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Back With A Vengence

By Updated on Dec 12, 2008   10549 views   14 comments
5th Juve Blog and the last one probably
With new signing and a last shot at the scudetto is going to happen!

Well as you know i had loads of players so i sent them to my feeder clubs standard and derby

Squad at start of season (tactics):

+ Elano

Cardrenes finaly breaks into the first team fighting for the rm space with park, and velapato who was 5th top scorer in serie a (on loan from me) gets a reward. Augero is creative and a brilliant amc but totti and del peiro will both get there turns.

Galatasaray 1-1 Juve
Kose (81)
Aguero (22)

I got off to a shaky start in the champo qualifiers but i dominate the second half and they still scored although benzema is overated and aguero scored a corker teaming up with totti and benzema to score a curling shot 25 yards out

Sampdoria put up a fight with 2 goals in injury time, from both teams. Which resulted in the score being 2-2, which didn't set my team up well for the inter millan game.

Livorno 0-1 Juve
Vidal (15)

Serie a first win i got off to a good start with a vidal header sneaking past there keeper from 2yrds out lol now to finish off gala

Juve 3-1 Galatasaray
Augero (75,116)
Djordjevic (37)
Pjanic (120)

Brilliant game against the turkish giants they scored first i put totti and del p up front so it explains itself, then i put on velapato, pjanic,and aguero. It worked perfectly with augero set up by velapato. then it went to an extra time which seemed to last hardly any time (first half). Then pjanic set a perfect ball up for augero to score. Then 4 mins later he sealed it with a beautiful run and shot past the keeper

World tranfers July:

Juve 2-1 Napoli
Berbatov (42)
Zabaleta (90)
Almiron (80)

I am wining with my new team playing well but i am still hoping they can beat fiorentina later this week but i doubt they can perform against big teams like my last team

Fiorentina 2-0 Juve
Quagliarella (1)
Giovinco (78.)

Well I was wrong and I was beaten but hopefully i can use my expert managerial skill to turn this around lol

Juve 1-1 Dortmund
Del Peiro (84)
Degan (89)

Well It was better than a loss, I thought iI had won it until the end due to a late goal but oh well....

Juve 2-0 Empoli
Cardenas (35,51)

A win thanks to sherman who almost got a hatrick. But then it is empoli maybe Sampdoria or Roma will pu8t up a better challenge?

Sampdoria 1-3 Juve
Coppiardi (88.)
Berbatov (2)
Almiron (pen 51)
Totti (72)

I won again! Two in a row must ean something good! Oh yea sorry about the lack of screenshots as i am out until the Torino game

Juve 2-1 Roma
Vidal (35)
Cani (84)
Ben Arfa (pen 79)
Cicinho sent off (90)
Almiron miss pen (47)
De rossi sent off (90)
Aquilani inj (90)

Eventfull game it was funny when Cichino got sent off for arguing with the challenge on Aquilani, then De rossi got sent off for kicking park funny times, but again a win is a boost for me

Liverpool 1-0 Juve
Torres (36)
Benzema inj (43)

Well i was beaten by the current prem leaders, But I know I am not ready for that standard yet. But maybe in 1-2 seasons

Juve 4-2 Parma
Berbatov (27,31)
Reginaldo (7)
Elano (77)
Kutuzov (45)
Aguero (85)
Dedic inj (40)

A well deserved win over parma where my subs had an effect on the game at 45 min, i am trying to keep this momentum as long as I can.

Juve 1-0 Udinese
Almiron (7)
Fernando inj (45)

Yay another win, which puts me 1st and in perfect contention to beat inter in the next game.

Inter 1-1 Juve
Adriano (20)
Cambiasso own goal (83)

Well a draw is good in my books against that strike partnership. By the way my goal was a close range shot from elano deflected in.

Auxure 1-3 Juve
Acapandie (27)
Park (53)
Del Peiro (85,90)
Nedved inj (58.)

Talk about close shave, but my depth paid off and i won thanks to Del peiro. I was glad to get a win after the Liverpool loss.

Juve 1-1 Atalanta
Augero (3)
Mirallas (47)
Benzema inj (67)
Talamonti sent off (66)

Well this cut my lead again but i am just hanging on to 1st position, but i can't afford the slightest of slip ups.

Geona 1-0 Juve
D'Agostino (86)

Despite dominating I lose, but am i am lucky because the 2nd placed team also lost but we are level on points now

Dortmund 2-0 Juve
Welliton (20)
Dessena (89)
Welliton inj (71)

Alarm Bells are ringing and i need a drastic change as soon as possible.

Juve 1-1 Lazio
Ben Arfa (85)
Sosa (89)

Well almost, but it is a step in the right direction in my opinion. Although I have tough opponents comming up.

A.C Milan 3-1 Juve
Amauri (37)
Elano (47)
Corluka (62)
Ben Arfa inj (53)
Gilardino (66)

Well never sub 3 players until late on in the match as when ben arfa got injured my 10 men squad could not cope, but moving on I have a vital match against Liverpool next which all depends on my game and another game.

