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Upcoming site changes for Dec 2010

Blogs cease as you know them, and a dark skin coming

By Updated on Nov 30, 2010   3761 views   8 comments
I've been keeping quiet with the site updates for a while. The reason is my work on the dark skin that will arrive tomorrow night (probably). I'm adding in some layout improvements, so not only changing colors. The dark version is dearly missed from last year and I believe this should please all members who will get this option in their profile settings.

Blogs are changing too. They will no longer be used to post your manager stories. We will start some regular columns with regular authors who would produce actual articles. The new homepage is going to reflect this change, but not only that. Stories will be kept as a forums thing only from now on.

Further changes

Some additions and modifications to the homepage layout are necessary. We need to showcase our content much better.

A couple of older features that were lost during the migration to our new site engine will be returning soon. I'm referring to some decent functions we had for the forums mostly, such as subscribe to topic by PM or email, see today's posts and unanswered topics. Pretty much, important stuff.

On a final note, I wish to apologize to all those who have been expecting our weekly newsletter to hit their inbox and didn't. I have been very tired for the whole month, trying to keep up with updates, new downloads, replying to comments and maintaining our facebook and twitter profiles. In theory December should be a more quiet month for me, and I will eventually find the energy to pick up on the tasks I missed during November.

Thanks for understanding and supporting,

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Discussion: Upcoming site changes for Dec 2010

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • paul1576's avatar
    cool stam but hell dont overwork yourself mate. Zonnegod mate why do you want to copy and paste stuff on here? I just cant think of a reason.
  • macdab55's avatar
    I have to agree with joannes.
  • joannes3000's avatar
    Whatever you do, just don't overwork yourself! Site looks great with all of the new additions thus far and I'm looking forward to seeing even more going into the new year!
  • firly's avatar
    okaaay,btw greeting from indonesia ;)
  • Stam's avatar
    Site updates are in no way related to official patch releases and to SI in general. Whenever 11.2 patch is released you will see it on this site though.
  • firly's avatar
    Stam on how the patch 11.1.2 update? :)
  • Stam's avatar
    You can except for pages. You can on homepage and forums. It's supposed to be like this, as a way to put off thieves from copy/pasting our articles on their sites without any permission or credit.
  • Zonnegod's avatar
    Sounds good :) I have one question though: could you make it so that it is possible to select things on this website on safari (Mac OS X)? Right now I cannot copy paste text (or anything for that matter) from this website.
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