanks you for interesting questions. Best wishes to FM Scout, one of the most respected sites in FM community.

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Discussion: Interview with Vitaliy Mokosiy

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • Louis O.'s avatar
    Mokosiy's Boston story is the first FM story I ever read and I was shocked at how he could take a non-league team all the way to the prem.
  • Stam's avatar
    Nice one mate!
    Thanks Vitaliy for your kind words :)
  • Seph's avatar
    There will be more and more to come! :)
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