Juve 2-2 Liverpool
Salihamidzic pen (9)
Torres (17)
Berbatov (33)
Alonso (49)
Kuyt inj (45)

Auxure lost by 1 goal, although I stepped toe-to-toe with the prem's current leaders and came out almost forcing a scare. I was forced into the Ueafa Cup.

After a 2-0 home win on Cheivo with Tiago and Elano on song, It made me slightly more impressed with th Aging Brazilian. But after:

A.C Millan 2-1 Juve
De Guzman (17)
Auguero (13)
KaKa (22)
Park inj (88.)

I was left stunned after hitting the crossbar three time after KaKa's 30yrd Piledriver of a shot.I managed to get a win at Palermo next but again it came with a cost.

Juve 2-0 Palermo
Tiago (38.)
Grygera (88.)
Bolzoni (45)

Which gave me false confidence for the next leg of the cup which I lost due to a Bodmer header in the 24th min, which they dominated from start to finish, I gave Buffon praise after the game, which he played down. But keeping a shot from mere yards out deserves everything in my team.
I knew if my team played that bad I had little chance againast Calgari.

Calgari 1-0 Juve
Acquafresca (34)
Elano inj (45)

Dissapointing but gives me room to improve for against Livorano

Juve 2-0 Livorano
Richards (70)
Predko sent off (45)
Berbatov (90)

My win could have been just because they got a man sent off before half time for a second yellow, but hey I will still take it. Then it came to the ever resistant Napoli, I owe this win to the pure determination of my team in perticular super sub Elano.

Napoli 1-2 Juve
Moore (7)
Elano (55,90)

This marked my first Televised win since Auxure wjich was just over 3 months ago. Next it left the most in form team of the league Fiorentina.

Juve 0-0 Fiorentina

The scoring 0-0 always suggests a boring match. This one was fantastic. Buffon denyed them again and again showing them he is No1 keeper for Juve and the World. As well as frey who denyed me a couple of possible goals, hopefully Celtic will force more goals out of my team.

It seems that this whole period before was a dam almost, It broke against Celtic!

Celtic 1-6 Juve
McGeady (48.)
Palladino (1,10,20,29)
Del Piero pen (62)
Park (79)

For those no belivevers: 4161-6-1.jpg

Palladino scored again and again never ceasing, with assists coming all around the 5/6 midfielders. They scored a free-kick but otherwise that team failed to challenege. I took off Pall at half time to rest for the next week. By the way Celtic are 5th in the Scottish Prem after failing to make any impact this season.

This was followed by two uneventfull 0-0 draws against Empoli and Celtic, In the Empoli game Elano got injured for about 2-3 months, which will damage me. In the Celtic game I put out a reserve team for experience reasons which GK Melarno did well.

After a 2-2 draw with Sampdoria with 2 goals in the last 5 min from both sides, it put me in a bit of an edgy situation to start against inter with.

Juve 2-1 Inter
Palladino (2,6)
Maicon (90)
Imbarhimovic inj (66)

Fantastic win and Palladinos quick reaction save me again, the win was almost a walkover and when he got injured ity was all over, as they could do very little without Imbra, next to Roma!

That game was uneventfull apart from the string of fantastic saves Doni made, but I just want to move on the the Ueafa game which I will put out an inexperienced side for as it is PAOK.

PAOK 2-1 Juve
Salpingidis (40,pen 65)
Palladino (65)

I lost to PAOK wtf!!! but next I will win I swear it PAOK will face my revenge!!! but in the meantime I will have to beat Parma to stay a close second behind inter.

Parma 0-3 Juve
Aguero (13,74)Palladino (45)

After a great solid win over Parma I faced the fight or flight against PAOK the team who beat my top reserve/sub team. grrrr :@

Juve 5-2 PAOK
Aguero (4,24)
Salpingidis (52)
Almiron (31)
Morris (69)
Palladino (87)
Tomas Guzman (90)

Great win against the PAOK it really goes to show playing at home is better than playing away... or that your reserve/sub team is worse than your first team hmmmmm. Next my most hated rivals ever for those of you who have read the whole story you will find out that I despise their last minuite winners lol says me just watch.

Udinese 2-3 Juve
Paolucci (11)
Ben Arfa (39)
Sanchez (88.)
Palladino (82,90)
Isla inj (9)

Well well well, I pull of the amazing again thanks to one of my least favorite players Pall, who keeps on saying for me to put him in the first team regulary. And with these scoring stats it hard to resist his disstruptive manner. Next Torino.

My Tactics at the moment ignore team selection as it changes daily almost due to the quality: 4161-tactics.jpg

Juve 3-0 Torino
Almiron (14)
Piccolo sent off (55)
Palladino (45)
Tiago (90)

A walkover was the way to call it, they just wern't the team they were last season under coustacurta and maldini, oh well lets extent this unbeaten run!

Seina 1-0 Juve
Caetano (9)

Misfire after misfire after misfire. They weren't playing like they did before and we should have won but as I am 2nd I might as well set my current standing as a target and focus on the Euro Cup.

Atlanta 1-2 Juve
Pierre Braclet (69)
Del Piero pen (12)
Tiago (56)
Almiorn sent off (66)

I was in tatters after almirons sending off, they scored soon after, but Prevatli was tremendous in keeping Atlnata off my back line and I survived the rest of the game.
Lyon 3-2 Juve
Fred (64,78,80)
Riise (12)
Salihamizic pen (35)
Cardenas inj (45)

A great comeback Fred was impossible to contain and my excellent start came to nothing, crap I have Genoa last who beat Parma 6-1 in their last game,

Juve 2-0 Geona
Ben Arfa (40,80)

Great game always listen to your scouts, as they seemed according to my scouts to be vey counter attack of a team and their formation backed this up. So I played all 3 of my DM in midfield and defensive midfield. They got frustrated and my 2 wide players Cole and Ben Arfa attacked the 3 man thin back line.

Juve (4) 2-0 (3) Lyon
Aguero (39)
Benzema (55)

5 months in waiting but worth it
Benzema has been injured with a broken leg, but he came on at half time to secured juves place in the semi final of the euro cup with a placed header

Always staying No1
Juve keeper Buffon beat his italian No2 Ustari in a game where both teams fell back on its keeper, but only Juve could keep a clean sheet after over 14 shots on Buffons goal

Park on song
Park created both goals and is winning the race for Juves RM over Varela, Elano, and Cardenas. Let hope he can keep it up.

Young player of Serie A
Aguero scored a beautiful finish past Ustari, seting him on the right path to beat Wijnaldum, Foti, and Richards to the prestiged award.

Sorry about the headlines but all of them came to a head at the Vialli stadium against Lyon. Next the clash of titans Bayern Munich who have won the Euro Cup 3 times to Juves 4.

Juve 3-1 Bolgona
Palladino (8,24)
Schetter (76)
Aguero (83)

I was amazed at the teams chemistry in just 1 season, Palls goals all were scored by individual effort, but Agueros was Palladinos pass to Aguero on the outside of the box followed by a one two by sub joe cole, I was even more extatic when Inter drew mid week leaving me:


, I could make the most of it against No1 on form in serie A I hope.


Lazio 2-2 Juve
Pazzini (8.)
Ben Arfa pen (62)
Calaio (81)
Aguero (72)

Even match, I thought I had won it when Aguero finshed a brilliant team move witth a placed chip from 25 yards out. Buffon came to my rescue more than once, lets hope that inter slip up again.

Bayern 3-0 Juve
Muntari (13)
Arizmendi (54)
Martinez (61)

Terrible performance with no fluency. realisticly won't win with this result

Juve 1-0 A.C Millan
Palladino (65)

A beautiful header from my top scorer keeps me in the fight although it is almost lost from my sight.
Lets hope my fans can get behind the team (bayern)

Juve 4-0 Bayern
Palladino (5,11)
Riise (45,51)

An amazing result to get into the final against Roma, when Pall's speed ran out it was down to Riise and his free-kicks which he scored from 25 and 30 yards out. With the 30 yard one he hit the bar before going in past Rensing next Palermo! :)

Palermo 3-1 Juve
Vailatti (44, pen 86)
Palladino (56)
Cavani (90)
Jonatas inj (37)

I pushed my reserve team too hard and pushed too hard for a winner, with inter beating cheivo 2-1 I lost the title, but it was almost a certainty, and with milan and Fiorentina snapping at my heels I need to get a win in either game but I want it to be cheivo as I am resting some players for the euro cup final against Roma soon, in the next game. Snapping:

4161-table end.jpg

Juve 3-1 Calgari
Kanoute (7)
Marsili (1)
Park (74,90)
Cardenas inj (22)
Pjanic inj (39)
Vidal sent off (79)

On one hand Kanoute got his first goal and Park was amazing, but on the other it took Pjanic and Cardenas out of the Roma XI. Wish me luck in Benifica.

Juve 3-1 Roma
Aguero (2)
Owen (62)
Richards (16)
Ben Arfa (77)

Great game one that will put my blog to the best it has seen, after Agueros tight shot past Doni, Richards my RB cracked a volley in the top right corner from Riise's free-kick!, then Owen gave them a flicker of hope before Ben Arfa's solo effort crawed back the 2 goal margin. To win me the Euro Cup in style. With Nedveds retirement I might put out an oldish legends squad.

Cheivo 1-5 Juve

I finished 3rd manager of the year, and am happy to close the blog, but leaving the door open after I get bored of 09 next year see you later!

Update:--------------------------New one comming out soon (just after christmas) as I got bored waiting for Fm09 to arrive at christmas-----------------------------------

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